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    Katharina Poblotzki: Little Dragon

Music's rising stars photographed beautifully by Katharina Poblotzki

Posted by James Cartwright,

Katharina Poblotzki has got a pretty enviable life as far as we can tell. The Berlin-based photographer spends her time travelling the globe to photograph the up-and-coming stars of the music world. She’s already shot Little Dragon, Perfume Genius, Air and M.I.A, not to mention Moby and the indy darling of cinema Sophia Coppola – and it’s really not hard to see why.

Katharina’s photographs offer a stripped-back look at characters we so often see in staged surroundings, made-up, Photoshopped and utterly devoid of context. By contrast her images are almost over-exposed, full of natural light and pulling no punches when it comes to showing the reality of their public subjects. Not looking your best today Cat Power, but not to worry, we like you just fine that way.

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    Katharina Poblotzki: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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    Katharina Poblotzki: Sophia Coppola

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    Katharina Poblotzki: Cat Power

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    Katharina Poblotzki: Moby

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    Katharina Poblotzki: M.I.A

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    Katharina Poblotzki: Perfume Genius

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    Katharina Poblotzki: Little Dragon


Posted by James Cartwright

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