Every week we review the best of what drops through our letterbox and the colossally kind folk who sent them. Join the fun via Things, It’s Nice That, 21 Downham Road, London, N1 5AA.

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    The weekend, eh? It’s pretty darn perfect what with its social engagements and its long lazy mornings and its flagrant disregard for the mores of the working world (wear shoes? Don’t think so mate). But here at It’s Nice That we wondered whether there was a way to improve the weekend even just a little bit,. And so we are thrilled to introduce to you to our new Weekender section. It takesThe Weekender’s rakish sense of web-based nonsense and merges it with our popular weekly look at the lovely lovely things we get sent to the studio each and every day. Then we add in some top content from the site over the past seven days, plus a few extras to boot.

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    A shout out to the people who send us in stuff everyday, whether its their own work, or championing the hard graft of others, we salute you, without you Things wouldn’t exist and that would suck. Big time. So on that note, here is this week’s lovely collection of our favourite things.

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    We know that Things conjures strange, yet wonderful, feelings inside you. Don’t suppress them, you know it’s best for you and to give you a better reason, this week is especially full of marvellous items. What are you waiting for?

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    We know it’s been tough going back to a five-day week, so to help you celebrate getting through it we’ve picked the most exciting things that made its way to us this week. So, with a brew (tea, not special) in hand, scroll down and prepare to be amazed…

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    I bet you’re thinking we get some weird stuff through the post, we do, but it’s our favourite kind of stuff. So in true It’s Nice That style, give a big welcome to our five fave postal picks of the week.

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    I will apologise in advance that Things this weekend is not Easter themed, but it does include graffiti, lovely publications and a chance to satisfy your stationery needs. So that’s ok, right? RIGHT GUYS?

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    The last five days have brought us a lovely collection of things, with hints of rock and roll, cardboard boxes and punctuation. It’s going to be a tasty one.

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    This week Things finds it’s form shooting other things from the treetops of it’s Beano-reading youth, loves illustrated haikus about disappointing sex, finds fun in a girls’ mag and likes three lovely, very different, well-printed posters. Go on, have a gander.

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    Out of the straw-stuffed Things box this week emerges the sweetest ceramic pet, two brother’s black and white graphic panel show, an epic feline adventure in wild lands, stop/go/do/don’t drawings and some recycled images. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

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    Good week for the It’s Nice That post mat – Things got stuck into the beautiful game, made a glorious music cover, nabbed a superhero couple with flying colours, admired what the Latvians are building and looked at pop stars staring into sunsets. Let’s see how this played out…

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    This week Things brings: a wonderful fanzine about professional wrestling, an impressive newspaper from students in Sweden, a zine full of great photographs to keep you young, a book full of great photographs to make you look again and a showcase of brilliant illustrators to look out for.

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    This week Things celebrates street press comics makers, procrastinates with some excellent illustration, enjoys a squat book of briefs, cops a load of British style and looks at wishful wheat-pasting around the streets of Edinburgh.

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    Here are some of the Things that dropped into It’s Nice That’s hands this week. From the deepest, bluest oceans to activists in Australia, from Kingston fabric to Portland paper to Dutch illustration, Things went to great lengths to deliver these goods. Go on, have a look.

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    Through the letter box this week we received Southampton’s industrial infrastructure, a comprehensive guide to contemporary typography, evolving brand identities, a young invalid’s visitors and a white porcelain conversation piece. Go on, get stuck into this week’s Things.

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    This week – like most weeks – a myriad of terrific things came through the door of It’s Nice That. Scroll below to discover well packaged queer cinema, mauled hands and apple cores, cosplay, clean planners and a very sweet orange and blue intro.

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    This week the Things sack gave us an intoxicating magazine about cider, seven beautiful zines, drawn dreams, global graphics and a book of washed out photographs. Enjoy!

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    This week Things falls down London’s coal holes, wanders through the woodland of Berlin and ends up on the beaches of Melbourne plus ironic word games and perforated pink philosophy.

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    Christmas comes but twice a year when the Things stocking has been left to fatten for a few weeks. What an inspiring haul this is! We’ve got school scribbles, golden MJ, failure with aplomb, type anatomy and an innovative letterpress-loving portfolio. It’ll be a thriller…

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    At It’s Nice That this Christmas it feels a little like all our denied childhood requests for early presents have been been answered, all at once, and a little late. But this really makes up for all the sympathy socks my nan has given me over the years (sorry nan!). The pile of presents has been building high over the past week and we are now ready to share our favourites with our favourites…Yeah, you! Merry Christmas!

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    Are you ready for a salacious Things peep show? I hope so, because this week they are dancing with that Saturday night sway, puckered up and ready for your visual grazing. So what’s waiting for you on the dance floor? SSAW is waiting in all its elegant splendor and Hound Magazine keeps giving you the eye dancing like the cool cat it is. Who and what else? Well, you’ll just have to motivate yourself, keep on reading and wait for the Prince of the Prom, Brecht Evens, to alleviate those pent-up feelings of city loneliness. Shall we? Let’s…

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    It’s been a particularly busy week this week as we raced headlong into the jaws of In Progress. And as the team wipe their collective brows flinging perspiration in the wake of the weekend, let’s all settle down and have a look at what brightened up the studio, alleviating tensions like a much-needed biscuit. So, what will we be offering your beady, yearning eyes this week? I hear you people, and let’s just say it’ll involve a roam through day jobs, a collection of trendy fashion, naked illustrated bodies, A VINYL TO DIE FOR and some killer stories accompanied by some rather dashing photography. Let’s get it on.

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    It only seems like two shakes of a lambs tail ago when Things was last here. Well, that lamb has been frantically shaking its time tail, suddenly thrusting us all into the weekend! If you’re currently completing a sofa hopping tour of London, you’ll probably have to start thinking about the Monday morning housing situation; if you wear a suit to work, you should probably think about ironing all those crisp white collars soon. In the meantime, stuff all of that and read this, go have a drink or three and dance like it’s the saviour of sanity. So, let’s get to it. Strap in ladies and gents, you know the drill.

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    The calendar is set and the show birds are in position. We even have an exhibition of what should aptly be described as grotesquely intriguing (Not quite the remit of Stephen Fry’s QI but we’ll go there all in the name of Things voyeurism). And just like the sandwich that doesn’t need any more sauce, we’re going to slap a ladle load of spiced gravy on top, wrapping things up with lovely illustration and art. Strap yourselves in people, Things are about to get real!

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    “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” Yeah maybe Voltaire had a point, but I’m sure if he’d known about Things and the lovelies who send us them, he’d have added: “Let us send tonnes of post” to that list. So join us on our jolly trolley stacked high with the Things that blew our socks off.

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    I look in the Things box the way Professor Brian Cox looks at the stars — smiling like the cow that got the grass. And let’s be honest, when it comes to Things, you’re like a fiendish cat frothing at the mouth lusting after the mouse dangling before your nose. We sense your pent up exhiliration people, and never wanting to disappoint here’s your fix of Things that dropped like they were hot through our letterbox.

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    It’s that time of the week again ladies and gentlemen, all together now; Uh-hmm, “Things, glorious Things! Hot sausage and mustard. While we’re in the mood, cold jelly and custard! What’s next?” is the question. And what’s next is this weeks Things, sent to us from all across the world. So sit back and enjoy this tuneful round-up of the delicious objects that landed on our plates this week.

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    It’s been 10 weeks, 70 days, and 1,680 hours since me and Things first laid eyes upon each other. Champagne picnics in the park, Marvin Gaye by the open fire… It has been a whirlwind. But as they say, all good things must come to an end and as I leave Things behind as she continues to wow you all each and every week on the day we must part, she’s looking better than ever before! Earwax, animal posters magazine galore and Frieze family guides looking fancy, sit back and prepare to be wowed…

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    It’s that time of the week again – Things has come out to play, turning heads everywhere she goes oooh isn’t she dazzling?! With a photography zine, some catalogues with some binding to die for, some lovely drawings, a GIANT poster and some seriously tasty postcards, belt up, it’s going to be a good’un…

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    Things Things Things! What a haul this week. Feast yer eyes on a very nick-able Diwali poster, a drool-worthy Sunspel T-shirt, a journal, a debut magazine and a little DIY chair. Never say we don’t give you enough choice…

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    The beginning of October has treated us at It’s Nice That oh so very kindly with a gigantic spurge in the Things’flying through our letter box, so choosing the very very best has become like something out the judging corner at Crufts. Examined in every minute detail, scrutinised for their glossy coats and checked for good behaviour, these are the lucky few that made it through and aren’t they a lovely lot…

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    We English are famed for our chat about the weather, so rather than break with tradition, people of It’s Nice That.. oh my hasn’t it got cold!? And with not a glimmer of sunshine to be seen in these grey skies why not indulge in the bright rays of this week’s Things, with t-shirts, catalogues, magazines and sketch books it’s a cheery mix whatever the weather.

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    Roll up roll up, Things is here and this week, oh my isn’t it a mighty one!? With little yellow zines, fantastic magazines, paper posters, huge posters and one lovely paper, grab yourself a coffee, sit back and get ready to be wowed….

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    It’s Saturday, it’s the weekend and that can mean only one more thing – form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen because Things is here and this week it is looking as glorious as ever! With zines, magazines, graphic design and finger printing we really are treating you…

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    The sun is shining, the skies are blue, the weekend is here and guess what… so is this week’s beautiful array of things! Hurrah!! This week we’ve got a nice gathering of stuff oozing with so much beauty that you’ll be all giddy in the head just taking a look. With fashion taking centre stage in the form of both a magazine and a book showcasing the very best in street fashion plus two very different photography books AND a vinyl made from cardboard, we really are spoiling you.

  35. Things-list

    Remember that 90s song that long ago cheesily tried to remind us that the best things in life are free? Janet Jackson in all her glad-rags might have had a valid point (go her with her nice sentiments) BUT also on that list of life’s amazing things are this week’s lovely collection of It’s Nice That things. And aren’t they good – books books and more books… poetry, stories for children, stories for adults an exhibition book and and, um, a cleaning product. Fantastic.

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    Things again! Brilliant. Always room for more Things, that’s what we say. Well, then again, that’s exactly what that man who filled his house with newspapers said, until they put him away. Anyway! This week we’ve had many a gem come through the door of It’s Nice That HQ including a very smart cycling newspaper, a publication that puts all other ring-bound publications to shame, a tantalisingly text-free example of print, and something that looks like it fell out of an accountant’s briefcase (in a good way). Read on!

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    This one time at It’s Nice That, nothing came in the post so we had to make up Things using our own cruddy possessions and pass them off as artistic objects. Kidding! That never happened, you’d know if it did. Luckily enough great stuff comes through our door every day that we don’t need to resort to that, and this week is no exception. Cue a particularly cool atheistic clothing label, an enviable MA catalogue, some great comic strips, new music and French delights…

  38. Thingsmain

    Saturday morning means one thing in this here parish – it’s time to upend our postbag and present to you the most lovely items that we were lucky enough to receive this week. And my goodness it’s a cracker, with tarot cards, zines and bird bingo. Do not adjust your computer screen you read that right – Bird. Bingo. Let’s do this…

  39. Things-list-aug

    This week has brought us SPORTS – pub-goers have been positively glued to diving, gymnastics, and handball, and I’ve even spotted Olympians frantically searching for ginger-ale in Tesco (apparently it calms down upset/nerve-addled stomachs?). What’s more, as I write this it’s “Sports Day” here at It’s Nice That, and we have table-tennis bats at the ready to battle it out. Regardless of who wins, the week has also brought us a glorious amassing of Things; from tote bags and literary magazines to thought-provoking photography and absorbing pocket-sized city guides, it’s the perfect mix for an August holiday – which reminds me, happy August everyone; here you are!

  40. Things-list

    This week our studio was reveling in the intense heat of London’s week of summer – at last! – stocking up on Mars ice-cream bars by the dozen and sunning ourselves wherever possible. And yes, also giving out yards (Irish expression!) about transport disruptions that sunshine that the holiday smell of sunscreen made only mildly more bearable. We also had our Grads 2012 event, which was very exciting and filled with brilliant work and a fantastic mix of all sorts of talented people. In the meantime, we’ve received a massive variety of tremendous Things – five of which we showcase here in all their vibrant, fun-loving, map-addled glory. Enjoy!