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  1. 20nytnow-nichols-master675

    The NY Times: Remembering celebrated American director Mike Nichols

  2. Freethenipple2

    Oyster Magazine: On the newly-released trailer of Free the Nipple

  3. 96609795

    The New Statesman: Is this the end of the British art school?

  4. Umb2_0

    Creative Review: The type of the Hong Kong protest movement

  5. 1098227

    Dazed: Octavia St Laurent's last interview

  6. Screen_shot_2014-11-20_at_17.06.44

    Wallpaper: Stuart Franklin captures a poignant tribute to Leonard Cohen

  7. Studiomobile-jellyfish-barge-floating-greenhouse-designboom-01

    Designboom: Studio mobile launch jellyfish garden barge

  8. 15815309062_281ca732d2_b

    Eye Magazine Blog: What do Bowie's reflections in his new compilation tell us?

  9. Spread_6-500x345

    Magculture: On the brand new issue of Riposte Magazine, out now

  10. Screen_shot_2014-11-20_at_13.04.57

    Nowness: AI Weiwei: Not at Blenheim Palace, Part Two

  11. Screen_shot_2014-11-19_at_15.16.34

    The New Yorker: Spotify: Friend or Foe?

  12. Mark-farid-seeing-i-live-through-an-avatar-122-body-image-1416268559

    Vice: This artist plans to spend a month living in a virtual reality

  13. E97d7081-cfcd-4e10-8120-20d6098d8255-460x276

    The Guardian: Further details about London's garden bridge revealed

  14. 1098057

    Dazed: What We Wore: 80s Glasgow

  15. 2.45__bride_of_frankenstein_0

    Creative Review: How gothic influences continue to influence visual culture

  16. 2fd27b23-8208-492f-ad7a-799a1fd53d5b-bestsizeavailable

    The Guardian: Read this and feel better – how inspirational guff invaded our lives

  17. Screen-shot-2014-11-06-at-17-40-35

    Noisey: How has Riot Grrl informed feminism and punk in 2014?

  18. 28932dc3-7fc7-490f-837d-3f08f6b2c9b2-1020x612

    The Guardian: Psychedelic close-ups of nature

  19. Screen_shot_2014-11-18_at_12.40.41

    The Cut: Ugly to Pretty: The best movie makeovers

  20. 40-key-032

    The Independent: Is Allen Jones the model of misogyny?

  21. Harvest-asif-khan_dezeen

    Dezeen: Showcasing eight years of top articles on its birthday

  22. Screen_shot_2014-11-18_at_08.44.52

    BBC: Glasgow School of Art: First look inside burned building

  23. A_1416138964_crop_550x553

    The Quietus: Avatars Of The Unconscious: Stanley Donwood Interviewed

  24. Grayson-perry-the-vanity--011

    The Guardian: Grayson Perry and taste - what does your home decor say about you?

  25. David-hockney-at-home-in--009

    The Guardian: David Hockney on moving to California

  26. 3038096-poster-p-1-why-sneaker-designer-dwayne-edwards-loves-rome

    Fast.Co Design: What designers can learn from the city of Rome

  27. 325065

    AnOther: Cheyenne Randalls' Tattooed Icons

  28. Screen_shot_2014-11-17_at_11.16.45

    CNN Style: The power of illustration: 11 drawings that altered history

  29. Van-1

    Colossal: A solar-powered glow-in-the-dark bike path inspired by Van Gogh

  30. 38646-aa-matter-detail

    Design Observer: Louise Sandhaus: The Art of Arts & Architecture