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    AnOther Magazine: Marlow Moss: Constructivism, Mondrian & Gender Politics

  2. Screen_shot_2014-09-30_at_09.39.20

    Vogue: This Week In Pictures - 29/09/2014

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    The New Yorker: Musings on internet factchecking

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    Noisey: A dummy's guide to downloading the new Thom Yorke album

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    Mr Porter Journal: A mixtape from the music supervisor on films by Wes Anderson and Scorcese

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    NTS Radio: Audio documentary on the history of London's pirate radio

  7. Mccandless-580

    The New Yorker: How Chris McCandless died - the real story behind Into the Wild

  8. Shopping-cart-chairs-kart-by-degueldre-designboom-08

    Designboom: Xavier Degueldre recycles old shopping trolleys into chairs

  9. 3036303-slide-s-4-new-program-merges-design-and-journalism-education

    Fast Co. Design: Ideo teach journalists to think like designers

  10. Hiut_0

    Creative Review: Knit creates Talking Window for Hiut Denim

  11. Anselm_kiefer_2011_3044988b

    The Telegraph: Great Anselm Kiefer interview

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    AnOther Magazine: The art of pastels

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    Rookie: How to write a college admissions essay

  14. Louisa_may_alcott

    The Paris Review: On admiration and Louisa May Alcott

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    Time Out: Karen O and Julian Casablancas interview each other

  16. Screen-shot-2014-09-24-at-9.29.50-am

    Wired: iPhone 6's bendiness is no big deal

  17. Clueless-1

    Oyster Magazine: Clueless costume designer Mona May on iconic 90s style

  18. Pitcher-hed-2014

    Adweek: Tinder-like app helps clients find and fall in love with agencies

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    BBC: How lasers revealed a lost city in the jungle

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    Mr Porter: How to survive falling through ice

  21. Hunt-soft-drinks-690

    The New Yorker: How Coconut Water and Kombucha Took Over the Corner Store

  22. Batman250

    The Daily Mash: ALL creative works must now be based on something else

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    Dazed Digital: Emily Kai Bock and Maja Borg on sexism in the film industry

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    AnOther Magazine: AnOther Man cover star David Beckham

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    NOWNESS: Martino Gamper’s Stuff

  26. Rd

    Co.Design: Philosophising about the future of responsive design

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    Swiss Miss: This GoPro was lost in the ocean for a year and a half, filming

  28. Astronomy_2014_00

    HUH: Winner of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014

  29. Hkps

    Design Boom: Dazzling images of architecture in Hong Kong

  30. Duplexhat

    The Guardian: Inventions which didn't change the world