Music Video

  1. Caribou-itsnicethat-list Music Video Beautiful new Caribou video is as heartbreaking as it is joyful
  2. Ezra-jurman-itsnicethat-list Music Video The most ambitious stop motion music video ever made? Probably
  3. Hiro-murai-int-list Music Video Hiro Murai's new video for Earl Sweatshirt is shot with a thermal camera
  4. List Music Video Frankie Cosmos channels her inner teenage fangirl in this cool new video
  5. List Film Music Video: Lena Dunham has directed Bleachers' new music video, and it's GREAT
  6. List Music Video Music Video: Mimi Cave dismembers bodies with charm for Magic Man
  7. Main Music Video Music Video: Brett Easton Ellis narrates dark, saucy new Placebo video
  8. Main Film Music Video: Finally! A music video championing the humble glory of a kebab
  9. Ia Music Video Music Video: Iggy Azalea's perfect Clueless-inspired music video
  10. Main2 Film Music Video: Spine-tinglingly beautiful new video for Jamie Isaac's She Dried
  11. Main Music Video Music Video: Spectacular lo-fi music video from Seattle girl band Chastity Belt
  12. Main Music Video Music Video: Michel Gondry's made a new AMAZING music video for Metronomy
  13. Main Music My Favourite Music Video: Up next it's Arctic Monkeys video director David Wilson
  14. List Music Video Music Video: Mayer Hawthorne's analogue police chase video with a lyrical bonus
  15. List Miscellaneous Music Video: James Franco and Seth Rogen recreate Kanye West video!
  16. Travis-list Music Video Music Video: Wriggles and Robins create steamy new promo for Travis
  17. List Music Video Music Video: The fantastic animated video for the new single by Arctic Monkeys!