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    Stationery Compositions is the favoured extra-curricular activity of much-loved online stationery store Present & Correct. It’s a blog dedicated entirely to the ingenious and aesthetically pleasing layouts that the creators stumble across when photographing their products, and you’d be surprised at just how lovely those patterns can be. Right angles and straight lines are their bread and butter, and there’s nary a mangled paperclip or a coffee-stained notebook in sight. If this doesn’t have you tidying up your desk sharpish, nothing will.

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    “Ah!” You’re thinking. “A handy diagram! Whatever could that help me with?” And that dear reader is where you’re wrong, because the answer to your question is nothing at all. Appearing though they may to contain some shred of useful information, the truth is that these drawings do not, none at all, and any apparent reference within them is just pure coincidence.