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    Last Friday, we were back at the Barbican for our In Progress conference, an all-day affair featuring over a dozen speakers from across the creative spectrum looking back at key themes and projects from this year and forecasting how they might shape 2013 and beyond.

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    We are on the home straight, heading towards In Progress this Friday with a line-up that could make any creative soul salivate. In the last of our In Progress profiles, we have Artangel’s Michael Morris and David Kohn. As you might know already, there are few places gracing London quite like A Room for London: "a ‘boat’ perched, as if by retreating floodwaters, on the very edge of the Queen Elizabeth hall at the Southbank centre.

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    In Progress is getting closer with every passing day, hour and minute ladies and gents – an event we’ve been organising and looking forward to with baited breath for months! Just like children yearning after a future Christmas, we too are looking beyond and out into a future with Rupert Goodwins and it’s a future we may not be entirely prepared for…

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    Ahead of this summer’s sporting spectacular, most would have assumed the Paralympics would play second fiddle to the Olympics. That they didn’t is down in no small part to Channel 4’s extraordinarily successful way of repositioning the Paralympics based around the Meet the Superhumans campaign. Billing the achievements of disabled athletes as something over and above their able-bodied counterparts, it captured the public’s imagination and seems to have irrevocably changed attitudes to disability in the UK.

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    Remember that day last summer when everyone got up early to ring bells in what was one of the most heart-warming, unifying events of the last decade? Did you travel across the country just to get a bounce on Jeremy Deller’s Stone Henge? Well, involved with the cultural Olympiad or not, one thing is true, and that is it was bloody hard to miss.

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    There are always times when a service or product succeeds with its aesthetic front but fails to deliver the information and functionality desired. So, what happens when your audience’s sole reason for visiting the website you’re responsible for isn’t for the design, but purely the content? This is a question Ben Terrett (Head of Design for the Government Digital Service) and Sarah Richards (Content Design Lead for Government Digital Service) have asked and then seemingly answered. Their solution;  to view content and design as the same thing. The website applying this principle is the single domain for the UK government GOV.UK, which marked the Government Digital Service’s first major project.

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    If it’s pioneering digital and interactive work that tickles your fancy then you’re in luck as this year’s In Progress features Hellicar and Lewis discussing their boundary-pushing attitudes towards technology. In the last four years they’ve worked for the likes of Coca Cola, Intel, Uniqlo, TED and Nokia, producing everything from interactive retail spaces to 24-hour live webcasts that allowed viewers to collaborate in an ongoing musical event. With each new project they demonstrate that they’re consistently at the top of their game.

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    Excitement is growing here and not just because Christmas cheer is creeping round the corner! In Progress is almost upon us and our next speaker profile focuses on one half of the iconic design studio BarberOsgerby. We’re thrilled to be welcoming Edward Barber to speak about their design process – from brief to production.

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    We’re really excited to announce the full programme for In Progress, our one-day creative conference this December. We’ve curated an eclectic line up set to inspire, celebrate and offer insights into a range of disciplines – showcasing groundbreaking projects from 2012 and forecasting who and what are going to lead the way in 2013.

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    It makes sense for a trend forecasting event to include some trend forecasters among its eclectic line-up, and it makes even more sense to get some of the most sought-after around. FranklinTill have their fingers firmly on the creative pulse, with a portfolio full-to-bursting with innovative and interesting design-led work for a range of clients and regular columns for Computer Arts and Viewpoint pinpointing the themes and ideas which are shaping the world around us.

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    London based multidisciplinary designer and film maker Keiichi Matsuda has been garnering attention for his experimental and innovative work in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical worlds, he uses video, architecture and interactive media to change and enhance the ways in which we engage with our environment.

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    We are super proud to announce that our December conference In Progress will be supported by Lowdi, the portable wireless speaker with exactly the right amount of attitude.

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    We’re delighted to announce more speakers for our one-day creative conference In Progress this December. It’s shaping up to be a total showstopper of a day, celebrating groundbreaking ideas and projects from 2012, and providing insight into the coming year from some of the most innovative and forward-thinking people in the creative industries.

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    We’ve had a jam-packed year of It’s Nice That events, and we’ve got one more treat in store. Building on last year’s sellout success, we’ve been busy preparing for this year’s In Progress which will take place once again at the Barbican this December.