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    Walker Art: Chuck Close on Big Self Portrait

  2. Judy_02_650px1

    Somesuch: Judy Garland's Magnum Opus

  3. Mm02

    Fresh Bread: Ten questions with artist Mark Mullin

  4. Bieber-insta-inline

    Wired: How Justin Bieber could ruin Instagram's advertising plans

  5. Yba

    i-D: Are the YBAs in a moment of crisis?

  6. 08c009b7-29dc-4949-a7f9-51e2a3ad6ac9-460x276

    The Guardian: Top of the shots: photographers’ favourite photobooks

  7. Screen_shot_2014-10-17_at_12.09.52

    GQ: An interview with A.P.C founder Jean Touitou

  8. 20141015-lens-sage-slide-1a3c-superjumbo

    NY Times: Sage Sohier on photographing same sex couples at home in the 80s

  9. Howard-hodgkin-green-thou-003

    Aesthetica Magazine Blog: Howard Hodgkin at the Alan Cristea Gallery

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    Mr Porter: J Crew's Frank Muytjens on curating your space

  11. Schiele-master675

    NY Times: A Rebel's Feverish Burst of Insolence: On Egon Schiele

  12. Pablo-picasso-1971-014

    The Guardian: On the bitter struggle for Picasso's legacy

  13. Kopparberg-2

    Somesuch: Twee advertising and the infernal urban village

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    i-D: A guide to the best performance art at Frieze this year

  15. Love_among_the_chickens_-_cover_-_project_gutenberg_etext_20532

    The Paris Review: Love Among the Chickens: On P.G. Wodehouse

  16. 320983

    AnOther Magazine: Elaine Constantin on Northern Soul

  17. 1095493

    Dazed Digital: This self-destructing printer will set your messages on fire

  18. Bvoskens-sml

    Tobias Frere-Jones: Naming a typeface

  19. Bootlegbart

    Vice: Meet the world's expert on bootleg Bart Simpson tees

  20. Funny-corgi-wearing-google-glass

    Oyster Mag: Google Glass more addictive than crack...

  21. 1095168

    Dazed Digital: Bill Murray to sing in Christmas musical

  22. 38608-0_hero

    Design Observer: Meeting sculptor and collector Harris Diamant

  23. 6ec61625

    Pitckfork: Brilliant article on the late, great George Harrison

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    The Guardian: Historic landmark sporting events in London

  25. Angelina-jolie-vogue-10oct14-pa_b

    Vogue: Ralph & Russo On Dressing Dame Angelina

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    BBC: Iggy Pop's BBC Music John Peel Lecture

  27. 1413226882twigs2-580x750

    Rookie: An interview with FKA Twigs

  28. Underviewed

    Laughing Squid: Website that searches YouTube for generic file names

  29. 320641

    AnOther Magazine: 20 brilliant Andy Warhol quotes

  30. Sutc_0

    Creative Review: Great set of films for Stand Up To Cancer