Nancy ∩ Vladamir, from Venn Diagrams


John ∩ Elena, from Venn Diagrams


Jeff Koons in Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Binary


Lars Ulrich in Teddy Roosevelt and Riichard Nixon Binary


Clint Eastwood in Lee Oswald and Julius Rosenburg Binary


Malcom and Jackie Number 1, from X & O


Malcom and Jackie Number 2, from X & O

Work / Illustration

Shane Morrissy: Vicious Dumbshow

Vicious Dumbshow is a website created by Irish artist Shane Morrissy. But what does it mean, Shane? What does it mean?! That Nancy Reagan and Vladimir Lenin have a mutual penchant for baked beans? That advancements in binary coding can allow us to spell out “Lars Ulrich” with the heads of alternating US Presidents? Oh, I give up. On understanding that is, not on you Shane. No, you’re good, a heady mix of politico-pop culture and curious concepts. Excited to see what will come next from this talented, if slightly irreverent illustrator.