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    Huck: Five things we learnt from "Pope of Trash" John Waters

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    Wallpaper*: Olafur Eliasson conjures an otherworldly realm at Fondation Louis Vuitton

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    The Guardian: The town in China that makes the world's Christmas decorations

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    Wired: DC Comics cancels half its line from March 2015

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    AnOther: OOFJ on Scoring Melancholia

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    The Guardian: Jake and Dinos Chapman: 'What Xmas looks like when you're dying'

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    East End Review: Thurston Moore: ‘London reveals itself really personally to everybody who lives here’

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    The Guardian: Chris Ware on Here by Richard McGuire – a game-changing graphic novel

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    NOWNESS: Pipilotti Rist: Worry Will Vanish

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    TIME: Woody Allen: Portraits of the Neurotic as a Young Man

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    Pitchfork: Modest Mouse Share Strangers to Ourselves Artwork

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    BBC: George III 'eccentric' drawing uncovered at British Library

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    Instagram Blog: Instagram release new filters for the first time in five years

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    Oyster: Paris Is Burning Receives 2015 Legacy Award

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    The Guardian: Tate Archive puts thousand of artists’ artifacts online

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    AnOther: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Frank Lloyd Wright

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    Grafik: Cartoon Cumbia - Alpaca Animations on the hand-drawn video Doctor Trompeta

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    Creative Review: Beyond the record sleeve

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    NOWNESS: John Waters reawkens the ghosts of Christmas trash in a new film

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    i-D: Drawing the line between work and play as a young creative

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    The Guardian: Bradshaw slams Annie reboot

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    National Geographic: Best Space Pictures of 2014

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    Fast.Co Design: A peek inside the NASA style guide

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    The Guardian: How I made: Raymond Briggs on Father Christmas

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    Slate: Podcasts offer listeners (and hosts) new ways to talk about depression and mental health.

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    Magculture: At Work With: Luke Tonge, The Recorder

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    Rookie: A comic about introversion

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    Interview Magazine: An interview with filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson

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    The Guardian: Travel photographer of the year 2014 winners – in pictures

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    BBC: David Lynch: Art house cinema is in a 'sad time'