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  1. Dw10_0

    Creative Review: On the BBC's new Doctor Who title sequence

  2. 25artsbeat-hadid-blog480

    The New York Times: Writer acknowledges error in Zaha Hadid article

  3. Vladimir-putin-011

    The Guardian: Charlie Brooker on why 2014 is horrible

  4. Screen_shot_2014-08-26_at_09.04.32

    Dazed Digital: An interview between Thom Yorke and himself from 1996

  5. Screen_shot_2014-08-26_at_08.58.48

    i-D: The girls changing the face of feminism on the web

  6. La-me-deborah-sussman-2013-jpg-20140821

    LA Times: Deborah Sussman dies at 83

  7. Generallevy

    i-D: General Levy's guide to Carnival

  8. Ikea2

    Mashable: Spend a night in Ikea with Airbnb

  9. Boob

    Vogue: Champagne glass modelled on Kate Moss' boob

  10. Llama

    Huffington Post: Weigh-In Day at London Zoo

  11. Serendipity_bam_bam

    Spotify: Serendipity visualises simultaneous listening worldwide

  12. Screen_shot_2014-08-21_at_14.10.35

    The New York Times Blog: Vogue magazine, in numbers

  13. Dark-horse-katy-perry

    Noisey: Does cultural appropriation in pop music even matter?

  14. Enhanced-buzz-32052-1378395141-8

    Oyster Magazine: Snapchat is getting ads and news

  15. Steve-mcqueen-car-bullitt-43

    Esquire: 16 things we'll miss when we're all in driverless cars

  16. 140825_r25371-690

    New Yorker: What does the art of the Arab world look like in 2014?

  17. 872_3569_0

    Creative Review: Photographer Thom Atkinson on the objects a solder carries

  18. Skinhead

    AnOther: Derek Ridgers' new book about skinhead culture

  19. Designobserver

    Design Observer: Steven Heller gives up newsprint for good

  20. Pitchfork

    Pitchfork: The top 200 tracks of the decade so far

  21. Comedy

    The Guardian: The close links between humour and psychosis

  22. Japanese

    The Comics Journal: Norwich library's vast archive of Manga

  23. Dezeen

    Dezeen: Waves of wood in a Mumbai staircase

  24. Beatles

    Creative Review: Rutherford Chang's Beatles exhibition arrives in Liverpool

  25. 3934e4ca-daf4-459b-88b3-b5ae9ff5b1ad-620x506

    The Guardian: Guardian writers share their drunk online shopping regrets

  26. 917155_677844402284776_1203434110_n

    Mashable: 8 Famous Photographers Worth Following on Instagram

  27. Pop-up-ad-final-hed-2014

    Adweek: Inventor of the Pop-Up Ad Apologises for Helping to Ruin the Internet

  28. Vacuum-cleaner-009

    The Guardian: 10 funniest jokes from the Edinburgh festival fringe 2014

  29. 2014metronomy_01_jh070714

    NME: The Songs Artists Wish They Had Written

  30. Screen_shot_2014-08-18_at_10.46.47

    New York Magazine: Revisiting 1990s teen girl website, gURL