Trailer trash this is not! Check out Ping's brilliant animation Last Breath

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Ying Ping Mak has just finished her animation studies at the Royal College of Art, a course that has bred more talented stop-motion machines and digital nonpareils than we care to list, but does she match them? Hell yes! Have you seen this trailer for Deep Breath? If no, then soon enough you’ll know that her hand drawn, almost screen-print-esque quality of illustration is a winner for the format.

Armed with Baldessari-like noses and a deft handle on dimensions, Ping tells the story of Yeuk Seng who “slowly grasps the fact that he has become a social outcast as a breathing person.” Using colour to set her protagonist apart from his surroundings is a simple, effective device and what’s more is the stellar editing and ineffable energy that propels us along. Just imagine what the rest of the film is like!

  • Last-breath-1

    Ying Ping Mak: Last Breath

  • Last-breath-2

    Ying Ping Mak: Last Breath

  • Last-breath-3

    Ying Ping Mak: Last Breath

  • Last-breath-4

    Ying Ping Mak: Last Breath


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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