Every week we review the best of what drops through our letterbox and the colossally kind folk who sent them. Join the fun via Things, It’s Nice That, 21 Downham Road, London, N1 5AA.

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    The area around my desk has all but been taken over by all the great stuff everyone sends us. It’s been really tough picking out the best bits and pieces but the situation was fast becoming something of a health and safety hazard and imminent danger has a way of making everything much clearer. This month there’s everything from a card game to a photography magazine to a loo roll of design criticism (what?). Here’s Things!

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    The last time I wrote a Things round-up was back in December 2011 so please forgive me if I’m out of practice. Of course I’ve been furiously tearing into the post on a daily basis since my last instalment, but I’ve not been able to wax lyrical about it as regularly as I’d like. I’m going to relish this opportunity. So without further ado here’s my top ten tasty treats from the plentiful pile of post this month. Somebody stop me!

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    It’s been a very, very long time since I wrote a Things post, and what fun it is to delve into the box once again and pick out the best bits and bobs from the last month. This list is very publication-heavy and I apologise for that, but that’s kind of the majority of what we get sent anyway, so until people start sending us crates of cheese and wine or frisbees (anyone?) that’s just the way it is. So, without further ado here are the best gems the postman has delivered to the It’s Nice That studio this month. Enjoy!

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    So many great books, prints and cards have been flying through the letterbox that we got kind of distracted reading and forgot to post any of it last week, so here’s a slightly belated round-up of quality publishing in various shapes and sizes. Keep ’em comin’!

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    We love stuff! We love stuff so much that we actively encourage you to send it to us, and when you do, we tear the packaging from it and send it whirling to the floor while dancing around clutching your stuff with joy. (Not a euphemism.) Contrary to popular belief, January is a pretty good month for creative endeavours, or so our bulging supply of cool new stuff would lead us to believe. Here are ten of the best ones from January!

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    December might be a time of festive joy and giving, but it’s also the month of unsigned Christmas cards, weird crackers and press releases disguised as Christmas gifts, so naturally we decided to eschew all of the above and bring you all the other brilliant stuff we got sent this month, with little or no relation to the 25th. It’s not that we’re Scrooges, we just really love handmade zines, independently published books, funny printed plates and build-your-own virtual reality players, so we’re channeling our festive spirit through that instead. Okay? Great! Enjoy.

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    Things is back! After some good, hard reflection about how best to showcase the incredible selection of stuff that we receive in the It’s Nice That studio, we’ve decided to transform Things into a carefully curated monthly selection of the ten best art and design nuggets from the month. On that note then, here’s November!

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    Mon dieu! ‘Tis Friday once again and time to collect up all the treats scattered about the studio to show off to you good folks. It’s like the conveyor belt in The Generation Game, except there’s not actually that much to remember and you don’t get to win anything and there are no toasters, hairdryers or shiny saloon cars. Instead, of infinitely more interest, we have a zine, a collection of 100 word stories, a compendium of Andy Rementer’s work, a new Eyeball Comix comic and some delightfully designed city maps. Catch all that? Good, because I’ll be testing you later…

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    And so it’s Friday once again. The merry-go-round of the weekdays continues and we’re all now riding upon the glittery saddle of the Things pony! We’re taking in the sights and on display is a lovely children’s book, a collection of sartorial memoirs and a bonkers blog-turned-book making a mockery of the 1970s. Keep your eyes big and beedy to spy a book about, well, books and some fine prints too.

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    Quite frankly, I’ve gone mad for mags this week. Once you delve into the world of independent magazines, you realise there are more on offer than your commute could ever possibly be long enough give you time to read them all. Those cherry-picked by yours truly this week explore documentary photography and the photo-essay, (Huck and Aint-Bad ), cruel corporations (Adbusters ) and independent magazines themselves (Gym Class). For a dash of variation and because it was simply too lovely to leave out, a box of charming notebooks printed by French studio L’imprimerie du Marais for your visual delectation.

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    Pardon the puns, but when you have a project as eggcentric as 12 dozen egg cups amongst your Things, it’s simply irresistible. If literally hundreds of photos of eggs doesn’t crack you up, perhaps you’ll go all runny inside for a eggcellent poster from Rose Blake and an eggstraordinary comic from the marvellous NoBrow Press and writer and illustrator Roman Muradov. Failing that, you’ll surely get eggcited by Phaidon’s new series of introductions to the life and work of modern masters or by some prints celebrating the eggceptional pioneers of the poster. Right then, onwards, because I’m fresh out of yolks.

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    Our poor postman is going to need a nice cuppa and a good long sit down this weekend after lugging so many parcels full of creative delights to our studio the past few days. Making the cut we have a collection of Jonny Hannah’s artwork, a tote bag bursting with awesome illustrated t-shirts and a calendar full of pictures of meat. Yep, you heard me. Accompanying this troop of treats is a children’s book about a ghost having a great time by Antonio Ladrillo and some snazzy soap. Bet you’re all in a lather now, so let’s commence.

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    The Twittersphere went cuckoo for the Emmys this week, but those stingy folks over the pond only hand out awards once a year; here at It’s Nice That we give a big thumbs up to five lucky Things every single ruddy week! Sitting around the table of Things in their tuxedos and posh frocks today we have a book collecting together the splendidly surreal works of Jim’ll Paint It, a poster from master print-maker Anthony Burrill and a new zine exploring the passions and peculiarities of crafty creatives. There’s also a pack of Artists Top Trumps and a book full of photos of a toy town Tokyo. Pop the champagne: let Things commence!

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    Where else in the whole wide web would you find a tubby hippo in the company of a superhero and a life-size illustration of an intestine? We here at It’s Nice That do our very best to bring you creative wotsits in all shapes and sizes, so for this week’s Things we invite you to venture into the big bad city with a large mammal in need of a dentist, fly into the blue yonder with a Buzz Lightyear lookalike and flick through Pete Gamlen’s latest zine. If that doesn’t sound entertaining enough, then have a browse of Marijke Timmerman’s brilliant book which illustrates our frankly rather odd relationship with food, and peruse the pages of The Velvet Cell’s photobooks.

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    Well, well, well, what have we got here? Only a whole bunch of really rather scrumptious things. Miss May Van Millingen has done some gorgeous illustrations of little beasties and nobbly pumpkins, while our friend Tom Sewell personally delivered a psychedelic print which is brightening up the studio. Somewhat more stormy is Alex Booker’s print of a ship stuck out at sea, which looks like an adventure worthy of Ernest Shackleton. As for books, we’ve got our mitts on a copy of Grayson Perry’s latest, which is a guide to getting your noodle around what the heck modern art is all about, and a fun children’s book which is an adventure in colour. That’s what I call a cracking collection.

  16. Tilist

    Oh what a lovely bunch of things we had delivered by Her Majesty’s Postal Service this week! In fact, first up we have a journal wrapped in golden loo roll – worthy of use by Liz herself – and full of kingly content. Besides this is a magazine that would make excellent toilet reading and a collection of hilarious, satirical posters from an Italian artist and designer. Continuing this global theme are two pairs of African-print boxers which promise to add a bit of zest to any men’s underwear department, and a zine from Mike Perry himself.

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    Put on your shoes, pick up your knapsack and follow me; we’re going on an adventure. First we’re headed to the mountains of Wyoming, where the devious US cavalry are scheming, planning an attack on the Cheyenne Indians. Next we’re travelling back in time to London in the 1950s, to see what some enterprising art students were writing about, before flying east to watch a bull fight in Lisbon and meet a photographer in Tehran. If you’re well behaved, I’ll even let you wear a fun new t-shirt with a pink rabbit hanging on in a jacuzzi on it.

  18. Thingslist

    This week Things has gone 3D. Well, sort of. In our treasure trove of postal gold we found those little red and green glasses which can only mean fun is on the way, making a FANTASTIC student’s portfolio a treat for the eyes. One new magazine puts the class back into cat and a photographer takes us on a trip back in time to a pebbly shore where seagulls swoop in the sky.

  19. List

    Another week, another tidalwave of amazing stuff that comes flying through our letterbox faster than we can spring up from our chairs to catch it. And another slight exaggeration to describe how popular we think we are. Regardless, here’s some more cool stuff we’ve been sent this week, including books, totes, zines and books!

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    It’s my last week here at It’s Nice That! So I decided to curate a list of some of my favourite Things that I’ve spotted or noticed during my time here. And after this week, Things will never be the same again…

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    In this week’s edition of your favourite It’s Nice That regular, we have things that will take you on a journey. We have things that will take you on a journey into a land of nightmares, and things that will take you all the way to the highest peaks of the Northumbrian mountains. We have things that have come all the way from Los Angeles and Vancouver, things from France, and some other things from just a stones throw away down the road in London. This week’s things are from around the world, and some of the things are from other worlds entirely.

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    “How’re things going this week?” You ask. Very well, thank you, especially since this week we’ve been sent yet another wonderful collection of Things. Included in the bundle is a plastic-bound zine dedicated to contemporary female artists and issues, ten bright and bold birthday prints, and a publication of photographs documenting the transformation process of the new Design Museum in Kensington. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got some heartbreaking photographs, and an extremely wacky and surreal collection of illustrative stories. They say all good things must come to an end, but judging by all the great things that we keep receiving, it looks like we’ll be writing this post for years to come.

  23. List

    Five things that are true of all of our Things this week:
    1. They’re tactile: Included in the bunch are pompoms and unbound pages and striking architectural shapes.
    2. They advise: Whether you’re a 17-year-old about to leave for University, or an artist clinging onto your part-time job, these things will advise you on exactly what you should be doing next.
    3. They’re subtly designed: Lots of lovely, simple lay-outs in grays and blacks and pinks and cream colours.
    4. They arrived in envelopes: There is still something that gladdens the heart about opening an envelope to find such surprising and innovative Things inside.
    5. They’re things. You always need things. So enjoy!

  24. _mg_1267

    Warning: This may be the worst football piece you read this week. Or ever. My friends are going to be in stitches when they learn that I’m curating something football-related. In my defence, I was the first girl on my primary school football team until I dropped out after a couple weeks because they wouldn’t let me play wearing yellow tights. My mum’s German, and they often win the World Cup, and my dad’s a massive Manchester City fan, which he never stops talking about, so maybe I do have a tiny bit of authority on the subject.

  25. List

    In the great words of Ovid “all things change, nothing is extinguished,” and in this week’s things extraordinary transformations happen right before your very eyes. Within the metamorphic cluster, you’ll see the Trellick Tower transformed into a cautionary tale; paper transformed into a leisurely, labyrinthine garden; geometric shapes transformed into gleeful personifications; and aeroplanes transformed into wasps and arrows and even surrealist sleep. One thing’s for sure, after flicking through these kaleidoscopic enigmas, things will never be the same again.

  26. Allthethingslist

    We’ve got a a lot of good things going this week. To combat the cloudy skies and descending chilly winds, we’ve been sent an assortment of wonderful zines and posters, all of which seem to be made out of the colour of sunshine. This multi-coloured assortment of pinks and blues and subtle purples has been shining and sparkling in the corner of our office, reminding us that the sun will be back again soon. So get ready for all your favourite summer-time activities, from skateboarding in the park to cooling off on a water-slide, by feasting your eyes on this week’s luminous bundle.

  27. Thingslist

    They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever, an expression which is definitely applicable to all of the lovely things that we’ve been sent in the post this week. This monochromatic bundle will take you on a variety of adventures: from the forgotten worlds of Nintendo, to architectural oddities in Tempico, to colourful, bull-themed nooks and crevices in Barcelona. And if you like striking typographical experiments, intriguing interviews with the very best, and images that have great stories to tell, then these are definitely the things for you!

  28. Thingslist

    Does anyone remember Thing One and Thing Two, the mischievous companions of the Cat in the Hat? Well, this weekend we have Five Things to keep you company and to trump Dr. Seuss’ two, and unlike the identical dynamic duo, our Things come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

  29. Thing1

    This week we have things that will make you smile, things that will make you think, things that will make you hungry, things that will massively improve your wardrobe, things that will inspire you to design your own typeface, things that will brighten your day, things that will make you feel warm inside, and things that might even inspire you to start making and sending us your own wonderful things.

  30. List

    The rain is quite literally lashing down like something out of the Bible as I write this so it only seems appropriate that we counteract the miserable weather with bright, insightful and inspiring creative efforts from a few of the industry’s bests. The Protein Journal, as fronted by Es Devlin, is keeping good company with issue #2 of One of my Kind, a female-focused zine devoted to the wonders of printing, with a selection of delightful postcards, monographs of three incredibly well-known artists and one Australian photographer’s glossy new book in the mix. To be read with the curtains closed, with the intention of keeping them that way until July is here. Good luck with that.

  31. List

    This week’s Things is brought to you from our glorious brand new studio! Not only does this mean that we now have far more places to put them, but we also have a new address, which is It’s Nice That, 21 Downham Road, London N1 5AA, so please be sure not to send any of your nice stuff to our old one!

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    It’s Easter weekend! That magical, once in a year religious occasion which grants you not one but two Bank Holidays, and an anything-goes pass to bask in all the sugary confectionary your body will allow you to consume! It’s a happy time of year, and we’re celebrating with a collection of stuff that we’ve been sent that we think is awesome and that we think you’ll like too. This week’s Things include a catalogue of Studio 75B’s lesser known projects, a story which does crazy things with type, a souvenir from a trip, an adventure beneath the sea and last but not least a book that turns into a lamp. A LAMP! I know. Enjoy!

  33. List

    This week we’ve gathered a very random collection of goodies. Not only have we got the newest issue of Library Paper to dive into, but also seeds to plant and socks to wear; proof that the world of design isn’t constrained by boundaries. (Except personal space boundaries, those are important.) There’s also an unusual pack of playing cards and a beautiful book. We’ve really hit the jackpot!

  34. List

    This week’s Things feature is, as ever, full to the brim with some of the super-cool stuff that’s been sent to us in the studio over the past week or two. Including a publication of drawings, a German design magazine, an exhibition catalogue from an upcoming typography exhibition and a beautiful children’s book about the world’s most impressive buildings. Oh yeah, and a giant pink fluffy stuffed blob-fish. We’ve heard it’s been called the world’s ugliest animal so we decided it was time for the humble psychrolutes marcidus to make its slippery way into a article all of its own.

  35. List

    While it would be an exaggeration to claim that we were buried under a barrage of books, magazines, posters, prints, and various other cool stuff this week, it wouldn’t be a huge one – it came up to about knee height. We succeeded in whittling it down to five Things though, including among them a sunny photographic project, an arts and queer culture magazine called Muff, a story illustrated with etchings, some T-shirts designed by Jiro Bevis and a super nice paper.

  36. List

    This week’s Things is a wild publication frenzy, between the new issues of Little White Lies, So Young, The Ride and a lovely one from design collective Dalziel & Pow. We’ve also got illustrator Lo Parkin’s gorge panorama of London Fashion Week to share with you, so if you fancy lying out in the park with the sun (yes, the sun!) on your face and some well tended-to paper clasped firmly in your sweaty hands this weekend, you simply have no excuse not to.

  37. List-2

    The sun is shining! Bus drivers are smiling! We’ve got a bunch of cool stuff to show you! Among this week’s offerings is a teaser for the illustrated children’s book about a sartorially-inclined giant, a dictionary of British slang for Americans, a peek at a conceptual artist’s sketchbook, a book of beautifully-drawn yet horrendous jokes and some kitchen bling from Rob Ryan. Y’all ready for this?

  38. List

    Our famed Things feature is back this week, and like the 35 year old man who has finally decided to move out of his mum’s house and into a bedsit all of his own, it’s shuffled uneasily out of the Weekender and now has a whole post to itself! On a Thursday, no less!

  39. List

    Finding it hard to care much about life these days? Let this round-up selection of life-affirmingly creative links and projects bring you back to your old, happy self. Okay, so “life-affirmingly creative” is maybe an exaggeration, but it’s Friday and everyone exaggerates on Friday! Like your mate Craig who said he had fifteen pints that time. He didn’t, Craig’s a liar. Sort your shit life out, Craig.

  40. Weekenderlist

    ….and lo, Friday afternoon arrives and we crest it together like a well-built schooner cutting through the waves on a rolling (but NOT stormy) ocean. Back slaps all round gang! And our gift to you is the new look Weekender with Things, the usual nonsense and six articles you really should have read this week.