Set Design

  1. Fka-twigs-veuve-clicquot-widow-series_gary-card Set Design FKA Twigs curates zodiac-inspired showcase of avant-garde set design
  2. Camille-walala-armani_list Set Design Camille Walala’s patterns pop to life in Armani campaign
  3. Another_kind_dale_kirk_red_bull_music_academy_tour_list_image Graphic Design Red Bull Music Academy Tour posters by Another Kind and furniture maker Dale Kirk
  4. Hattie-newman_canon-city_brazil-houses Set Design Hattie Newman sells intricate paper-cut building models from Canon City for War Child
  5. List Art Isolde is a “feminine force” in Anish Kapoor's sculptural perspective of Tristan and Isolde
  6. Jess_bonham_anna_lomax_int_list Photography Sophisticated smut: Jess Bonham and Anna Lomax create sensual still lifes about fetishes
  7. Moment_factory_list_image Set Design 15 years of doing it in public: Moment Factory’s “school of infinite amazement”
  8. Lsit Photography Faking It uncovers the glue, instant mash and unsavoury secrets of food photography
  9. Hm_elise_pink-love_full.6-lisyt Set Design Mesmerising and superbly formed set design from Elise
  10. Set Design Tech relationships vs love IRL and superb set design: we enter a strange new wonderland
  11. Carl-kleiner-int-list Set Design Insightful process shots of Carl Kleiner’s colourful “paperscapes” for Google
  12. Romain_lenancker_int_list Set Design Effortlessly sleek art direction from Paris-based Romain Lenancker  
  13. Int_set_0 Set Design Set Pieces: We speak to the designers turning catwalk shows into pure spectacle
  14. Rachelthomas-itsnicethat-main Set Design Rachel Thomas and Sandra Freij's imaginative shoot for Bare Journal
  15. Laboratoryperfumes_l_kf_tonka-lr-int-list Set Design Very clever campaign that invites you to see scent
  16. .jpg?1437408273 Set Design Photographer Elise creates sculptures so impressive they don't even look real
  17. List Set Design Isabel and Helen on their installation for glacéau vitaminwater
  18. List Set Design New website shows off Nicola Yeoman's talents in all their glory
  19. List Set Design It’s Nice That + Ace & Tate present #ThroughTheEyesOf – Sarah May
  20. List Set Design Thomas Petherick turns a giant wooden cheese into a game of abstract lightplay
  21. List Set Design Set Design: Tom Hancocks' wonderful project puts spheres in the spotlight
  22. List Advertising Advertising: Jess Bonham and Anna Lomax nail these GIFs for KENZO
  23. Len-list Set Design Set Design: Glossy and majestic, Romain Lenancker's art direction is unrivalled
  24. Main_10.51.51 Set Design Set Design: "I breathe life into the impossible," an interview with the fantastic Rhea Thierstein
  25. Main Jaguar #LiveFearless #LiveFearless: Set designer Anna Lomax opens up about her creative process
  26. Main Set Design Photography: Freunde von Freunden venture into the studio of set designer Rhea Thierstein
  27. List Set Design Set Design: Bruno Drummond and Gemma Tickle collaborate for Printed Pages
  28. List-2 Set Design Set Design: Gemma Tickle makes balloons like you've never ever seen them!
  29. List Set Design Art: Canadian artist Dominique Pétrin creates some seriously trippy interiors
  30. Main Set Design Set Design: Woop! No.4 in our oki-ni series, we present Zena May Hendrick
  31. List Set Design Set Design: Sarah Illenberger creates window displays of giant metal leaves
  32. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Sarah Parker's art class-inspired set design for oki-ni
  33. Main Photography Set Design: Andrew Stellitano and Sam Hofman's epic shoot for oki-ni
  34. Main2 Fashion Set Design: Studio Toogood's bloodcurdling shop design for Hermès
  35. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Portraits made from household objects from Blommers / Schumm
  36. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Bonsoir Paris create a pop-up store made of inflatables and marble for Bright Young Things
  37. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Miguel Bento's fun new set design for oki-ni
  38. List Set Design Set Design: Lydia Kasumi Shirreff is queen of paper sculpture
  39. List-2 Publication Set Design: "Are those?..." Muff Magazine have a quiet giggle about sexually charged advertising (NSFW)
  40. List Fashion Sculpture: See the fruits of sculptor Arnold Goron's long term collaboration with Isabel Marant
  41. List Set Design Set design: Villa Eugenie create giant fruit carpet for Kenzo S/S launch
  42. List Architecture Set Design: Ada create wonderful stage for architectural opera Europa
  43. Main Set Design Set Design: We present the fun-filled set design of power-duo Isabel&Helen
  44. Main Set Design Some collaborative eye-candy here from severafrahm x Zoeppritz for Aesthetics Habitat
  45. List Set Design Jack Hudson and Lord Whitney create amazing series of imagined LP covers
  46. Free-list Architecture Nike devotees get yourselves to Beijing, your retail dream awaits!
  47. List Set Design Set designer Anna Lomax lights our fire with her pitch-perfect portfolio
  48. Dw-list Set Design Master of set design David White creates a stunning shoot for Wallpaper
  49. List Set Design Gary Card creates brilliant mythological sets for Arjowiggins Creative Papers
  50. Main Set Design Sarah May works her magic on a bold prints feature for Details Magazine
  51. List Set Design Check out Jessica Dance's brilliant set of knitted animal heads
  52. List Set Design French studio Bonsoir Paris play with ideas of form in stylish Substance shoot
  53. List Set Design Set designer Carrie Louise has an enviable talent and a client list to match
  54. List Set Design Art director Lenancker Romain continues to impress with his new updates
  55. Main Set Design Dutch creative Wies Preijde's thread screens provide a magnificent alternative to walls
  56. List Set Design Incredibly atmospheric photographs of otherworldly models from Dan Tobin Smith and Rachel Thomas
  57. Beviacomlist Set Design BeViacom's Talking Shop is a vibrant triumph of immersive spatial design
  58. Rudak-list Set Design That cityscape you're looking at is made from cardboard. Cardboard!
  59. Cm Fashion Gary Card creates sweet installation for new Converse/Missoni collaboration
  60. List Set Design Catherine Losing and Kate Fotis put scrunchies round food – and it's ace
  61. Splist Set Design Introducing... The skillfull surprises of designer and maker Sarah Parker
  62. Oclist Product Design Designing London 2012: Thomas Heatherwick's genius lights up bonkers opening ceremony
  63. List2 Miscellaneous Superb work from Benedict Radcliffe as he builds gorgeous skate/performance bowl
  64. Mb Film Maisie Broadhead works her photographic magic in this glorious time-lapse video
  65. Gt Set Design Is that a Saveloy? The glossy set design of Gemma Tickle
  66. Gplist Set Design Grandpeople updates show Norwegian design studio still smashing it
  67. Silolist Set Design Striking images for New Zealand theatre Silo's summer season by Toaki Okano
  68. Psmain2 Advertising Stylish set design and art direction for a host of star names – we talk to Petra Storrs
  69. Kffront Advertising Hot dog - superb stuff via Karim Charlebois-Zariffa's new update
  70. Es-devlin-small Exhibition Es Devlin
  71. Lead Set Design Philip Karlberg/Mattias Nyhlin: 33 RPM
  72. Eatt Set Design Daniel Eatock: One + One
  73. Fffront Set Design Lightning + Kinglyface
  74. Wallpaper Set Design Noma Bar: Wallpaper* Global Design Covers
  75. Lead1 Set Design Metz + Racine: Case Da Abitare
  76. Mussell Set Design Gary Card/Metz + Racine: Juste une zeste
  77. Lead Set Design Romain Lenancker
  78. Siiiffff Set Design Sarah Illenberger: Architectural Digest
  79. Post Product Design Helmut Smits
  80. Jelly Set Design Le Creative Sweatshop: Jelly & Light