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    Márcia Novais: 20 xx 20 by Mário Moura

Really impressive poster artwork from young designer Márcia Novais

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Graphic design comes in many forms, we all know that by now, but the simple poster still reigns supreme as the canvas to beat all canvases. Márcia Novais knows this, and she’s got the skill of filling a page absolutely down. After a huge selection of large format posters there could be a danger of monotony, but not for Márcia who chooses to collaborate with a whole host of talented friends on a regular basis to keep her work fresh, fresh, fresh. She is currently practicing her well-honed graphic design skills at the Portugal Faculty of Fine Arts where she runs the office and organises even more well-thought-out collaborations.

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    Márcia Novais: Au Front//Em frente

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    Márcia Novais: DAD Proposta 1

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    Márcia Novais: Lote 265

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    Márcia Novais: Final Show September 2011

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    Márcia Novais:

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    Márcia Novais: Variações de Temperatura


Posted by Liv Siddall

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