• 537_img0590ret

    Daniel Eatock: Colander + Mirror Ball

  • 539_trumpet--oil-can

    Daniel Eatock: Trumpet + Oil Can

  • 543_megaphone--traffic-cone

    Daniel Eatock: Megaphone + Traffic Cone

  • 538_umbrella--watering-can

    Daniel Eatock: Umbrella + Watering Can

  • 544_-dsc0127

    Daniel Eatock: Ironing Board + Flymo

  • 545_bird-cage--shopping-basket

    Daniel Eatock: Bird Cage + Shopping Basket

  • 551_traffic-cone--ice-cream-cone

    Daniel Eatock: Traffic Cone + Ice Cream Cone

  • 552_deck-chair--irioning-board

    Daniel Eatock: Deck Chair + Ironing Board

  • 558_megaphonegoldfish-bowl

    Daniel Eatock: Megaphone + Goldfish Bowl

  • 556_ketchup-bottle--clothes-peg

    Daniel Eatock: Ketchup Bottle + Clothes Peg

  • 540_desk-lamp--scissor-jack

    Daniel Eatock: Desk Lamp + Scissor Jack

Daniel Eatock: One + One

Posted by Rob Alderson,

If we were asked to boil down Daniel Eatock’s wonderful work to its fundamental components the we’d probably go for..what’s that? Oh, turns out the man himself has already done it himself. His new series, developed at Kingston University, is called One + One and there could be no simpler way of describing his curious mix of sculpture, set design and photography. He’s a man who doesn’t like to talk concepts so whether you see the interconnected nature of wanton materialism or pleasing aesthetic happenstance, fill your boots.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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