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    Einar Aslaksen: Polar Explorers, Frode Saugestad (detail)

Seriously accomplished editorial photography from Einar Aslaksen

Posted by James Cartwright,

Norwegian photographer Einar Aslaksen knows how to handle his camera. Commissioned constantly for editorial shoots in which the clarity of imagery is essential, Einar regularly finds himself on the road capturing everything from the weather-beaten faces of polar explorers to glamour models and comedians cavorting out for spreads in FHM. Part of his charm is the stylistic diversity he brings to his work; there’s no house style here, nor a tendency to default to particular photographic tricks – he’s just got the knack for capturing great images, something he believes to be “90% hard work with 10% magic.”

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    Einar Aslaksen: Polar Explorers, Rune Gjeldnes

  • Einar-8

    Einar Aslaksen: Polar Explorers, Inge Solheim

  • Einar-9

    Einar Aslaksen: Polar Explorers, Frode Saugestad

  • Einar-6

    Einar Aslaksen: Atle Antonsen, actor and comedian

  • Einar-5

    Einar Aslaksen: Sandra Kolstad, musician

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    Einar Aslaksen: Mariann Rosa

  • Einar-3

    Einar Aslaksen: Mikkel Berg, CEO of Silver

  • Einar-2

    Einar Aslaksen: Sossen Krogh, actress

  • Einar-1

    Einar Aslaksen: Helena Christensen, model and photographer


Posted by James Cartwright

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