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  1. Twin_peaks2

    Salon: How “Twin Peaks” shaped the entire golden age of TV

  2. Bounce-below--an-undergro-011

    The Guardian: Why a trampoline fun palace in a Welsh mine is pure art

  3. Hayao_miyazaki

    Salon: How animator Hayao Miyazaki became a cultural icon by doing everything Pixar doesn’t

  4. 1078687

    Dazed Digital: Michel Gondry's favourite inescapable films

  5. Screen_shot_2014-06-24_at_12.31.54

    Open Culture: Hear the Earliest Known Talking Heads Recordings (1975)

  6. Scholes

    Paris Review: The history of the QWERTY keyboard

  7. Rattman-mermaid-parade-01

    The New Yorker: Mermaids on Parade in Coney Island

  8. 1078281

    Dazed Digital: To celebrate Prada's aquatic-themed show, pop culture's most iconic poolside moments

  9. Iyrsayt

    Esquire: 12 World Cup-inspired artworks

  10. Bush-painting-580

    The New Yorker: George Bush's painting of what he imagines like in Iraq is like

  11. 20b4f922b60f29de758c5eb3487bddbe

    Walker Art: Making "the best cat video on the internet"

  12. Poopemoji

    Vice: 250 new options are in, but there are still no black emojis

  13. Art-basel-2014-011

    The Guardian: An article on how ArtRank is shaking up the art market

  14. 3359176957_7a091068a7_b

    The Paris Review: Amazing photos of Cincinatti's former public library

  15. 5d51045a

    Pitchfork: Exploration of the pressures of stereotype on female musicians

  16. Lr_les-facheux-contretems-ou-langlais-surpris-par-sa-femme

    Port: Interesting piece on how Napoleon shaped London's architecture

  17. Big-trouble-in-little-chi-011

    The Guardian: Joe Queenan debates whether or not cult films are just plain bad

  18. Bole-sweden-spruce-tannery-2-thumb-620x413-84678

    Cool Hunting: On Sweden's last spruce tannery

  19. Scanny047

    Illustration Age: In conversation with Daniel Zender about his zine project

  20. Prada_1

    Oyster Magazine: James McAvoy x Annie Leibovitz for Prada Uomo

  21. D3c2ad3141b9ec029a0ed4b05e2c236d60e7ed48

    Frieze Blog: On modern art's symbiosis with luxury branding

  22. E80f8aa00b241b143050a556bd437134

    i-D: Behind the scenes at the show which brought its crowd to tears

  23. 1077370

    Dazed Digital: Björk announces first ever retrospective at the V&A

  24. Screen_shot_2014-06-18_at_11.54.03

    RA: Should there be positive discrimination towards female artist?

  25. Screen_shot_2014-06-18_at_10.41.25

    Open Culture: Lars von Trier’s Animated Movie Made When He Was 11 Years Old

  26. To-catch-a-thief-1954-002-grace-kelly-cary-grant-picnic

    BFI: National Picnic Week: great picnics on film

  27. _75474785_kinecartop

    BBC: The elaborate appeal of Heath Robinson

  28. Images

    McSweeneys: Client Feedback on the Creation of the Earth

  29. Bob-dylan-singers-club-19-011

    The Guardian: Martin Creed: Why I love Bob Dylan

  30. Grand-budapest-hotel-lego-011

    The Guardian: The Grand Budapest Hotel recreated in over 50,000 Lego bricks