Studio Audience Podcast

Our weekly Studio Audience podcast is an audio insight into news and views surrounding the creative industries, hosted by Editorin-Chief Rob Alderson or Online Editor Liv Siddall

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    Alright so it turns out last week we weren’t all that honest with you. The editor-in-chief is still MIA somewhere in Scandinavia, or maybe Iceland. We couldn’t hear what he was saying through all of his thick winter clothes and ski mask. He’ll be back soon enough, but in the meantime you’ve got another assistant editor-hosted Studio Audience which, by all accounts, is the best one ever. Yup, by ALL accounts. Let’s have a listen shall we?

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    This week’s pod plays fast and loose with our traditional formula in that it has a new (temporary) host. Rob Alderson is no more and in his place is a more youthful, cultured, man of the people. The king is dead, long live the king! (Don’t worry, he might be back next week).

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    Sorry for the slight delay on bringing you this week’s podcast but we would modestly suggest it’s worth the wait. Here’s your Studio Audience bingo card for this episode: 1. Use of the word “lampoon.” 2. A strangely Blairite description of David Shrigley. 3. The second use of the word “lampoon.” 4. An allusion to an infamous bottle-based Bog Brother incident. 5. A bizarre drug-art metaphor. Enjoy!

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    So here we go again with the beats, if by beats you mean 23 minutes of art and design discussion in a podcast format. You did? Great! Set yourself up for the weekend and treat both brain cells and ear drums simultaneously. WARNING: Contains some hardcore graphic design chat. Please proceed with caution.

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    The weekend is nigh on upon us and there’s just the weekly Friday traditions to navigate before we can all go streaking in the quad (or whatever you’ve got planned). Chief among these hurdles is the new episode of Studio Audience, the It’s Nice That podcast, but if it is a hurdle it’s one built of wit and insight (!) rather than clattery metal and that. So let’s do this!

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    Hello world. Have you missed us? Course you ruddy have; you’ve had weeks where your fundamental arts and design chat needs have gone tragically uncatered for. But breathe a sigh of relief one and all because the It’s Nice That podcast is back, condensing various stories from the last week into a hands bus-journey filling 23 minutes. So sit up straight, download this week’s offering and rejoice at the glory of pod.

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    Stifle your sobs people of pod-land – it’s true that this week marks the end of our 20-strong series three of Studio Audience. But dry your eyes mates, we’ll be back in a few weeks with all sorts of art and design discussion and japes. In the meantime, you can recreate the Studio Audience experience in a nearby pub or cafe – simply gather one mate who’s a bit like a young Alan Partridge and loves torturous metaphors, one mate whose outlook on life just confuses you and one mate with a really flat head. Voila!

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    So. Here we all are then, the cusp of the weekend, the mind-expanding promise of two whole days of wonder and glory. But to make the most of it you should be properly prepared and what better way to begin the whole darn shebang than with some art and design chat courtesy of our podcast? No better way we tells you!

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    Our pod, who art in heaven, Studio Audience be thy name. Thy kingdom come, they chat be done, on art as it is on design. Forgive us these days the odd pun and splutter of laughter, as we forgive those who pun against us. For thine is the podcast, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

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    I tell you now that I never thought life could get more exciting than sitting around our little desks with microphones chewing the fat about the art and design world, but it totally just did! So sit back and enjoy this brief rundown of a truly lovely episode of Studio Audience where we chat about recent goings-on and do an ample amount of complaining that we weren’t invited to the Venice Biennale. Maybe next time. On we go!

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    Well a very good day to you all. As we wind down to the extended bank holiday weekend we thought we’d throw a podcast your way as you’ve got a three-day weekend in which to enjoy it (perhaps more than once) and think over the news we’ve bestowed upon you. In a radical twist of events your usual host (the silky-voiced Rob Alderson) had to be in New York for the week so we’ve changed things up a bit (not much) with exciting results!

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    Take that week, it’s Friday now which means we’ve basically got you in the bag. Sure you threw some real curve balls our way, like the incessant morning rain and some of the most depressing current affairs we’ve read about in ages, but we kept our heads held high and we reckon we made the best of you. To celebrate we’ve done a podcast (that’s an exaggeration, we do one every week) and it’s packed full of the finest light-hearted art and design chat you ever did bleedin’ hear. We’re on top of our game! (mostly)

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    Last week’s enforced move to escape the incessant drilling next to It’s Nice That HQ could and maybe should have broken a lesser podcast. But Studio Audience is made of sterner stuff and we bounced back with a vengeance to bring you yet another burst of quick-fire art and design chat. I particularly recommend the fruity Zach Braff Kickstarter discussion in Section Two. Enjoy!

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    This week there was almost a DISASTER when some inconsiderate drilling next to the studio almost stopped Studio Audience in its tracks. But we know how much art and design chat means to you so we beat on, boats against the current, and thanks to our pals at Chambers Judd managed to record almost as normal. Apologies for a couple of glitches but we hope you enjoy!

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    If days of the weeks were dogs, Monday would be a snarling, vicious rottweiler but Friday would be a seriously excited labrador puppy all bouncy, unbridled enthusiasm. And what’s that he’s got in its teeth? Why it’s the latest episode of Studio Audience, our very own podcast. So whether you’re heading out to soak up the sun, or shutting your blinds to keep springtime firmly out, this WILL improve your weekend. Enjoy!

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    It’s that time of the week again, you’re ready to wind down to your two day break but what are you going to do with your weekend? Well, it’s scientifically proven that you’ll need need at least 22 minutes of art and design related discussion to help you truly relax. If you’re unable to get the right dose there’s a dangerous risk of hair loss, hernias and raised blood pressure. So crank up the volume (not too loud now) and let us soothe your tired ears with our made-for-radio voices informing you about all this week’s most exciting creative news.

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    Friday you old chestnut, how the devil have you been? We’d have laid on a spread if we knew you were coming. Anyway since you’re here, come tarry a while and warm your feet by the fire and we will treat your ears to the new episode of Studio Audience – 23 minutes of art and design chatter sure to warm your cockles right through. SPLENDID!

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    It’s the snazziest time of the week again, Friday morning stands aloft, pregnant with all manner of possibilities. And what better way to kickstart the weekend than with our weekly podcast Studio Audience? No better way, and that’s science. Three guests, 23 minutes and 100% of the It’s Nice That directors, let’s do this thing world.

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    Question: How do you make Good Friday into Great Friday? Answer: By treating your ears, brain and funny bone to the new episode of the It’s Nice That podcast Studio Audience of course. In terms providing you, our lovely, loyal listeners with art and design chat from the very top drawer (ahem) then we were all like Bank Holiday? Schmank Holiday. So make the most of all this leisure time this weekend,download, ice back and dare to dream – it’s a four-person magazine special!

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    Your ears want to love you, they really do, but what with your loud pop music and your loud discotheques and your clumsy ear hygiene regime you are NOT making it easy for them. Never fear though, because we have just the thing to rebuild trust between you and your lug holes – it’s the new Studio Audience podcast! And, to treat you all, we welcome back the inimitable Liv Siddall who is on scintillating form, with a couple of rants and an early mention of a painting pony.

    Download this week’s episode via iTunes here or stream live off the web here.

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    If you’ve never treated yourself to our Studio Audience podcast then this is a fine week to start. Three guests, 25 minutes, and discussions about superpowers, supermarkets and superstar artists-cum-musicians. Served straight to your ears, you can’t afford to not have this in your life. Give it a go, for me yeah?

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    Knock, knock. Who’s There. Studio Audience, the It’s Nice That podcast. That makes no sense. You aren’t tangible. You don’t have hands. You couldn’t knock on a door. The best you could hope for would be for someone to play you under said door and hope the person inside hears. Even then they wouldn’t say who’s there. Idiot. Hands or not, enjoy this week’s offering…

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    Good people of planet earth, lend me your ears (not literally, that’d be hideous). The fourth episode of our Studio Audience podcast has hovered into view over the skyline like the spaceships in Independence Day but rather than threatening to kill us all, it’s just bringing some art and design chat for your delectation. Lovely stuff.

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    You know what time it is, we know what time it is. Actually, some of you probably don’t know what time it is so allow us to illuminate you; it’s podcast time, people! And that means 20 glorious minutes of the finest art and design chat available to your human ears, plus a lot of laughing about nothing and the occasional mad rant. What else out there can help you procrastinate and educate you at the same time?

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    Braaaap Braaaap Braaaaap! Yeah that’s right, not only is it Friday but we’ve got your arts and design audio needs sorted so help me pod. So why not put on a favourite jumper, pour yourself a lovely mug of tea or wine and wrap your ears around this week’s offering. You know it makes sense.

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    Word up pod fans, it’s been too long! Since the last time we heard from you we lost some friends, well, hell me and Snoop are dipping again…no, wait, that was Dr Dre not us. Since the last time Studio Audience checked in we’ve had Christmas, New year and the whole of January and maybe you thought we’d disappeared. Well like a popular soap opera character we are back from the abyss with Series Three. We’ve shaken things up a bit but still aim to deliver you 22 minutes of art and design news, views and nonsense every ruddy week. So kick back, pour yourself a gin n juice and enjoy…

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    This week to round off the year we decided to do things a little differently. So we have no fewer than four – yes count them FOUR – guests talking art, photograhpy, graphic design and illustration as we look back on 2012 and try to tease out a few things we learned. Chaotic? Kind of. But fun? You better believe it. Enjoy and we’ll see you in 2013.

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    Well blow me we are so almost at the end of the year but there’s no rest for the wicked and with that in mind Studio Audience is here again with top art and design chat for your aural pleasure. This week we’ve got architecture, open sourcing and interactive CVs and it all kind of gets a bit smutty. So kick back, tune in and enjoy 22 minutes of prime time nonsense. Let’s do this!

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    Fancy some art and design chat in a pod-tastic way to round off your week? Course you do and good job too because here comes Studio Audience with some illustration, art and graphic design plus a discussion about whether computer games are art, design or nothing of the sort. Oh and look out for a long-awaited return for Siddall’s Similes – it’s a cracker. Enjoy!

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    Oh hi there. How nice of you to stop by. Have you lost weight? Your hair looks great. Just one thing I suppose, your ears look kind of depressed. No, no it’s a thing. Yeah don’t take it the wrong way. Anyway I’ve got just the thing – the It’s Nice That podcast Studio Audience. So kick back and enjoy a dose of art and design chat and listen out for the Alex dismissing maths in its entirety. Enjoy!

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    Everyone loves disco balls, right? It’s the way they make even the least prepossessing room suddenly, infinitely glitzy and sparkly and disco-y isn’t it? Well imagine the It’s Nice That podcast Studio Audience doing exactly the same thing, only it’s glitzy, sparkly, disco-y reach is aural rather than visual. Well then what the heck are we waiting for – let’s crack on with this week’s fun and frolics featuring the ITV rebrand, Ansel Adams, graphic novels. Oh and one of us SINGS! But you’ll have to listen to find out who. And why. Actually I still don’t really know why. Enjoy!

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    Remember how that strange girl did that ridiculous song Friday threatening to ruin the best day of the week for EVERYONE? We do too, but in the ongoing effort to repair the aural damage done by her bizarre screeching, the It’s Nice That podcast Studio Audience is here again to soothe your lugholes. This week we’re talking photography, sexy animation and Kevin Bacon, plus Vimeo’s new pay-per-view experiment and the battle of the Christmas ads. Listen out also for a torturous Wizard of Oz reference and the lad klaxon. Enjoy!

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    Well, well, well, Monday’s morning’s rolled round again like a cheeky, weekly rolling thing and if your ears have been uncharacteristically twitchy today it can only mean one thing – the It’s Nice That podcast is BACK. Ok it’s usually Friday but there was an iTunes thing going down, but never fear it is here! This week we took on the visual collateral of the US elections, whether the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize judges got it right as well as some of our top treats from the site this past seven days. Sweet, huh? Also look out for some bullying of the host and a slightly disturbing cat anecdote. Enjoy!

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    In case Fridays just weren’t exciting enough, the It’s Nice That podcast comes along all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to add an aural dimension to the end-of-the-week jubilation. So if you’re off out to a discotheque or planning a bracing walk with a dog or significant other then get this on your portable music device and enjoy some top-notch (ahem) art and design chat. Look out for Liv Siddal’s similes going to a whole new level and me asking the longest question IN THE WORLD with more clauses than a Santa flashmob. Enjoy!

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    Oof Friday you fiery, flirty crossroads of the week, will we ever get truly used to you? Probably not, but we’re here to help with the new episode of our Studio Audience podcast so why not tune in to hear us talk about all things art and design, and look out in particular for the world’s clunkiest James Bond pun and Liv’s feeble attempt to pose as a football fan. Enjoy!

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    Ok so for various reasons too dull to explain here (or a velociraptor attack if you’d prefer us to make something up) we had to postpone this week’s podcast for 24 hours. But to make up for that delay we tried extra hard and hope we’ve produced 23 minutes of art and design chat to knock your socks off (toenails if you’re reading this sockless like some sort of maverick).

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    Oh hi again! It’s Nice That’s Studio Audience podcast is back for another irreverent look at the week’s cultural and artistic news. In this week’s instalment we’ve got a rookie cast in the form of It’s Nice That founder Will Hudson in the presenter’s chair, joined by director Alex Bec and editorial assistant James Cartwright. If you’re concerned that a gang of novices might not deliver 23 minutes of witty debate, don’t be – the guys smash it.

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    It’s Nice That’s Studio Audience podcast is back and we’ve changed up a few things to produce what we hope is a new and improved audio offering. Editor Rob Alderson is joined by founder/director Will Hudson and Liv Siddall of the editorial team for 23 minutes of cultural conversation which sounds kind of serious but in all honesty it really isn’t.

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    You know how much we love to please your eyes but just recently we’ve been giving some love to your ears as well (this sounds weird. I’ll stop now).

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    Inspired by the goings-on down on the south coast of France as adland’s finest descended on Cannes for the Lions, we decided it was time for the It’s Nice That podcast to take a look at all things advertising.