Every week we invite someone from the creative industries to share a rundown of their five favourite books in the whole ruddy world, which have inspired, excited or educated them.

  1. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Will Sanders' bookshelf is as weird and as wonderful as his photography!
  2. Thmain Bookshelf Bookshelf: The fittingly photogenic bookshelf of the brilliant Tom Hines!
  3. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The inimitable Jean Jullien tells us his top 5 books!
  4. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Your new favourite photographer Jane Stockdale shows us her bookshelf!
  5. Main Fashion Bookshelf: The lovely Marie My shows her her impressive fashion-based bookshelf!
  6. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The brimming bookshelf of one of our favourite illustrators, Robert Hunter
  7. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Print legend Anthony Burrill lets us delve into his intriguing book collection...
  8. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Super-fun film makers We Are From L.A show us their very French bookshelf!
  9. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Submarine author Joe Dunthorne shows us his brilliant book collection
  10. Jesse Bookshelf Bookshelf: Hilariously well-written bookshelf here from Adventure Time story-boarder Jesse Moynihan!
  11. Main Bookshelf Check out illustrator Matthew Bromley's very impressive collection of children's books!
  12. Main Bookshelf Patrick Woodroffe, the genius behind the Olympic lighting displays, shows us his top five books
  13. List Bookshelf Bookshelf: "I found it very hard." Brecht Vandenbroucke selects his five favourite books
  14. Kev Bookshelf Bookshelf: Kev F Sutherland, comic illustrator for The Beano, Marvel Comics and more shows us his five fave books!
  15. Smmain Bookshelf Bookshelf: Prolific photographer Spencer Murphy shares with us his impeccably neat bookshelf
  16. Ian2 Bookshelf Bookshelf: Ian Stevenson's guide to life via the bizarre contents of his bookshelf
  17. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Photographer Jaimie Warren's Bookshelf may just be the weirdest and most wonderful one yet
  18. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Celebrity portrait photographer and filmmaker Jamie-James Medina shows us his literary inspiration
  19. List Advertising Bookshelf: Ben Kay, ad-man and one of the best bloggers around shares his Bookshelf
  20. Cpmain Bookshelf Bookshelf: Fashion's favourite blogger Charlie Porter on Snoopy, Ulysses, and the science of the suit...
  21. Hattie Bookshelf Bookshelf: Illustrator Hattie Stewart takes us on a tour of her Bookshelf
  22. Max-fenton-list Writing Bookshelf this week comes out of Brooklyn and the library of The Believer's online editor, Max Fenton
  23. Suzimain Bookshelf Bookshelf: Adrian Mole vs. Rebel Youth! It can only be the Bookshelf of illustrator, Suzi Kemp
  24. Charles-atlas-bookshelf-list Bookshelf This week's bookshelf is from Charles Atlas, video artist and director of TURNING with Antony & the Johnsons
  25. Wayne-hemingway-design-list Bookshelf This weeks Bookshelf courtesy of Vintage Festival and HemingwayDesign founder, Wayne Hemingway
  26. Sam-asbhy-list Film Bookshelf: Subversive cinema and the characters therein, all on the Bookshelf of Sam Ashby
  27. We-are-pi-list Bookshelf A Bookshelf special from the members of WE ARE Pi, an agency full of "ideas worth doing"
  28. Theo_int_bookshelf-list Bookshelf Bookshelf courtesy of James Théophane, a creative director at Clemenger BBDO "when he's not dabbling"
  29. Bookshelf-list Bookshelf Illustrator, designer and DJ Margot Bowman gives us a cheeky peek at her Bookshelf
  30. Laura-pannack-list Bookshelf This week the award-winning portrait photographer Laura Pannack shows us her Bookshelf
  31. Emiliano-ponzo-list Bookshelf Top-notch illustrator Emiliano Ponzi gives us a guided tour of his Bookshelf and five favourite tomes
  32. Chris-floydlist Film Photographer and filmmaker Chris Floyd guides us through his Bookshelf
  33. Mark-lazenby-bookshelf-list Bookshelf Revealing volumes - literally, hypothetically - Mark Lazenby shows us his Bookshelf
  34. Bookshelf-list Bookshelf This week's Bookshelf comes courtesy New York-based photographer Marcelo Gomes
  35. List-sarah-illenberger Bookshelf Much like her work, Sarah Illenberger's Bookshelf is beautifully bright and charming
  36. Tim-blare-list Writing Stand-up poet and creator of the Poetry Takeaway, Tim Clare's Bookshelf
  37. Bompaspar-list Miscellaneous What culinary curiosities sit on the shelves of wonder food luminaries Bompas & Parr?
  38. List-achim-borchardt-humebookshelf Bookshelf Bookshelf: Chief Curator of the Whitechapel Gallery, London, Achim Borchardt-Hume
  39. Apfel-bookshelf-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: APFEL
  40. Nexus_bookshelf-small Film Bookshelf: Chris O'Reilly
  41. Be-small Writing Bookshelf: Benjamin Eastham
  42. Tgsmall Bookshelf Bookshelf: Tom Gauld
  43. Cbs Publication Bookshelf: Christiane Bördner
  44. Rr_small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Rob Ryan
  45. Bookshelflead Film Bookshelf: Grant Orchard
  46. Jeff-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Jeff Mermelstein
  47. Dean-small Film Bookshelf: Dean Chalkley
  48. Markbooksmall Bookshelf Bookshelf: Mark Mulroney
  49. Jim-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Jim Stoten
  50. Rose-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Rose Blake
  51. Js_small Miscellaneous Bookshelf: Jason Silva
  52. Samllshelf_andreas Bookshelf Bookshelf: Andreas Samuelsson
  53. Alain_small Writing Bookshelf: Alain de Botton
  54. Luke-best-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Luke Best
  55. Rsfront Advertising Bookshelf: Rory Sutherland
  56. Sw-small Product Design Bookshelf: Samuel Wilkinson
  57. Max-lamb-small Product Design Bookshelf: Max Lamb
  58. Mari1 Bookshelf Bookshelf: Peter Marigold
  59. Ab-rogers-small Architecture Bookshelf: Ab Rogers
  60. Michael-marriott-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Michael Marriott
  61. Lucy_small Writing Bookshelf: Lucy Caldwell
  62. Lb_small Writing Bookshelf: Louisa Bailey
  63. Garth-small Film Bookshelf: Garth Jennings
  64. Richard-embray-small Writing Bookshelf: Richard Embray
  65. Austin_small Writing Bookshelf: Austin Kleon
  66. Sw-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Sam Winston
  67. Joel-small Miscellaneous Bookshelf: Joel Speasmaker
  68. Jv_small Writing Bookshelf: Julie Verhoeven
  69. Justin-small Writing Bookshelf: Justin Taylor
  70. Dc-small-1 Writing Bookshelf: Dallas Clayton
  71. Micah-big Miscellaneous Bookshelf: Micah Lidberg
  72. Jg_small Writing Bookshelf: Jochen Gerner
  73. Fred-butler-small Fashion Bookshelf: Fred Butler
  74. Df_small Writing Bookshelf: Daniel Frost
  75. Sarah-small Writing Bookshelf: Sarah Gottlieb
  76. Sean_small Writing Bookshelf: Sean Pecknold
  77. Josh-small Writing Bookshelf: Josh Cochran
  78. Bs_small Publication Bookshelf: Aslak Gurholt Rønsen
  79. Hilary-greenbaum-small Writing Bookshelf: Hilary Greenbaum
  80. Lzsmall Writing Bookshelf: Lawrence Zeegen