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    Macay: London, UK

Intriguing collage work from Chile's Macay catches the eye and captures the imagination

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Chilean artist Macarena Yañez (who goes by the name Macay) splits her time between collages and street murals but wherever she works her magic, a host of weird and wonderful scenes spring to life. It’s the former part of her portfolio I am particularly enamoured with and the artist describes her collages as focussing on “magical landscapes combined with surreal characters and repetitive patterns, all united by nature.” With a masters from Central St Martins she is clearly a serious talent but there’s a lightness to her image-making which gives it a real sense of fun and lets her create intriguing, absorbing pieces where things are not quite as they seem.

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    Macay: Berlin

  • Guy

    Macay: Guy

  • London-2010

    Macay: London 2010

  • Stgo-2012.b2

    Macay: Santiago 2012

  • Stgo-2012.c11

    Macay: Santiago 2012

  • Stgo-2012

    Macay: Santiago 2012

  • Stgo-2013

    Macay: Santiago 2012

  • Stgo-20121

    Macay: Santiago 2012


Posted by Rob Alderson

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