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Studio Audience: The Guardian, New York Times' redesign and Thames swimming

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Friday! Pow! New episode of Studio Audience! Pow! 23 minutes of art and design chit-chat! Pow pow pow pow! This week’s podcast comes with added laser effects because that’s literally the only way we think we can improve on our audio offering. Just joshing – there’s loads of things we can do better – but lasers sure are fun. Listen using the SoundCloud link below or subscribe via iTunes here.

  • Thamesbaths_00

    Studio Octopi’s plans for a Thames swimming pool

In the first section this week we chatted about proposals to build two swimming pools in the River Thames and then looked at The Guardian’s new Do Something supplement. Then we discussed the new-look New York Times website and revelled in the brilliance of Chino Otsuka’s photographic project wherein she superimposes her present self into childhood snaps.

  • January_dosomething

    The Guardian’s Do Something supplement

  • 140108084326-nytimes-redesign-620xa

    The new look New York Times website

  • 2

    Chino Otsuka: Imagine Finding Me

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Posted by Rob Alderson

Editor-in-Chief Rob oversees editorial across all three It’s Nice That platforms; online, print and events. He has a background in newspaper journalism and a particular interest in art, advertising and photography. He is the main host of the Studio Audience podcast.