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    If you weren’t already aware, It’s Nice That has this week curated a selection of carefully-picked speakers as part of GF Smith’s paper-infused event Beauty in the Making. More a celebration than an exhibition, more a workshop than a gallery, it is a fine example of a lovely group of people who know an awful lot about one subject, passing it on to those who never knew there was so much to learn. 

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    Future Cinema (sister company to The Other Cinema) have become well-known for expanding films beyond the screen and bringing them to life through large-scale events, recreating scenes and settings to dizzying effect. They’ve done it again with a 360 degree live cinematic experience of Bugsy Malone that’s currently running in London.

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    For those who missed out on last week’s tickets for Beauty in the Making talks, fear not! We’ve got a whole heap more tickets for the taking. Throughout the week 23 – 27 April, we’ve invited some spectacular speakers including Bompas & Parr, inventor Mark Champkins, director Kim Gehrig, Secret Cinema’s Fabien Riggall and many more. All you need to do is register below.

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