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  1. Jarviscrop1(1)

    New Statesman: The privileged are taking over the arts: without the grit, pop is doomed

  2. Quarter_life_crisis

    TED Talks: Talks to get you through your quarter-life crisis

  3. Screen_shot_2015-02-04_at_11.16.12

    The New York Times: Bill Cunningham's Snow Day

  4. Jworldsite

    Wired: Jurassic World's promo site lets you tour dino-filled island

  5. Pcollins

    NOWNESS: 'Making Space' by Petra Collins

  6. Screen_shot_2015-02-03_at_15.37.13

    Reddit: AskReddit: What to avoid during an interview

  7. 7b79b617-9789-4faa-b3ac-f29f6f075fe1-1020x825

    The Guardian: Come As You Are: the grungiest art of the 90s – in pictures

  8. Glitter

    Oyster: Turns Out "Ship Your Enemies Glitter" Was Actually A Media Stunt

  9. 1107705

    Dazed: Things you might not know about William S. Burroughs

  10. 3041777-slide-s-1-the-untold-story-behind-shake-120413shakeshack0463

    Fast.Co Design: The untold story of Pentagram's Shake Shack branding

  11. Freunde-von-freunden-rosa-park-rich-stapleton-076-930x620

    Freunden Von Freunden: Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton of Cereal Magazine

  12. 1411398_sheffield-7_laura-mark

    Architects Journal: Architecture students not equipped for the real world

  13. Swearing

    The Paris Review: On Swearing

  14. Piratebay

    Wired: The official Pirate Bay is back from the dead

  15. Screen_shot_2015-02-02_at_10.43.19

    NOWNESS: Michel Gondry: A Cinephile's Labyrinth

  16. F1e22778-3e5d-4e16-98de-96416831720a-1020x612

    The Guardian: Joe Stevens’ best photograph: David Bowie chats to a Paris station porter

  17. Lilo

    Flavorwire: The Most Ridiculous Amazon Fine Art Reviews

  18. 1107393

    Dazed: Paul Thomas Anderson: Ghosts and the Sea

  19. B8412333_(1)

    Wired: The Freakish Tans and Surprising Friendships of Pro Bodybuilding

  20. 19f41c0d-dd8f-48a6-96f8-e7e6142953f0-1412x2040

    The Guardian: Polish film posters from the BFI Special Collection – in pictures

  21. Brody-dearth-of-women-filmmakers-690

    The New Yorker: How critics have failed female filmmakers

  22. Screen_shot_2015-01-30_at_14.19.30

    Vice: Harmony Korine's The Legend of Cambo

  23. Bow

    Oyster: Jeff Bridges has made an ambient spoken word album

  24. Screen_shot_2015-01-30_at_10.38.27

    Matter: Frank discussion about money with art dealer Jeanne-Salomé Rochat

  25. 1107348

    DAZED: Interview with Laura Dern

  26. Internet44

    Wired UK: Crowdsourced drawing depicts imaginary internet

  27. Screen_shot_2015-01-29_at_16.40.36

    i-D: Why young people need to push back in to politics

  28. Screen_shot_2015-01-29_at_13.51.59

    HUH: Inside the Playboy mansion

  29. 38737-hernd

    Design Observer: The music video rebooted

  30. Yong-ju-lee-melting-train-dispersion-sculpture-korea-designboom-01

    Designboom: Yong Ju Lee pixelates melting train