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    Sam Brewster: Beer Advocate

Great new work from Sam Brewster, an illustrator who seems to have it all

Posted by Ross Bryant,

A year or so ago we came across an exceptionally talented young illustrator with a beautiful portfolio. We proceeded, as we do when excited by such stunning work, to describe Sam Brewster as someone who had it all, even good looks (although for the record, we did mention this might not be true).

Since then Sam’s client list has extended to include names such as Creative Review, The Financial Times, Ted Baker and a whole host of others. The elements of Sam’s style that first attracted our attention –including his enthusiasm for the odd visual pun and a bold colour palette integrated with textured line work – all remain, only now his skill feels even more refined, allowing him to instinctively sense what our eyes want to gorge on and how best to present us with these visual feasts.

So why not fill up on some of the illustration Sam has propelled into the world since we first introduced him.

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    Sam Brewster: Going Freelance

  • Restimage4

    Sam Brewster: Modernising the Factory

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    Sam Brewster: The Dead Sea

  • Restimage8

    Sam Brewster: Bicycle Race

  • Restimage2

    Sam Brewster: A Beast Every Week

  • Restimage9

    Sam Brewster: Law at Christmas

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    Sam Brewster: Intimate Brands


Posted by Ross Bryant

Ross worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at the University of Lincoln. He wrote for the site between October and December 2012.