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Graphic Design: Museum of London to launch exhibition of Radio Times' archive

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

Young’uns might well think the Radio Times is but another mere listings magazine that sits on their Gran’s coffee table – one to read with your feet up on the pouf while dunking your custard cream for an irresponsible third time. But over the years this well-read and highly-esteemed publication has become something of a British institution, so, to celebrate its 90th birthday, the Museum of London will be exhibiting magazines, clips, broadcast artefacts and original photography and artwork from their archive.

Needless to say, over the last 90 years they’ve produced a myriad of great covers, documenting the time in which they were published as much as they act as a monument to all of the great illustrators and graphic designers who created them. The exhibition includes work by CRW Nevinson, John Gilroy and Abram Games, and spans almost a century of British culture, and all of the greats who fall under that umbrella. Happy birthday RT!

Cover Story: Radio Times at 90 will run at the Museum of London from August 2 until November 3.

  • 1

    Radio Times: 7 April, 1973

  • 2

    Radio Times: May 7, 1937

  • 3

    Radio Times: July 7, 1966

  • 5

    Radio Times: December 21, 1921

  • 6

    Radio Times: September 28, 1967

  • 7

    Radio Times: January 3, 1976

  • 8

    Radio Times: October 9, 1936

  • 9

    Radio Times: October 10, 1952

  • 11

    Radio Times:October 23, 1936

  • 13

    Radio Times: June 29, 1967


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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