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    Digital art aficionados will be descending on Spitalfields Market in London next week for a celebration of terrific technology-driven creativity. Following a successful launch in New York earlier this summer, the Experience Intel tour hits these shores and they are working with top amazing digital practitioners to show off their talents using the brand’s wares.

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    Our annual creative symposium Here took place in London last week, with some 600 delegates packing into The Royal Geographical Society for a fun-filled, fast-paced day of insight and inspiration from our eclectic line-up of speakers

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    I’ve always been intrigued by the London Underground’s rich history and so was very excited to be invited to a one-of-a-kind performance by the London Contemporary Orchestra at Aldwych, a station abandoned in the 1980s. 

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    Nope these guys aren’t Canadian, they are the Spanish collective founded in 2008 by directors Luis Cerveró, Nicolás Méndez and Lope Serrano with the intention of producing their own work under the umbrella label CANADA. The three directors work alongside producers Oscar Romagosa and Alba Barneda to create commercials for big clients such as Adidas and Sony.

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    Although the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile seems like a distant memory now, we’re still reeling from the quality of work we managed to see while out there. As ever Heineken made their presence felt on the nightlife of Milan, pushing the boundaries with their innovative entertainment spaces. In 2012 they were focused on creating the ultimate club, but 2013 has seen them exploring the lounge bar of the future at Milan’s Magazzini, creating a brand new environment for revellers to drink, dance and generally let their hair down.

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    Last weekend we were at Tate Modern running a two-day zine-making workshop with our friends Zine Swap and Patrick Fry for Hyperlink festival. Thanks to everyone who came down to say hi and got stuck into making zines. We were bowled over by how many visitors we had – over 2000 people visited us in the Tate Tanks Transformer Gallery 2 and a couple of hundred of those made a zine. 

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    We’ve collaborated with Zine Swap and graphic designer Patrick Fry (No Zine) to bring you Off Cuts – a two-day workshop offering you the chance to make your own zines. It’s taking place in one of the stunning galleries of the Tate Tanks, the impressive new spaces launched last year as part of the Tate Modern’s ambitious new performance and live art programme.

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    Here at It’s Nice That we showcase an awful lot of what we consider to be the most interesting and exciting design around, but we’re aware that design is about much more than pure aesthetic pleasure. That’s why we jumped at the chance to partner with What Design Can Do, the two-day Amsterdam conference that focusses on the sheer power of our profession, “to change, improve, renew, inspire, involve, shock, move, disrupt, help or solve.”

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    If you pay attention to the daily goings-on of this website for more than a couple of weeks at a time you’ll be familiar with the fact that we’re pretty partial to the magnificent Andy Rementer. He’s got a rare and unparalleled talent for turning the most mundane subjects into the most exuberantly surreal images, and we freaking love it. We also love comics festivals. Imagine the shrieks of glee that resounded through the studio then, when we discovered that the talented Mr. Rementer has lent his creative hands to the design of this year’s ELCAF identity (that’s the East London Comic Arts Festival).

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    What are you going to do with this empty bank holiday Monday? You’ve stuffed yourself with chocolate, gorged on the most roast meat you’ve laid eyes on since Christmas and sloshed back a magnum of cheap wine. Time for a wander I think. And if you’re in the London area why not wander to day one of Peckham Print Studio’s pop-up week at Boxpark in Shoreditch. The lads at PPS have commissoned a series of striking new prints from the likes of Supermundane, Saskia Pomeroy and Dominic Owen that you’ll be able to lay your hands on as well as having a crack at some real-life screen printing and the opportunity to win some great inky treats. Time to dig out that squeegee…

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    You must have heard by now that we’ve just released the first tickets for this year’s Here symposium with Adam Buxton, Rafael Rozendaal, Erik Kessels and Nelly Ben Hayoun already confirmed. But our excitement for Here 2013 is mingled with the proud glow of Here’s 2012 success and over the past few weeks we’ve started releasing videos of some of the amazing speakers who graced us with their presence. Today is the turn of filmmaker Carol Morley, whose extraordinary documentary Dreams of A Life – about a woman who lay dead in her flat for years – aired recently on Channel 4. Carol treated us to a fascinating glimpse into her process and why she feels outbound to tell certain stories.

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    Even among the great line-up we secured for our creative conference Here held last September, there was one talk in particular that few present will ever forget. Photographer Giles Duley lost an arm and both legs when he stood on a landline while embedded with US troops documenting the war in Afghanistan. And yet these life-changing injuries were only part of the extraordinary story he told us; a story which saw him turn his back on celebrity and fashion shoots to concentrate instead on using his talents to cover humanitarian tragedies the rest of the world was happy to ignore.

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    London boasts a plethora of good design events but the POINT conference which takes place in May comes onto the scene with a real heavyweight pedigree. The brainchild of designers Robin Richmond, Tim Fendley and Georgia Fendley, this year’s inaugural event in London brings together 40 speakers plus film screenings and workshops based around the theme “authenticity.”

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    London based multidisciplinary designer and film maker Keiichi Matsuda has been garnering attention for his experimental and innovative work in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical worlds, he uses video, architecture and interactive media to change and enhance the ways in which we engage with our environment.

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    How do you advertise a creative conference in cinematic form? Short video profiles of each of your speakers? A walking tour of the venue you’re using? Perhaps something colourful and typographic? No, none of these things quite cut the mustard for OFFF 2012, one of the highlights of the conference calendar. A batsh*t crazy B-movie epic on the other hand did just the trick.

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    We’ve had a jam-packed year of It’s Nice That events, and we’ve got one more treat in store. Building on last year’s sellout success, we’ve been busy preparing for this year’s In Progress which will take place once again at the Barbican this December. 

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    The unstoppable force that is Studio Moross is back with not one but TWO new websites – one for the studio, one for Kate’s signature illustrative work – and there’s a shed-load of new work for you to enjoy. We were pretty sure we’d never seen anything of Kate’s that we didn’t like, and looking back over all the projects she and her collaborators have produced confirmed our suspicions. What also struck us was the fact that Miss Moross has only been a graduate for three years, THREE YEARS. What have you achieved in the time that she’s managed to build a design empire? We can’t think of much either.

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    Last Thursday and Friday the rooms of Mercer Street Studios in Covent Garden were transformed into the giant, branded Talking Shop as part of BeViacom’s first ever pop-up event. The media giant invited speakers from all walks of the industry to contribute to discussions on the biggest issues facing marketers today. As the owner of three of the most colourful media channels currently operating – MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central – the Talking Shop space was suitably swathed from top to bottom in bright colours and immersive environments designed and decorated by the likes of Alex Noble and James Joyce.

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    In the third of our new Opinion pieces editorial assistant James Cartwright wonders what a skydiving Austrian has to do with sugary liquids and as always we want YOUR comments too, you can join the debate under the text…

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    It’s been a whole week since we held our one-day creative symposium Here and to be honest we miss it already. Earlier this week we praised our incredible speakers to the high heavens but here also played host to some amazing live elements during the day.

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    Last Friday 500 people packed into the glorious surroundings of The Royal Geographical Society for our biggest ever event, Here. We decided not to overcomplicate things – invite great speakers, put them on stage and let their talents and insights do the rest, and the result was something pretty special – entertaining, informative and inspiring (even if we do say so ourselves!).

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    With only 24 hours to go until Here, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of the treats we have lined up for the day. As well as providing a show-stopping schedule of talks from world-renowned creative practitioners, the Royal Geographical Society will be playing host to a number of live elements curated by us throughout the day.

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    Queuing up for Bompas & Parr’s much talked about new adventure (project doesn’t ever quite do them justice) it seemed odd to be watching the cast of Made in Chelsea plus many other not-quite-recognisable celebrities being chauffeured in before the rest of the baying crowd. What used to be two men on a mission to blow the minds of the unwitting public using large quantities of jelly and booze are now some of the most sought-after food artists on the planet (which may explain the arrival of the celebs).

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    It can be hard to concentrate on the artistic side of things when you’ve got some of the world’s most amazing sports men and women doing things on your TV screen that you had never dreamt of before (did you see the rhythmic gymnastics?). But while all of the sporting triumph was going on, in the background lurked something that had been in the making since 2008 – The Cultural Olympiad.

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    Continuing their longstanding tradition of graphic excellence and spectacular events the Walker Art Center have recently produced this striking identity for Rock the Garden, a one-day festival within the centre’s grounds that featured the likes of Tune-Yards, The Hold Steady and Doomtree. The identity uses a monolithic abstract form as its centrepiece, created from overlaid lines and dots that form unique moire patterns when overlaid over pre-existing patterns and imagery.

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    We are thrilled to announce that the multitalented and hugely influential British designer Thomas Heatherwick will be delivering the closing keynote talk of Here, our one-day symposium. He will join a stellar line-up of over a dozen brilliant creatives from the UK and abroad speaking about their practice and process, as well as sharing their insights and expertise, in our biggest event to date.

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    The most exciting thing to come out of the Journey To Greatness event, a product of six months worth of passion and process, insight and inspiration from four groups of talented graduates plucked from the University of the Arts institutions is this: The journey is not over.

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    It’s a pretty bizarre sensation to experience nostalgia for something you’ve never actually experienced; how is it even possible to relate to events that are entirely alien? But that’s exactly the feeling conveyed by Ben Pier’s Teenage Teeth. A catalogue of almost a decade of documenting American youth, (and some pretty youthful geriatric characters) the series harnesses the cinematic immediacy of blue-collar America. Featuring snapshot after snapshot of events and experiences that we understand purely from the standpoint of a movie-goer (any US nationals reading this, we envy your cinematic youth), from high-school lunch halls to low-rise whitewashed homes.

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    Ambition is always risky – get it wrong and you can expect it via both barrels from those keen to point out the error of you overreaching yourself. But get it right and it can be transcendental and my goodness did Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith get it right for this year’s Saatchi and Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase unveiling event in Cannes. In front of an audience of 3,000 industry peers (no pressure then!), the duo masterminded an extraordinary sound and light show around the theme Meet Your Creator, which included choreographing 16 specially-made flying robots (by the genius team at K Mel Robotics) in an elaborate, enjoyably melodramatic sequence that few present are likely to forget. It’s testament to the power of their creation that even via Youtube, so often an underwhelming disseminator of live events, it’s five minutes of sheer brilliance. Sit back and enjoy.

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    We’re sorry to say we missed independent publishing fair About – by all accounts the lineup was stellar and included some of our indie publishing favourites (Lubok, Landfill and Museums Press). In our defence it was in Mainz, Germany, and that’s a hell of a long way to travel, even for great books. Thankfully we, and anyone else that couldn’t make it to mainland Europe, can take away a little piece of the About experience with one of these stunning flags, available to purchase from the website below.

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    We are excited to announce more speakers for Here, our big creative symposium taking place this September in London’s beautiful Royal Geographical Society. Across the day, expect insights, inspirational talks, experiments and live elements from over a dozen brilliant creatives. For this fast paced festival of creativity, we’re bringing together digital innovators, prolific graphic designers, animators and illustrators, a daring photographer, a dazzling film director, a body-architect and a top-notch fashion legend, amongst others. 

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    Perhaps it’s easier to explain what not to expect at the first East London Comics & Arts Festival (ELCAF) hosted by NoBrow this weekend. Most importantly, it is definitely not exclusive to the comic and cartoon hangouts; if you know what is good and good for you then you’ll know that a room full of independent publishers and image-makers with original work, limited editions and small-run presses going for mere, mere moneys is worth your while.

  33. Tcolist

    Taking stock is actually more difficult than it sounds and opinion ca be split between those who see it as essential strategic thinking for any organisation, and those who worry it smacks a little of navel-gazing. But for top creative agency The Church of London, the opening of their new east London space 71a was the perfect opportunity to look at what they’re doing and what they’ve done. So much so that they called the inaugural exhibition What we’re doing; What we’ve done, featuring a collection of some of the best visuals from their Little White Lies and Huck titles.

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    It was never going to be easy to explain what exactly happened at the current Secret Cinema – purely because we’re not allowed to disclose anything. But after confirming what exactly we can tell you, I’ll do my best to describe the immersive and exciting science-experiment of a dinner that we were invited to, courtesy of Secret Cinema, and in the venue itself.

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    We’ve got some very tasty new announcements for Here, our one-day, fast-paced festival of creativity. We are very pleased to announce that Andy Stevens of legendary graphic design studio Graphic Thought Facility will deliver some design words of wisdom, followed by insights from in-demand, multi-faceted illustrator Quentin Jones, and talented brothers Job (Letman) and Roel Wouters will take to the stage to present an exciting exploration of their combined talents: from striking typography to interactive design, film and ideas generation. Adding to the mix of inspirational talks, expect some experimental antics from the one and only Bompas & Parr.

  36. Golf

    We’ve seen them build a chocolate climbing wall (scaled by Peter Andre), we’ve listened to them explain the surprisingly logical reasoning behind exploding wedding cakes (no one ever eats it anyway), and we’ve even been mildly drugged by them with seductive rags of ether. So naturally when we heard that London’s favourite culinary wizards, Bompas and Parr, were taking over the Selfridges roof for the second time – the first being their plight to flood the roof with an emerald green boating lake – and creating a crazy golf course made entirely of cake, we were excited.

  37. Tsmain

    It’s hard to try and describe something that’s so painstakingly epic that it’s hard to digest, but I’ll give it a go. This morning, outside the It’s Nice That offices by the Nike 1948 space, a queue of very cold, determined people sat in deck chairs wrapped in sleeping bags. What were they waiting for? Some shoes. Which shoes? Tom Sach’s collaboration with Nike, released to mark the opening of his super-hyped show Space Program: Mars happening at this moment in New York.

  38. Tbtblist

    Tudo Bom Todo Bem. Alex and myself have recently returned from Sao Paulo where we ran a five day workshop with Mesa & Cadeira (Table & Chairs). Hosted in the impressive Weiden + Kennedy offices and following in the rather large footsteps of Anthony Burrill and Andy Cameron, our workshop ran during evenings and weekends with 16 like-minded individuals centred around curation, editing and publishing content.

    During our five day workshop we were also lucky enough to work with some of the keenest minds in the city, and collaboratively set ourselves a mission – to make people fall in love with Sao Paulo. The content that followed has exceeded our expectations, and the passion and personality every single person bought to their contribution was typical of a city that despite reputation, has proved to be the most welcoming we’ve ever visited.

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    I can’t help feel that the 18th Century got a lot of things right, you know apart from rampant xenophobia, social injustice and polio. You get the sense they knew how to have fun, and nowhere is this more obvious that the tradition of pleasure gardens, social spaces designed to dazzle, titillate and amuse everyone from aristocrats to grubby chimney sweep types. So kudos to the team bringing pleasure back (to paraphrase Mr Timberlake) with the London Pleasure Gardens in the east end due to open next month.

  40. Wwwclare

    In February 2012 we were thrilled to be invited to host a series of talks at Selfridges as part of their Words Words Words season. The final evening was called Words as Performance and the final talk saw Tim Clare, founder of The Poetry Takeaway explaining why he chose to bing this creative medium to the masses.