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    The New Yorker: The many battles of Nina Simone

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    Aesthetica Blog: A review of the Photographers' Gallery's new show

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    Esquire: Ten ideas that changed the internet

  4. The_wind_rises_2904853b

    The Telegraph: Studio Ghibli suggest that Miyazaki may return

  5. Telegraph-the-zonkey-011

    The Guardian: Crimean zoo introduce the Zonkey

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    The Believer: An interview with Joan Didion

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    Dazed Digital: A North Korean art factory is making enormous statues

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    Vogue: Could Tiffany Lose Its Famous Blue?

  9. Wrinkleintimepba1

    Variety: Children's book A Wrinkle In Time to be adapted for Disney film

  10. Lego

    BBC: New Lego characters are all female scientists

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    The NY Times: Illustrator talks about Haruki Murakami's work as inspiration

  12. Zoo

    Motherboard: Zootopia in Denmark will let animals roam free

  13. Damienhirst_town_01

    HUH: Damien Hirst Is Building An Entire Town

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    Mr Porter: Books to read in the location in which they are set

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    The Creators Project: "What Is This, A Gallery For Ants?" Yes.

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    CNN: Bill Murray to voice Baloo in remake of The Jungle Book

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    LIFE: Marilyn Monroe at home in 1953

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    Dazed Digital: stylist Mel Ottenberg picks from the VFiles vaults

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    The Guardian: Dazzling column lights up London for seven days

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    AnOther Magazine: Famous Last Words

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    D&AD: Karin Fong on the role of title sequences in storytelling

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    BBC: Spirited Away maker Studio Ghibli halts production

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    The Guardian: What are the best books for children who feel 'weird' or different?

  24. September-077

    The Paris Review: What it feels like to be fictionalised

  25. Electrolux-fabricpen_dezeen_784_7

    Dezeen: Amazing fabric pen mends clothes without stitching

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    Rookie: Dealing with teen crushes

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    The Guardian: When Huddersfield ruled Reggae

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    DazedDigital: Legendary Hollywood make-up artist passes away

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    BBC: World's first underwater art exhibition

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    David Byrne: Brian Eno's letter to David Byrne about Gaza