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    wilfredtimo: HKU Award Posters

Design duo Wilfred van der Weide and Timo Demollin, aka wilfredtimo, make super-heroic graphics

Posted by James Cartwright,

Wilfred van der Weide and Timo Demollin are a young pair of designers working together under the moniker of wilfredtimo, producing beautifully bold, achingly cool, graphic design. With an approach that’s undeniably playful these young Dutchmen are building a portfolio of incredibly engaging work that makes deft use of both analogue and digital techniques.

Take their We Can Be Heroes project for example, a comprehensive identity and branding project for the annual HKU Award that takes the vernacular of comic book superheroes as its starting point. To execute these stunning posters wilfredtimo created a series of glossy one-colour posters, contorted and photographed them, then added screen printed gold swooshes (we’re sure there must be a specific name for those lines of movement you get in comics) to complete the superhero theme. They also created bent metal posters to be used as the physical awards themselves. If that doesn’t show commitment to an idea then tell me, what does?

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    wilfredtimo: HKU Award Posters

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    wilfredtimo: HKU Award Posters

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    wilfredtimo: HKU Award Posters

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    wilfredtimo: HKU Award Posters

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    wilfredtimo: HKU Award


Posted by James Cartwright

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