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    Vanity Fair: Garry Winogrand, the Photographer Who Captured the Madness of the Mad Men Era

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    The Guardian: Bunnies and blow-up willies: Blackpool's wildest stag and hen parties – in pictures

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    Salon: The most outrageously cheesy corporate training videos

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    Wired: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Controversial Emotion Experiment

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    The New Yorker: Being a Times Square Elmo

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    BBC: Time-lapse of Glastonbury festival clean-up army

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    Vice: The Vice Guide to London 2014


    Slate: Sleep in Luke Skywalker's Childhood Home

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    Pitchfork: Kurt Vile's Wakin' on a Pretty Daze Mural Defaced

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    The Guardian: Eddie Izzard hails the surrealist, pioneering genius of Monty Python

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    The New Yorker: Adrian Tomine's 'Memorial Plaza' and other New Yorker covers

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    Vogue: Famous chefs and bartenders on summer entertaining

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    Oyster: Julian Assange to model at London Fashion Week

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    Port: Inside the studio of Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor

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    Dezeen: How digital media is changing the face of architectural photography

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    Wired: The legal implications of Google Glass in the UK

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    The Paris Review: An ode to camp by Sadie Stein

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    McSweeneys: Excerpts from 3 star Yelp reviews of the world's first time travel company

  19. Tolstoyfamilyrecipe

    Open Culture: Leo Tolstoy’s family recipe for macaroni and cheese

  20. Kodak-tower-decline-roche-001

    The Guardian: The death of Kodak town – in pictures

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    Wired: Jerry Seinfeld answers your pressing etiquette questions

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    Rookie: Jamie Anderson: The gold-medal snowboarder on starting out and getting over fear

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    The Guardian: London's Garden bridge: 'It feels like we're trying to pull off a crime'

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    The Guardian: Star Wars creator George Lucas will build museum in Chicago

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    AnOther: Food Stylist Iain Graham on Jelly for Cats

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    Vice: Lez Zeppelin's road manager is still a badass

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    Oyster Magazine: Bob Dylan's Lyric Scrawls Sell For Over $2 Million

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    BFI: A list of great picnics on film

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    NPR: How Soviet Kitchens Became Hotbeds Of Dissent And Culture

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    BBC: Why Icelanders are wary of elves living beneath the rocks