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  1. Main3

    Kind of Chris Cunningham, kind of Twin Peaks, Emily Kai Bock (who was responsible for the fame-inducing video for Grimes that you can see here) has produced another stonker for the most talked-about band of this week, Grizzly Bear. Making a video for a group with such a devout, almost cult-like following can’t be easy, particularly when their hotly-anticipated new album has received some of the best reviews ever written, but she’s totally pulled it off. I won’t go on about the content, the most-liked YouTube comment on the video does that job for me.

  2. Sufjan

    There are many reasons to crave the wonder of New York City, and thanks to acclaimed singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens there’s now one more. Not content with being hailed as one of his generation’s finest, Sufjan has more recently taken it upon himself to pen some music for Opera Year of the Rabbit, being shown at the New York City Ballet from October. In celebration, Yoonha Park has made this beautiful little promo that both makes me want to feel sand between my toes, and ballet in my eyes. Get there if you can.

  3. David_byrne

    Could David Byrne get any cooler? Not content with having one of the most memorable vocals ever, he’s now teamed up with the excellent St.Vincent on a new collaborative album that’s been doing the rounds. The video from the first release Who has been directed by the supremely talented Martin de Thurah and is a beautifully shot monochromatic treat. You know you want to be able to dance like David.

  4. List

    Some of the greatest stories human beings have ever told have been about redemption, and it might be time to add another name to that canon. Australian band The Beards have just released their new single Got Me A Beard which tells the story of a proud beard-wearer who is jilted by his girlfriend and then society at large. But our intrepid hero finds solace in a place where the beard is revered, and then him and his new friends return to the real world to wreak a shocking, hilarious revenge. Animators Chris Edser, Bill Northcott and Jarrod Prince have created a weird and wonderful world which works perfectly with the song, and it’s a must watch for both hairy hipsters and pogonophobes alike.

  5. Stuff_rotates

    M&E is a Swedish studio that I’m going to claim is made up of two brilliant creative minds – Matthew Bolger’s and Emelie Lidström’s. They have a plethora of fantastic work, and most recently they finished this banger of a promo for Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band’s latest single. This is where my claim falls down. Essentially the name of Snake and Jet’s album is called Stuff that Rotates, so the duo’s idea to film the band with a 1960s-eqsue camera rotation effect isn’t too mind-boogling. However, the level of execution and dedication to build a rig powered by an electric drill, constructed from bicycle and drum parts, wood and metal plates, which was strong enough to hold the weight of a hefty camera does need some appreciation. Groovy.

  6. Main

    Sometimes our favourite music videos are those high-budget, explosion-riddled dramas (think Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around or that one where The Beastie Boys are cops) but then, sometimes a video comes along that’s just the most perfect, simple idea executed with sheer finesse. This is one of those. Get ready to be plunged into a mixed bag of quintessentially British living rooms to witness the pets of the general public. What this video does, apart from fit perfectly to the song (Hypnose, from Metronomy’s new album) is highlight just how weird pets are, and how odd we are for having them in our homes. Don’t turn off before the end, there is a great shot of a tortoise you’d be mad to miss.

  7. Main

    Yes that’s right, another Adam Buxton video. What’s that? Oh yes, we do post about him a lot. Why, you say? What do you mean why? This is one of the funniest men on the planet, casually plopping hilarious videos out like there’s no tomorrow to the unadulterated joy of all of his fans.

  8. Main2

    It wouldn’t be right of me not to warn you that for the first 60 seconds or so of this video, you’re going to potentially need to hold chunks down because, truthfully, this music video opens like the slushiest indie phone advert you’ve ever been faced with. Patience however, is a virtue, and soon the young hero of the story – the man responsible for the cheese-factor – is being beaten to a pulp and hunted down by the feds, making the chunks in your throat suddenly disappear. You are then faced with a smack-in-the-face reminder that Bob Dylan never ceases to be the coolest man on earth as he saunters down the street with one of the weirdest and best entourages you’ll probably ever see in a music video. Nash Edgerton, we hope you direct all of Dylan’s videos from now on, because you certainly seem to know what you’re doing.

  9. Major_lazer

    As this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival enters its final day, what better music video to celebrate with than Major Lazer’s clammy new promo for Get Free. Risque dancing, colourful t-shirts, hazy evenings, and a hefty drenching of sweat all encased in a brilliant four minutes from the constantly excellent So Me. Can every weekend be a three day long street party please?

  10. Radiohead

    It’s always a big deal when Radiohead decide to put something new onto the internet, so on hearing (via Vice’s excellent noisey) there was a chance to hear their exclusive rendition of The Daily Mail as performed at Tennessee festival Bonaroo earlier in the year, we jumped at it. Seen from the POV of director Matt Ornstein, we’re stop-framed through the festival site to the main event; Thom at the piano, and when was that ever going to disappoint?

  11. Cut-the-world-list-again

    TYesterday saw the release of Cut the World, the latest single from Antony and the Johnsons, which is accompanied by an absorbing, thought-provoking video. Directed by NABIL, it features mesmerising music, sleek, claustrophobic office environments, shadowed spaces, and – seriously, take heed – a fairly gruesome scene.

  12. Pond

    In an age where the term ‘lo-fi’ all too often gives a reputable excuse to produce a below-par piece of work, (especially when it comes to bands making their own music videos) you are about to be graced by an absolute blinder. So, before tuning into Aussie band Pond’s single Moth Wings I wasn’t paying much attention, expecting the usual rump through fuzzy iPhone hipsters at cooler-than-me parties. How wrong could I have been?

  13. Main_16-49-46

    Ryan McGinley, chief documenter of youth and the man who single-handedly inspired almost every single Tumblr/Flickr user worldwide, has just released his take on Sigur Rós’s track Varúð. Following a girl in a golden wig skipping through the hot concrete of New York, we are taken on a trippy adventure where time occasionally stands still and the sunset is so intense it’s almost apocalyptic.

  14. Blur21

    Today marks the 21st anniversary of Blur’s first ever album release, Leisure and has also sprung a subsequent collectors box set release cannily titled Blur 21 . So, for my usual Monday Morning Music Video slot it feels like sacrilege to dedicate the pixels to anyone else. I’ve wasted months, if not years of my life watching music videos and from the thousands that have entered my eyes, Blur’s always seem to leave a lasting impression. Triumphs include making a discarded milk carton huggable ( Coffee & TV ) to bathing with page 3 girls ( Country House ) and we’ve even run our own feature on their success back in February. But now, there’s a complete YouTube collection of their back catalogue, and a stonking exhibition of photographs at Londonnewcastle on Redchurch Street to boot. Use this week as an excuse to gorge yourself on as many as your boss will let you.

  15. Main2

    Here we have a very powerful musical comeback by Micachu and the Shapes, referred to by Charlie Porter as his “sudden new obsession” and “a right, clattering racket” on his blog. The band have have produced a total of ten music videos – in collaboration with director Chloe Hayward – all in one go to promote their new album Never.As well as having a consistent palette not unlike the one used in Rugrats, each video confirms the fact that Micachu is one of the most original music-makers around today and reminds us that it doesn’t take a huge budget and a tonne of people to make a pretty wonderful music video (or ten). You can find them all here or see our favourites below.

  16. Summertimes-blues-list

    What is happiness, good people? Adam Buxton, dressed like an angry stick of rock with a beard and swimming cap, being directed by Garth Jennings to point at and avoid exploding sand moles in perfect synchronicity to music that sounds “like a cross between Rammstein and The Muppets.”

  17. Si-begg

    Motion designers ATYP have just produced a literally mind-blowing (you’ll see when you watch it) promo for electronic musician Si Begg’s latest single, Permission to Explode. It’s a powerful combination of hands-on traditional animation techniques and computer-generated imagery that has a familiar digital feel. However, the hand-rendered aspect to the project elevates it beyond a simple digital aesthetic, taking the transient waveforms of Begg’s glitchy compositions and rendering them physical with vibrant style. We caught up with ATYP to find out a little bit more about how the project came about.

  18. Srlist

    I don’t use the word “breathtaking” enough but just you try and stop me because Ramin Bahrani’s video for the Sigur Rós’ Ég anda has left me gasping – and that’s very apt seeing as it features some recurring scenes of a fish out of water (but rest assured no fish were harmed). The bewitching film juxtaposes some intriguing animal shots with cityscapes and almost-abstract images of a carwash and a furnace and basically every shot is a standalone beauty to the huge credit of cinematographer Hunter Baker. Anyway, you’ll see what I mean – put your headphones in and submit to the brilliance (just remember to breathe).

  19. 2bears-list

    There’s a very immediate pleasure to watching Federico Vitetta’s new video for The 2 Bears’ Warm and Easy. You’ll find it difficult to avoid grinning from the offset. It’s basically just a big gang of skateboarders mucking about and miming along to the song (the lip-synching is at times abysmal) in various locations across Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. But whatever, who cares, if it doesn’t brighten up your day then I’ll eat my baggy jeans and Supreme hat.

  20. List

    There arent’ enough expletives in the world for me to describe how *************ing excellent the video for New Lands by Justice is. It’s incredible. And here’s why: The song is great, it’s directed by CANADA (who have yet to make a video that we don’t love), the special effects are more or less exactly the same as those featured in Quantum Leap and the story centres around a hybrid sport that’s an amalgamation of baseball, football, lacrosse, rollerskating, motocross, Rollerball and the grid from Tron. My words and these stills won’t even come close to doing it justice, so up the volume and watch this thing at once. BOOM!

  21. Beg

    Many of London indie outfit Bombay Bicycle club’s previous videos have been beautifully, candidly shot by Mr. Dave Tree, so to see a change of direction for their latest Beg was always going to be interesting. The rough-round-the-edges feel remains, but the man behind the lens this time (Darcy Pendergast) has decided not to feature the band at all, but instead two dancers. The outcome is a beautiful combination of vivacity and friendship, which acts as a perfect visual accompaniment to the tune. Thanks Darcy!

  22. Drumlines

    Battle of the Drumlines is a great story, a niche piece of human interest that would otherwise stay close to its source and only inspire those fortunate enough to witness its players in action. Peter Crosby’s documentary, produced by Show Love, follows the entrants to the Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band’s annual Battle of the Drumline event, bringing to light the engaging, rhythm heavy scene that is largely played out in the US South.

  23. Dannybrown-list

    Stop what you’re doing and pop some headphones over your ears, we’ve got some big news. Turns out there’s a proven scientific formula for the perfect music video and it goes thus – one killer tune, one unbelievably cute lip-synching kid and seven different outfits. Mix these three things together and the rest takes care of itself. Don’t believe us? Have a look at Greg Brunkalla’s latest offering for Detroit rhyme-smith Danny Brown. Boom! You can’t argue with science.

  24. Beatles-list-copy

    Imagine, if you can, a time before pop music as we know it; a world devoid of preened boy bands, borrowed tunes and press hype for glorified karaoke. Nice isn’t it? In 1964 that alien world actually existed and the only thing teens had to scream about was four boys from Merseyside sporting seriously questionable haircuts. They were at the very start of a journey that would become the stuff of legend, laying the foundations for nearly all the music that we know and love today. And at their side, crouched behind them, out at the beach and in their hotel room was Harry Benson, a Daily Express photographer lumbered with the task of documenting the rise and rise of Beatlemania as it spread through Europe and on to the US.

  25. Norse

    If you happened to peruse my video music blogging history, you’ll understand I’m a sucker for videos with dancing men in them. So, when my eyes caught a glimpse of this absolute beauty from Kristoffer Borgli for Todd Terje’s excellent new track Inspector Norse I had to hold on to the slippery little fellows. Importantly, the video is merely a teaser of an extract from Kristoffer’s beautifully titled upcoming short film Whateverest which I’m not sure I can wait another minute for. Come on already Kristoffer!

  26. Km

    At my school there was a dark corridor that was fitted with a motion sensor which triggered a symphony of flickering lights as a welcoming ceremony to anyone who stepped on to its carpeted floors. I had forgotten about the joy of triggering this motion sensor until yesterday until this new video for Simian Mobile Disco’s track Your Love Ain’t Fair shot by Laurence Stephens and edited by Kate Moross and Hans Lo for ISO Studio. Watch like a happy moth as hundreds of clips of lights, ranging from streetlights, to Anglepoises, to faded 1970’s monstrosities switch on and off in time to the music, which probably not coincidentally has a sort of electronic current sound to it. The money shot? About 50 lights stuttering to attention in a small prayer room – beautiful.

  27. Creature-comfort-fred-rowson

    A curator at a natural history museum stumbles upon a lost and unidentifiable animal, and searches for somewhere to put him. Smooth direction from Fred Rowson and clever stop-motion animation from Susie Jones – check out the beautifully drawn primate illustrations, as well as the atmospheric lighting, for some decent creature comfort.

  28. Pp

    Think of all the really great music videos you’ve seen in the past few years, and I guarantee one of them will have been made by David Wilson. With that in mind, here’s his newest venture – a very impressive, and technologically sound video, documenting a few minutes in the life of a very bouncy ball. It kind of spoils it to reveal that this bit of camera trickery is created using a heli-cam, but who cares, flying through the sky as if you were a ball to the sounds of Passion Pit is really quite pleasant, regardless of how it’s happening. In a quote on The Creators Project, the lead singer of the band said: “From now on I want every music video to be like its own small short film" – hear, hear! Can’t wait to see what they do next.

  29. Andy-baker-society-all-that-we_ve-become

    Take a look at Andy Baker’s animated black and white music video for Society’s All That We’ve Become. The shadowy, pen-and-pencil aesthetic is very suited to the narrative’s connotations of teenage angst, while the hand-drawn qualities – in particular, the texture of the rotating record – present the “craft” elements of the production alongside its overall high finish. The use of lighting in the work – the electronic glow from the television, for example – is particularly beautiful.

  30. Mmmv

    So the heavens have well and truly decided to open herein London (you’ll know this if you live here as you’ll be soaking and miserable) but it could be worse, at least it’s not very cold. But hang on, according to this video for the Moones single Better Energy living in Arctic conditions can be really exciting. There’s salty seaodgs, expolding fish and penguins that give you massages. This looks amazing! Director Peter Sluszka has created a fun-filled few minutes mixing animation and zany footage for a bang tidy way to kick start Monday morning.

  31. Cwlist

    It was March 2008 when we first posted top typographer Craig Ward on these here shores and we’ve followed his skyrocketing career ever since. So when the man himself got in touch to let us know is first ever music video was about to drop we were as excited as a bag of frogs being smuggled out of France. But it was more than not being eaten (I fear I’ve killed this metaphor) it was the sheer ruddy wonder of seeing someone whose work we so admire taking on a completely new context.

  32. 1

    Maybe it’s the French vocals, maybe it’s the fact that it only took two people, some pens, paper and some animation skills to make this absolute gem of a music video. Vaguely similar to that harrowing bit in Dumbo when the elephants go on parade – although I think most of us have managed to permanently erase that from our memories – animator and illustrator Vladimir Mavouniakouka has teamed up with Laurent Box to create “the story of a marketing revelation: a pyramid-single-hole-multi-use.” Or, as I see it, a croque monsieur for your eyeballs. Whichever you prefer.

  33. Kwjz

    When it was announced that Romain Gavras was going to direct the video for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Church in the Wild, most people were expecting something quite epic, and the French director certainly didn’t disappoint with five minutes of terrific, melodramatic all-out action. It begins with the lighting of a Molotov cocktail before descending into all-out war between police and protesters, played out against a backdrop of classical sculptures. But as day turns to night the tide seems to turn and we are left with the impression that worlds can, and maybe will be changed. A message of hope to anyone who feels society needs a to change direction, or a furiously fun extended urban battle scene? Both probably…

  34. Feist

    We’re just hanging out, it’s late, I’ve picked up my guitar and then bang! I’ve got an audience who are completely entranced by what I’m playing; silent and still apart from two super-cool slo-mo dancers. So, with my buddy Keith Megna I made it into a video for my latest track and I hope you like it (that’s what I imagine Feist would say if she was writing this).

  35. Crackingeggs

    The latest music video for My Best Fiend, Cracking Eggs, brilliantly choreographs curious mini-performances with everyday materials in a totally non-cringe and experimental way. Behind the curiousness is one of our favourite photographers, Jeremy Liebman, who has more than an eye for the immediate and so it’s always interesting to see him working with such premeditated aesthetics. And he has been working closely with French creative duo JSBJ, Aurelien Arbet and Jeremie Egry, to realise this strange and super engaging few minutes in which actual smoke and mirrors are used to excellent effect. We caught up with Jeremy to hear a little more about play and fruitful collaboration.

  36. Smotion

    Well this is fairly major news, stop-motion may be over after Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papac (aka Le Petite Chomalade) released this mindbogglingly brilliant video for Odland’s single Østersøen. From a seafaring ship to the solar system, a run-away-train-rollercoaster-type-thing to a bed-bound chanteuse, the attention to detail is beyond belief, with the ocean liner’s pistons and the grain of wooden furniture all rendered to a ridiculous level of perfection. But as much as we can immerse ourselves in such terrific tiny touches, the overall effect is brilliant too and it hangs together with to create something more even than the sum of its marvellous parts. If you watch one thing today, make it this (you can also get some great making-of shots over on the guys’ site).

  37. Woodkid

    It’s not often a monochrome stallion of a music video comes along that manages to mash together qualities of the best late 1980s/early 1990s children’s films such as Labyrinth, Time Bandits and The Neverending Story to a terrifying soundtrack. Sit back and watch as Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine, a casual music video director, graphic designer, and musician – no big deal) works his magic on his very own track in the run up to his much-anticipated album launch. Powerful man!

  38. Screen-shot-2012-05-22-at-09_52

    Sometimes it pays to be wary of lots of big names coming together (here’s looking at you The Expendables) but when it works it can be a treat. And so Exhibit A – for their new single Night and Day Hot Chip turned once again to Peter Serafinowicz (who also oversaw 2010’s I Feel Better) who roped in the inimitably super-cool Reggie Watts and supermodel Lara Stone for a nicely over-the-top effort featuring spaceships, dancing hoodies and a yin-yang collision over a country house. Nicely done sir.

  39. Mmmv

    Relax already! I know it’s seven minutes long, I know you’ve got loads to be getting on with this week, but believe me you won’t regret finding some time before the madness begins to watch this. Directors Annie Gunn and Peter Simonite have produced a sublime piece of moving image for Explosions in the Sky that really rewards the patient viewer. Based on vintage imagery but shot in a fiercely modern way it’s one of those that has the ability to make you both laugh and cry.

  40. Kindness

    Clash Magazine called him “a well-dressed spaghetti strand” and The Fly referred to him as a “willfully mysterious cocktail-quaffer”, but you can be sure that after this remarkable video hits the general public, Adam Bainbridge (or Kindness when he’s feeling musical) will be forever regarded as “the man who had that sweet video with the amazing kid and the drum machine.” All hail the work of Adam himself and Dan Brereton who have constructed one of the finest and most original music videos of 2012.