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What piece of work really stood out for you in 2009?

Posted by It's Nice That,

Continuing the month of discussions as part of our 2009 Review, this week we are asking what piece of work really stood out for you this year. Be it a big budget ad campaign or a recent graduates portfolio, we want to know what you saw this year that made you sit up and take note.

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12942305067128384 aaronmoodie on Mon Dec 7th 2009

This is more industrial than graphic, but I would have to say Min-Kyu Choi's redesigned UK power plug is one of the most innovative and thought out piece of design I have seen in a while.

LINK: http://www.iconeye.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3864:rca-student-radically-improves-the-uk-plug

12942305073406513 btpstudio on Tue Dec 8th 2009

I'm a big fan of Jen Stark's paper sculptures.. that is a tough question though. Maybe i'll just have to start at the beginning and sift through all the links again ;)

12942305082563815 MathewWilson on Thu Dec 10th 2009

The entire Brighton Graphic Design & Illustration 2009 show off Brick Lane. The quality of the work that comes out of Brighton is scary. An archive can be found at http://gdi09.co.uk but doesn't quite do it justice.

12942305088560753 presidents on Thu Dec 10th 2009

I quite like Amy Casey's and Robyn O'Neil's work. I actually have a lot of new discoveries. But those two are my favorites. Oh, and also, Rich Gemmell's latest series was lovely.


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