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    After nearly 100% of female viewers became angry in one way or another after watching Robin Thicke’s video for Blurred Lines (despite it being directed by a woman) there’s now reams of fantastic parody videos to ridicule it even more than it has been already.. Good old internet. Powerful burlesque group Mod Carousel from Seattle have created their own version of the video in which the tables are satisfyingly turned, leaving the men as gormless, naked playthings under the control of the women.

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    Did you think we’d let you forget about this absolute stonker of a music video for Lonely Boy by the Black Keys back in late 2011? As the story goes, part-time security guard Derrick T. Tuggle was actually cast as an extra in the video alongside six or seven other actors, but once the director saw him shaking his thing he asked if he’d be happy to be the video’s lead (basically only) role, and then proceeded to film the whole thing in just one take. Quite frankly, I don’t know what a Monday Morning Music Video is for if not to dig gems like this one out of the treasure chest of audio-visual gold, and to make you about as happy as Derrick is as he pulls some shapes. You can go right ahead and pull some too, y’know, if you like. I might. I just did.

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    It was a mere fortnight ago when live on stage at our Here 2013 Symposium directors Canada treated us to a behind-the-scenes look at their latest video for French band Phoenix. So, it’d be rude of me not to make sure the video was front and centre on its arrival into the public realm. The content of the video itself is an indie masterpiece – with everything shot in camera, with film crews rushing around the set to make each cut visible to the next. To be honest, just reading this post is destroying the magic the guys had on stage, so save me the embarrassment and just watch it. Genius!

  4. Skater

    I’m a terrible ice-skater and am in awe of anyone who can even stand up on skates, let alone fling themselves around the stupidly slippery surface. Which may explain why I love this new promo for Pissed Jeans’s latest single Romanticize Me so much. Not only do we have a simple little narrative, but also some mad ice skills set to a brilliantly heavy accompaniment — well done Joe Stakun.

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    We’ve all seen that Youtube video where the American guy cuts loads of bottles with a sword/other sharp things right? Well if you were hankering for more (I know I was) then Wavves are here to help you out. Surely influenced by the brilliant viral, director Brandon Dermer has set new single That’s On Me to a more professionally produced version of the original concept with some stunning results (for our more squeamish/vegetarian readers, beware the last 90 seconds that get decidedly meaty).

  6. Youngsummer

    I’d imagine director Ivan Grbovic believes in doing things well, or just not at all. His latest video for Young Galaxy is a painstakingly created slow-mo CGI romp through the end of the world, set to the band’s dulcet tones. Now I’m as much of a fan of the tongue-in-cheek, lo-fi, low-budget music video as the next man, but when belters like this come along it reminds me how apt a full-on cinematic journey can be for the right piece of music. Hats tipped Ivan.

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    There are many reason why shows such as Roseanne, Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, and Clarissa Explains it All made such a lasting impression on many of us, and I think it’s partly down to the set design. Now you’re older, when you eat dinner on the sofa you feel like you could be in Roseanne’s loving, nagging family. When you’re furnishing your flat, you’re hoping it will turn out like Monica’s. When you order takeaway pizza, do you feel like you’re in That 70s Show – you’re American, and you’re stoned? I do.

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    We throw superlatives around on this site like lovely word confetti but believe us when we say This. Is. INCREDIBLE. Smirnoff has teamed up with DJ Fresh for a world first which sees three disabled dance music fans create a club track using their minds. I know! Smirnoff and DJ Fresh worked with Julien Castet, one of the world’s leading brainwave technology experts, who devised software which transformed the musicians emotions into brainwaves and brainwaves into soundwaves to create music.

  9. Holden

    One of the real keys to getting music video creation right is to appreciate and respect the tune you’re accompanying; to add a layer of understanding, rather than distract from the musical main event. Jack Featherstone’s latest animated effort (alongside Will Samuel) for Holden does exactly that, accompany the “appetite-whetting arpeggio extravaganza” with beautifully expressive and honest animated hieroglyphics that feel as though they were born with the track. Jack’s behind all of the visuals for Holden’s upcoming The Inheritors, so watch this space for some more where this came from.

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    I don’t know about you, but after watching this video I was left with a million questions. Firstly, where did Jungle Collective find B-Girl Terra? Secondly, how is she better at dancing than everyone else? And how did she manage to do that entire routine in only one shot? To be honest, we don’t even need these answers. Seeing this video has made us about 25 percent happier today, so all we need to do now is sit back, watch it again, and then start trying to learn her moves for when we hit the Friday dance floor later.

  11. Iamunchien

    Going to see BUG is a music video fan’s dream. Comfy seating, a big screen and two hours of the brilliant Adam Buxton selecting and chatting through some of his favourite videos, and last week’s show threw up this gem. Directed by the mysterious (I can’t find out much about him) Panteros666 for French band I Am Un Chien we see a super-simple idea executed with aplomb. Take some actions of wild animals, get the band members to try and impersonate them as accurately as possible, and set them up as a split screen. Voilà! Promo perfection.

  12. Smd-list

    “What happens when an unknown piece of matter falls through time and space?” wonders Hans Lo in his new video for Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep’s recent collaboration, Sacrifice. Well, true to form it involves a pulsing, rhythmic journey through the dark vacuum of the cosmos, accompanied by neon geometric bursts and a strange clapping production line. As with most Simian Mobile Disco tracks it’s best to sit back and enjoy the entire thing, letting the music – and the visuals – build to a pretty epic climax. Sweet!

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    It’s that classic situation – you go to dispose of a body, someone sees you, you dispose of them, someone sees that and then you have to dispose of three people rather than just one! Typical. This video is brilliant. You don’t get too many music videos these days that are beautifully-crafted short stories, but this one is a perfect example of just how well that formula works. Directed by John Strong who, it’s worth saying, is renowned for his gruesome, boundary-pushing videos, this tale of murder mis-hap is as hilarious as it is disturbing. The fact that it’s for a truly magnificent Oh Sees song is the blood-red icing on the cake. Watch to the end – you won’t regret it.

  14. Mj-list

    We Cross The Line have already demonstrated that they’re more than capable of producing engaging short documentaries but now the small team of Belgian and Italian film-makers have branched out into new territory, producing their first ever music video. Uncomfortable follows a similar recipe to their documentary work – find someone who’s naturally interesting and point the camera at them – and manages to match the music incredibly well. So prepare to meet Emiliano, a Michael Jackson impersonator from Rome who honours the King of Pop on the city’s streets on a daily basis, albeit with a cheeky little belly that’s more akin to another King.

  15. Mixtape_space_int_list

    This week we were all talking about Tim Peake being the first UK astronaut to visit the space station out in…outer space, so in honour of his bravery we decided to make our monthly playlist SPACE themed! Not necessarily all relating to outer space, some of these songs hark back to the feeling of being in a teenage bedroom, getting out and about in the great outdoors or even just being in your trusty old house. Apart from Holly, our intern, she chose Modjo’s “Lady (Hear me Tonight)” because that would be what she’d want to hear if she was flying through space on her own. Fair enough. Here it is!

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    Very happy to welcome Slugabed back to It’s Nice That with the video for his new single Bombok, released to coincide with the launch of his new record label, Activia Benz. The word Bombok alone conjures up memories of the word bombastic and the feel of most Thai beach resorts, so it comes as no surprise that this video is nice, seizure-inducing a mixture of the two.

  17. Kanye

    Who said that the only way to get your music out was through the internet? Whoever it was obviously didn’t speak to Kanye West, who this weekend, ‘premiered’ his single New Slaves onto 66 different public buildings across the globe. Bystanders from Brooklyn to Sydney gawped at an oversized, front-on depiction of one of the most powerful men in music for the duration of his latest single – and the raw, personal effect has led to a ripple of individual anecdotes being spread internet-wide. Smart.

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    If you used to spend your time scrutinising the Hello Nasty album cover in your room (this is before the time when we all had work to do) or if you just thought, or still think, that The Beastie Boys are the coolest guys ever, then you’ll like this. Good old Juxtapoz magazine have gone and located all the designers and artists responsible for the consistently amazing Beastie Boys artwork and have interviewed them about the process.

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    As far as viral videos go, this one puts iPhone recordings of people’s dogs in the bath to shame. I daresay it even blows the baby sloth sanctuary out the water. Meet Chris Hadfield, he’s a Canadian astronaut who splits his time between maintaining a SPACE SHIP in SPACE, tweeting, and being a singer/songwriter.

  20. Ghostpoet

    Last week London’s Ghostpoet released his second record, Some Say I So I Say Light and as we’ve come to expect, gritty, sombre tones are present throughout. The first single from the album, Meltdown has had its promo directed by LA-based director Dave Ma – and the aptness of the video to the track is a rare treat. A snap-shot split-screen of two young relationships should, on paper, be nothing to write home about, but there’s something so oddly compelling about it that it drew me in completely.

  21. Bowie-list

    Look away now if you’re easily offended ‘cause Bowie’s second single from his new album comes with a video that’s packed full of religious iconography and seriously subverted biblical narratives. The Next Day is like the New Testament set in some dirty London pit. More importantly Bowie’s persuaded Gary Oldman (arguably there greatest living British actor) to play a wayward, lecherous priest cavorting in a back-room bar full of fist-bumping cardinals and ladies of the night. Look out for Dave’s ethereal ascension at the end, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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    Oooh we all love a good collab don’t we and even better when it comes in the form of dreamy band Wild Nothing and psychedelic artist Eric Shaw. In this trippy, block colour animation taking you into a strange world that is some kind of cross between 1980s abstract paintings and the what it would look like to teleport, Eric Shaw’s work totally comes to life, soundtracked by Wild Nothing’s beautiful new track A Dancing Shell. To accompany this absolute corker of a music video is some album artwork that’s totally flying the flag for diehard vinyl and CD buyers everywhere, which is at once comforting and genuinely exciting.

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    Certain people need to be told how to “say f**k you to the world once in a while” as Sol LeWitt knew, and in his 1965 letter to sculptor Eva Hesse he advised her to say just that. I don’t know if Eva took his advice – this was before the punk revolution so perhaps it was a little bit lost – but MOCAtv have brought this conversation back to life in the form of this animation by Aaron Rose and Thomas McMahon.

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    Do you remember last year when Laura Marling released an album and it was introduced to the world via a kind of spooky, intensely atmospheric trailer? Do you remember when there was a super nice documentary about her and waistcoat brigade Mumford and Sons charging about India playing string instruments? Well even if you don’t follow Laura Marling’s activity like some sort of crazed buzzard, this new trailer for her next album is worth a watch.

  25. Nilsson-list

    I’m a bit confused by this music video if I’m honest. It manages to induce so many opposing emotions in such a short space of time that I’m left feeling utterly bewildered. The first emotion is nostalgia, as the Arch Duke of auto-tune trance has purchased a hook from late 90s dance outfit Alice Deejay to serve as the basis for his latest song. The second is horror; that he’s added nothing to it that fits. Every new line of melody or harmony feels like it’s been cobbled together from samples he just had lying around the studio (sorry, bit of a rant there, but I loved Alice Deejay).

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    London-based performance poet Musa Okwonga’s new offering is a homily to his hometown, a celebration of the characteristics that convince him (and many others) that this is the greatest city in the world. For the accompanying video, Musa has been filmed walking through the streets of The Big Smoke as his ode unfolds, and the viewer is able to click and drag the camera angle 360 degrees to explore the city with him. This kind of technology is not new, but while often it comes across as gimmicky, here it really enhances the message, immersing us in the very city to which the poem pays such glowing tribute. As ever Musa’s linguistic skills are a treat, as is his jaunty pork pie hat.

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    If you’re London-based and the sight of your own bare flesh is enough to make you want to put sunglasses on, then this playlist is for you! That’s right, the sun’s out and we can stop crying ourselves to sleep every night in our beds full of dry skin and sadness. This calls for new music, so here’s the It’s Nice That Monthly Mixtape #3 with the apt theme of spring! A collection of songs inspired by beer gardens, roast lamb, daffodils and driving with the windows open. What are you waiting for? Click this link and crank it up to eleven!

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    If you’re the sort of person that likes roller coasters, strobe lights, fireworks and hallucinogens, this is the video for you. It’s directed by Morgan Beringer, a philosophy graduate with a penchant for the “unexplored conceptual space between still/moving image”. Not only is this a simplistic game-changer of a video, it’s also set to an impressive jazz punk track featuring honking, twangy music from the likes of Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear and Hello Skinny. More pleasing proof that you don’t need a Canon EOS-1D and some part-time models to make a perfect, shareable music video.

  29. Atrak

    We’ve seen lots of Fischli & Weiss inspired chain reactions in creative work over the last few years, so this latest one for A-Trak & Tommy Trash’s Tuna Melt should be a total non-event. However, the charms of Kinetic King’s (AKA Tim Fort) unbelievable patience makes this one something to write home about, demonstrating that compelling content is a brilliant way to stop the viewer’s pesky skipping finger. The big final reveal had me literally laughing out loud (also, for the cynics – it turns out they really did do it.).

  30. Hfs-list

    We’ve got simple tastes when it comes to music videos. If they include the most infectious guitar riff we’ve heard all year, flashing, disorientating imagery, a suggestive amount of bare flesh or the inexplicable appearance of an infant child we’re pretty much guaranteed to be impressed. If by some fluke of music video alchemy they contain all of the above ingredients with the addition of comically placed tube socks, an old people’s home and a whacking great pillow fight then heck, you may have just created our favourite music video ever! Which is exactly what New Zealand video-maker Jordan Dodson has achieved with his latest promo for Heroes For Sale. Prepare to have some (OBVIOUSLY NSFW) fun!

  31. Pseudo-list

    Just a quick warning for you; if you’re in the office and your workplace is the kind of environment that abhors obscenities flashing across your computer screen then best leave this one ‘til you’re home. Aside from effing and blinding, this latest video from South London-via Japan outfit Pseudo Nippon and friend and collaborator Myles Painter has it all: green-screen gimp suit, mad yoyo skills, infectious drum beat and some seriously post-modern behind-the-scenes footage of the video being made. Most important of all though, it’s a LOT of fun and makes us wish we’d spent a bit more time learning to yo-yo like pros during our misspent youth. I told you they weren’t a waste of time, Mum.

  32. Donottouch

    Today’s music video is a little later in the day than usual – so that we can bring you an exclusive first look at a brilliant new video from Moniker. Somewhere between music video and video game, Do Not Touch invites the viewer to use their mouse pointer to complete various tasks, from staying in a certain area of the screen, to avoiding a naked model and being the opponent for a scantily clad boxer. Beautifully simple and super effective as we’ve come to expect from Moniker – and I’m sure Dutch band Light Light are suitably thrilled. Get touching.

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    It’s kind of magical when unlikely celebrities team up to be really cool together and save us all some time (there’s a reason why this blog is so timelessly popular). So what happens when the illusive gods of music that are Daft Punk make a comeback with a man so famous that he is virtually untouchable? Well, I have no idea, but there’s definitely a reason why the sun has finally come out in London. Read a little more about this charming teaser and how it came about over on Rolling Stone.

  34. Cat_power_manhattan

    We’re used to seeing the music video treated as a canvas for creative experiment. With clever visual tricks, left-field concepts and weird storylines par for the course now, I felt Cat Power’s simple new video for Manhattan was worthy of note. Set (aptly) in Manhattan we see Cat hanging out, goofing around on the subway and singing from out of a sunroof (I’m guessing) through one of America’s most recognisable landscapes without a surprise in sight. A music video for the purists, thanks Greg Hunt.

  35. Stocco-list

    The extent of my electronic music knowledge starts and ends with knowing that MIDI is an acronym for musical instrument digital interface. That and that Squarepusher are cool. So when I see a man making digital music by scratching a selection of leaves across the dust mat of a turntable, all of my preconceived ideas about how music can be made are blown away immediately.

  36. Int_monthlymixtape_int_list

    It’s that time again, when we at It’s Nice That blow your minds with our kind-of-lame lame, yet paradoxically pretty spectacular playlists. This month our theme is Journeys, which has inspired the studio to dredge 24 fantastic songs out of their memories for your listening pleasure.

  37. List

    Did I just dream that? For eight minutes and 15 seconds? Well it certainty felt like it. A two part track directed and edited by Gordon Hendrick and Hunter Steinman, it is the best eight minutes (and 15 seconds) I’ve ever spent. With no real narrative attached, you float from night time to dawn to night time again through a flow of incredibly endearing snapshots of ordinary life. The warm strokes of the synthesiser transforms into a medley of strings mirrored by psychedelic graphics, which then cleverly morphs into a man’s face. Gotta love the kid who gets pulled away from being soaked – looks like he is having a whale of a time. Ordinary is beautiful. Fact.

  38. Django

    What you may have known about Django Django is that they’re a great Britsh indie rock outfit who met in Scotland. What you almost definitely didn’t know if that they’re obsessed with the infamous Indian Well of Death riders in Allahabad. So, the guys pitched up at Noisey HQ, cap in hand and asked if they’d help them film their latest video with this odd obsession as the backdrop. As always (being a Vice channel) the video content is the kind of stuff to make any online platform green with envy and is the perfect accompaniment for a blinding record. Good vibes all round.

  39. Viewz-list

    Remember in childhood science classes there was that experiment where you all stood in a circle and held hands, formed a circuit and then lit a tiny LED in a ping-pong ball with the minute current that passes through your bodies? It was the one thing that completely blew my mind as a six-year-old scientist, but rather than do anything with the information I’d just been given, I forgot about it. Which is where J.Viewz and I clearly differ, because he held on to the magic of that technology and developed it into something bigger and better.

  40. Sledge

    If I needed any more tempting to drop everything and jump on a flight to New York, The Museum of the Moving Image have just given me a great reason. The smart people over in Queens have been putting together Spectacle – the first ever museum exhibition to celebrate “the art and history of the music video”, which opens early next month. The romp through the last 35 years of vids will showcase over 300 videos, artifacts, and interactive installations – and of course (my personal all-time favourite) Peter Gabriel’s Seldgehammer for your Monday Morning pleasure.