Separating cookie and creme – meet Dentaku's wonderful Oreo Wheel

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There’s few things I enjoy more than needlessly convoluted creative solutions for “problems” barely worthy of the term. But if you were hellbent on separating the cookie sections from the filling of Oreo biscuits then Dentaku, aka Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague, have just the thing. The Oreo Wheel developed in conjunction with Wieden + Kennedy Portland “frees the biscuit from the creme” by way of a small ferris wheel and two scalpels. It’s super-fun nonsense of the highest order but this video does prove the value of perseverance in any design process.

  • Oreo1

    Dentaku: The Oreo Wheel

  • Oreo2

    Dentaku: The Oreo Wheel

  • Oreo3

    Dentaku: The Oreo Wheel


Posted by Rob Alderson

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