1. Cd-gb-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Cristina De Middel’s madcap new site turns her portfolio into an absurd tabloid
  2. Cameron-s-world-2-geocities-its-nice-that-list- Web RIP GeoCities: what the internet looked liked before the internet was cool
  3. Facebook-list Illustration Facebook invites illustrators to create event themes for mobile users
  4. Codedoodl.es-itsnicethat-5 Web Codedoodl.es is the online platform pushing coding and digital art closer together
  5. Juice-vcr-antipattern-its-nice-that-.list Web New video platform aims to replicate original MTV’s sense of discovery
  6. Sennep-seeds-its-nice-that-list- Web Sennep opens up its digital experiments for everyone to tinker with
  7. Broadly-list Web Vice launches Broadly, a new female-focused channel
  8. Sighht-its-nice-that-gif-list Web Fashion + design + glitchy goddam weirdness = new fav Tumblr
  9. I-d-archive-itsnicethat-list Web i-D launches an online archive of every cover it has ever published
  10. Byop_int_list Web Pentagram's identity for Serpentine’s Build Your Own Pavilion project
  11. Tumblr-tv-1 Web Wave goodbye to your afternoon! Tumblr just launched its own GIF TV channel
  12. Nice-to-hack-you-itsnicethat-list Web Nice 2 Hack You is ready and waiting to expose the dirt in your browser history
  13. Thomas-traum-kenzo-itsnicethat-list Web Travel to the depths of the internet with Thomas Traum for KENZO
  14. Flickr-itsnicethat-list Web Online image-sharing site Flickr has had a huge revamp
  15. Ecal-bejining-connection-itsnicethat-list-3 Web ECAL Interaction Design students' innovative Beijing documentation
  16. Wipeout-itsnicethat-list Web Remember PlayStation's WipEout? You can now race round the tracks in browser
  17. Newswall-itsnicethat-list Web 4Creative launches 4NewsWall, a news platform aimed at 16-24 year-olds
  18. Catswing-itsnicethat-list Web Nice and Serious swings cats in protest at London housing prices
  19. Inside-abbey-road-itsnicethat-list Web Step inside the iconic Abbey Road Studios with this immersive site
  20. Random-studio-itsnicethat-list Web Random Studio jazzes up Fornasetti's homepage, to wonderful results
  21. Apple-emojis-itsnicethat-list Web Apple's iOS software update includes 300 new ethnically diverse emojis
  22. Helen-cathcart-bolder-int-list Web Worldly wisdom from the over-70s on new website Bolder
  23. Pacman-int-list Web Quick! Google Maps has been transformed into a playable Pac-Man!
  24. Wired-redesign-int-list Web We chat to Wired about its US site redesign
  25. Posters-of-berlin-int-list Web Neat Tumblr shows off the endless and diverse Posters of Berlin
  26. David-james-uma-thurman-int-list Fashion AnOther creative director David James launches digital retrospective
  27. Drake-whybray-int-1 Web Write whatever you like in the typeface from Drake's new cover artwork
  28. 1_500x325 Web Brilliant J Dilla Donuts tribute, the very trippy Dilla Dimension
  29. Penguin-int-list Web What a treat! Penguin’s fun new website to celebrate launch of 80 classics for 80p
  30. Wesleyverhoeve-oneofmany-int-8-jess-denver Web Wesley Verhoeve's portraits of lesser-known American creative cities
  31. Stinkdigital-warp-site-design-2 Web We chat to the agency behind the slick new Warp record label site design
  32. List Web Grilli Type create a mini site to show off their new typeface GT Haptik
  33. List-1 Web Craig & Karl illustrate a slick, playful new website to help people make coffee
  34. Main12 Web This tremendous site shows us where art actually happens
  35. List Web The Art in Film blog records artworks featured on the big screen
  36. List Web The brilliant Miranda July launches a messaging app with a charming twist
  37. List Web This interactive website simulates the experience of climbing Mount Everest
  38. List_2 Web Kenzo create a surreal interactive online gallery to showcase their new collection
  39. Main Web One website containing 40,000 samples of historic textile designs
  40. Main Web We chat to King Zog about their new website - which is the best website ever
  41. List Web Dave Tomkins pieces together the stories from his Grandpa’s photographs through this beautiful website
  42. Screen-shot-2014-06-25-at-11.45.40 Web Our favourite cartoonist Christoph Niemann has a brand new website!
  43. List Web Gather round folks and meet your new-look It's Nice That website
  44. List Web Cannes Lions-winning game Racer allows you to race your friends across multiple phone screens
  45. List-screen Web Glasgow School of Arts students launch an amazing Mac Photographic Archive
  46. Heroooo Web Web: The traditional Nishiyama silk company's strikingly modern site
  47. List Animation Web: We chat to the brains behind beautiful animated music procrastination site Patatap
  48. Main Web Web: The New York Times reveal a test run of a delicious new food website
  49. Northlist Web Web: Get swept away to the most northern place with this beautiful web documentary
  50. Main4 Web Illustration: Navigate joyfully around the lovely new Nous Vous website
  51. List Web Graphic Design: Kevin Wu lets you create data visualisations of famous TV shows
  52. List2 Web Graphic Design: Made Thought's stunning update GF Smith's Colorplan site
  53. Main Web Art: Waste some time wisely on Rafaël Rozendaal's new website Fill This Up
  54. Main1 Web Music Video: Punch yourself to stay awake in this strange game from Rajeev Basu
  55. Mainsj Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Have a look around the Space Jam website from 1996
  56. List Web Web design: Blistering interactive editorial from The New York Times
  57. List Web Web design: Great interactive site celebrates everyone's favourite plumber
  58. Digestingscience-list Web Web Design: Digesting Science shows that interactive design can be very intelligent
  59. Lso-list Web Web Design: Sennep teach us to love the orchestra with new website for LSO
  60. List Film Graphic Design: Present Plus knock architects firm's website out the park
  61. List Web Graphic Design: Wallpaper* follow up print redesign with smart new website
  62. List Web Web: Lovely blog On A Wednesday gives us a glmpse into New Yorkers' lives
  63. List Web Digital: Will Hudson reports back from Steer's week-long coding course
  64. List Web Photography: A blog of old-school actors on bikes? Yes please
  65. Arc-list Publication Web: Magnificent RCA student journal ARC updates its online presence
  66. List Web Art: Who Wore It Better blog joins the conceptual dialogue about originality
  67. Zawada-list Web Web: Jonathan Zawada lets you wage war on Google Street View
  68. List Miscellaneous Web: Ace blog celebrates the bizarre world of "all staff" emails
  69. List Web Web: New digital archive showcases 185 years of The Spectator magazine
  70. Sapper-list Product Design Product Design: Julia launch comprehensive Richard Sapper archive
  71. List Web Web: Map-based competitiveness courtesy of utterly addictive GeoGuessr
  72. List Web Web: Blog My Dad Was In A Band is a brilliant collection of visuals and memories
  73. Nyctype-list Web Web: User-generated shots of New York's typographic landscape at NYC Type
  74. Fletcher-list1 Web The new Alan Fletcher Archive reminds us of a phenomenal design talent
  75. Ikea-list Miscellaneous Ikea in Swedish shows how to pronounce the names of your favourite furnishings
  76. List Web This great real-time map shows Wikipedia articles being edited round the world
  77. Main Web The most coherent mood-board for a company we've ever seen...it's the AQQ Index
  78. List! Web Brighten The Corners' great new website for intriguing painter Clare Chapman
  79. Maad-list Web ECAL promotes its Masters' talent online through the beautiful MAAD
  80. List Web Clear your diary – you need to make some Hyperlapse films with Google Street View