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    Fredrik Paulsen: Prism

A stunning array of beautiful products at the Örnsbergsauktionen

Posted by James Cartwright,

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Stockholm between February 4 and 8 then you’re in for a bit of a treat. Local designers, artists and craftspeople of Örnsberg are coming together for the first time to launch their very own artist-operated auction house, the Örnsbergsauktionen, where they’ll be selling an enormous range of covetable work.

This is exciting news for two main reasons. Firstly, the designers involved have bypassed any exclusive, expensive auction houses and are going to take home all the profits form the process (big news if you specialise in hand-crafted stools) but also the work on display is batshit crazy and beautiful in equal measure. If you’re in the market for bangles decorated with stunning textures, stools that appear to have been fashioned from viscous liquids or a pastel-shade glass crystal (you KNOW you want one) then this is the auction for you.

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    Kakan Hermansson: Fake Marble Lights

  • Oms-2

    Hilda Hellström: Sedimentation

  • Oms-4

    Simon Whitfield: Vase

  • Oms-5

    Simon Klenell: Mayflower

  • Oms-6

    Sara Lundkvist: Aura Cluster

  • Oms-7

    Sara Lundkvist: Aura Cluster

  • Oms-10

    Silo Studio: Stardust Bangles

  • Oms-8

    Therese Granlund: Form Follows Foam – Stool

  • Oms-11

    Silo Studio: Textile Moulded Light


Posted by James Cartwright

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