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  1. Cdn.indiewire

    The Playlist: David Lynch Returns For Twin Peaks, Showtime Promises Even More Episodes

  2. Ryan-mcginley

    The Talks: Ryan McGinley

  3. 1000

    The Guardian: New Zealand's new flag: 15 quirky contenders

  4. 14-irwin-hockney.w529.h352.2x

    Vulture: Why Robert Irwin and David Hockey hate each other so much

  5. Teklife-01_(1)

    Pitchfork: From Teklife to the next life

  6. _83011813_83011812

    BBC: BB King, the King of Blues, dies at 89

  7. Alex_de_mora_1431434426_crop_550x367

    The Quietus: Cinematic Quality: Blanck Mass' Favourite Albums

  8. 1120399

    Dazed: Fashion v censorship: a history of banned ads

  9. Technicsdecks1

    Mixmag: DJing could become part of the music GCSE course

  10. 461338259sd

    Wired: Why losing Harry Shearer is The Simpsons' biggest challenge yet

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    Grafik: David of O Street looks at the life and times of the Apple logo

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    Oyster: Oyster Diaries: Why Bruce Jenner's Transition Matters, By Norrie Read

  13. Img-renzo_183908884492.jpg_v_thumb

    Interview Magazine: Renzo Piano by Mark Di Suvero

  14. 14auction_web-master675

    The New York Times: Christie's has art world's first $1billion week

  15. 6d0b58a9-13a0-4d28-a2ad-406538eb1786-803x1020

    The Guardian: The man who gave the world affordable art

  16. Screen_shot_2015-05-13_at_17.10.09

    Time: Find Out What Your Name Would be if You Were Born Today

  17. 16053613537_675257c2e6_b

    Eye Magazine: Could Selfiecity’s systems of visual analysis one day become a force for the common good?

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    The Art Newspaper: Remembering Chris Burden, the artist who traded daredevil performances for daring engineering

  19. 342347

    AnOther: The Cannes films to get excited about

  20. The_royal_academy_of_arts_1

    The Independent: The £50 million redesign of The Royal Academy of Arts is unveiled

  21. Untitled-article-1431363226

    i-D: Wolfgang Tillmans documents Russia's queer community

  22. 1120287

    Dazed Digital: Berlin's top emerging artists

  23. 650b5e67-108d-46bf-9ebf-9ad56e87cad1-620x486

    The Guardian: Splurging £102.6m on Picasso’s Women of Algiers is simply insane

  24. 3046045-inline-28-how-your-copy-is-the-foundation-for-interaction-design

    Fast Co. Design: Why copy is the key to great interactive design

  25. 1120357

    Dazed Digital: The best music documentaries on YouTube

  26. _82822470_leger-1

    BBC: German art forger holds his first exhibition

  27. Screen_shot_2015-05-12_at_12.42.54

    Drop Magazine: An interview with Till Wiedeck

  28. Vintage-couple

    Wired: Having more sex will not make you happier

  29. How-to-take-a-picture-of-rock-n-roll-1431109897

    i-D: How to take a picture of rock ‘n’ roll

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    The Guardian: The Tate Modern and how it's changed 15 years on