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  1. List

    Spruce up your January work out with with Dutch Uncles' new video for Flexxin'

    Alex Bec •
  2. List

    Fantastic set of films celebrate the music scenes in six American cities

    Rob Alderson •
  3. John_m

    Ex-Beta Band John Maclean demonstrates his filmmaking prowess for Django Django

    Alex Bec •
  4. List

    Unnerving video accompanies David Bowie’s beautiful new elegy to Berlin

    Anna Trench •
  5. Toro

    Monday Morning Music Video's back – Toro Y Moi take you to orange-jumper heaven

    Alex Bec •
  6. Main

    Dizzee delivers a responsible message in the foul-mouthed Bassline Junkie

    Liv Siddall •
  7. Wham

    Wham!'s Last Christmas is ideal for our final Monday Morning Music Video of 2012

    Alex Bec •
  8. Listimage

    Kahlil Joseph's short film for Flying Lotus is a sublime, emotive masterpiece.

    Ross Bryant •
  9. Toro-list

    Immerse yourself in the ironic but exquisite vision of So Many Details

    James Cartwright •
  10. Sigur_ros

    Sigur Rós' experiment comes to an end with Floria Sigismondi beautifully directing Elle Fanning

    Alex Bec •
  11. List2

    Hugo and Marie take care of the visuals for Rihanna's latest, Unapologetic

    James Cartwright •
  12. List

    AG Rojas can do no wrong - more music video joy with his latest for Purity Ring

    Alex Bec •
  13. Keatonhenson-list

    William Williamson's new music video is as scathingly intense as they come

    James Cartwright •
  14. Main

    Snoop Lion is born in this seriously crazy video by Eli Roth!

    Liv Siddall •
  15. Frosty

    Gruesome yuletide claymation for Sufjan Steven's new track Mr. Frosty

    Alex Bec •
  16. Ablist

    Monday Morning Music Video stars a knitted octopus thanks to Oh Yeah Wow

    Rob Alderson •
  17. Main

    Best video and song ever? Neil Young & Crazy Horse's utterly genius Ramada Inn!

    Liv Siddall •
  18. Main2

    Dark and broody new video here from The xx, directed by Young Replicant

    Liv Siddall •
  19. Jackwhite

    Two Jacks are better than one in Mr.White's slick new video

    Alex Bec •
  20. Sleeperhold-list

    Behold the mighty work of independent publishers Sleeperhold

    James Cartwright •
  21. List

    A silly take on the lip-synch music video from Sam Bailey and Amer Chada-Patel

    Rob Alderson •
  22. Batforlashes

    Natasha Khan at her most mesmerising in the new Bat For Lashes video

    Alex Bec •
  23. Fonzhickmann-list

    Fons Hickmann's gorgeous Semperoper catalogue has got us hot for opera

    James Cartwright •
  24. Main3

    Must watch now! Emily Kai Bock's new, dreamlike video for Grizzly Bear's Yet Again

    Liv Siddall •
  25. Sufjan

    Barefoot pirouettes to Sufjan Stevens make for a wonderful two minutes

    Alex Bec •
  26. David_byrne

    Soak up this stupendous video for David Byrne and St.Vincent collaboration Who

    Alex Bec •
  27. List

    Beard wearers unite! Amazing new music video celebrates hairy-faces

    Rob Alderson •
  28. Stuff_rotates

    M&E direct a film of stuff rotating to excellent effect for our MMMV

    Alex Bec •
  29. Main

    Dan has Potential may have just made the best Metronomy video yet...

    Liv Siddall •
  30. Main

    You gotta see this - Adam Buxton's glorious montage of YouTube stereotypes

    Liv Siddall •
  31. Main2

    Nash Edgerton brings us a brilliantly violent, cheese-fest of a Bob Dylan video

    Liv Siddall •
  32. Major_lazer

    Bring on Notting Hill! Major Lazer keep the carnival spirit alive with Get Free

    Alex Bec •
  33. Radiohead

    Radiohead lead us through the woods for a glimpse at a wonderful new track

    Alex Bec •
  34. Cut-the-world-list-again

    Marina Abramović and Willem Dafoe in Antony and the Johnson's gruesome new video

    Catherine Gaffney •
  35. Pond

    Want to brighten up your Monday? Let Pond's brilliant new video do the business...

    Alex Bec •
  36. Main_16-49-46

    Ryan McGinley plays with time in this dreamy, New York-based Sigur Rós video

    Liv Siddall •
  37. Blur21

    Rejoice! The mighty Blur are 21, and what better way to celebrate...

    Alex Bec •
  38. Main2

    Why make one music video when you can make ten? Micachu shows us how it's done

    Liv Siddall •
  39. Summertimes-blues-list

    Garth Jennings tries to get rid of Adam Buxton in his excellent exploding music vid for Guitar Wolf

    Bryony Quinn •
  40. Si-begg

    Mindblowing analogue visuals for Si Begg's new single, Permission to Explode

    James Cartwright •