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Posted by Will Hudson,

In the last week we’ve been treated to several packages and publications we’ve picked up along the way. After our own launch midweek October certainly seems to be the month of the second issue…

Crispin Finn Package.

Crispin Finn were kind enough to send throuh just about everything they have produced recently including 2 t-shirts, a Waste Not, Want Not tea towel and a huge 2010 year planner. All great stuff and if we hadn’t be sent it all we might be tempted to have purchased a thing or two, especially liking the 25 a day t-shirt.

1948 Nike Sportswear Journal #2

Edited by Acyde. Designed by An Art Service.
A beautiful bit of print that has followed up their first issue nicely. Unaware the second issue was in production the publication acts as an ode to the breadth of east London’s great outdoors. A subtle way to showcase the latest NSW collection mixed with some stunning shots of the local outdoor spaces makes this well worth the effort to visit the 1948 store on Batemans Row to pick up a copy.

File Magazine Issue 2

Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Fabio Sebastinelli, Art Direction by Fabio Sebastinelli and Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne
Another publication entering it’s second edition is DVD biannual, File Magazine. The format suggests you’d be hard pushed to read this on the commute into work, instead File is a magazine you need to put time aside to enjoy. 124 pages of content alongside 186 minutes worth of short films, music videos and documentaries all for £6.50 it’s hard to complain.

Man About Town

Editors-in-Chief Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, Art Direction by Saturday London
It won’t be the first time I admit to knowing nothing about ‘Fashion’ but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the latest issue of Man About Time. The Hedi Slimane cover leads you in perfectly to this hefty tome where the design compliments the photography perfectly. I look forward to spending a bit more time with it over the next week or so and expect to see it in stockists near you soon…

Ferel Collective

One of the last things to have arrived in the studio this week was independent arts magazine Feral. Without doubt the nicest thing about these types of publication are the names of people you would have otherwise never found. Check out Daniel Lancaster’s work, one half of Feral Collective.


Posted by Will Hudson

Will founded It’s Nice That in 2007 and is now director of the company. Once one of the main contributors to the site he has stepped back from writing as the business has expanded. He is a regular guest on the Studio Audience podcast.