1. Trendlist-list Graphic Design Instantly become a graphic designer with Trend List's Design Generator
  2. List Web On-demand zine printing for all thanks to the brilliant Anonymous Press
  3. List Web New Martin Parr website? Don't mind if we do photography fans
  4. Inbflat-list Art Darren Solomon's In B Flat 2.0 let's you make music from Youtube clips
  5. List Web New York studio Dark Igloo reimagine their online contact page as an 80s style game
  6. List Web Dutch designer Daan Louter creates impressive interactive CV for The Guardian
  7. Gifs-list Web How about some Christmas Gifs to get you into the festive spirit
  8. Listimage Web What the &#@$!? WTFLevel.com is a real-time Twitter profanity tracker.
  9. List Web Uh-oh! Prepare to lose some time exploring The Useless Web
  10. Govopinionlist Web Opinion: Does the government now 'get' digital?
  11. Windmaplistimage Web Living portrait of a storm – a live data visualisation of Storm Sandy
  12. List Web Welcome to the virtual gallery of The Temporary Stedelijk
  13. Hoverstates-list Web Hover States is a brand spanking new archive of the very best in web design
  14. List Web Pitchfork's Bat For Lashes piece is a real web publishing winner
  15. Monstersuni%e2%80%93list Web Boo! Pixar launch a hilarious promo site for new Monsters Inc. film
  16. Mslist Graphic Design First look at the new MySpace, and it won't be what you expect
  17. Inblist Web Super-charming animated GIF Tumblr teaches us not to sweat the small stuff
  18. Nolayoutlist Web If independent publications are your thing then No Layout will rock your socks off
  19. List Web Animated GIFS hacking device Tumbly provides hours of super silly fun
  20. Pentlist Graphic Design Pentagram's Emily Oberman redesigns the This American Life website
  21. List Graphic Design Time to get nostalgic with 1980s videogame graphics from Art of the Arcade
  22. List Web Brighten up your day with DangleBoris as creatives take on mayor's mishap
  23. Image-atlas-list Art A very great meeting of minds as Taryn Simon and Aaron Schwartz create Image Atlas
  24. Maadonna-list Art Emerging net artists Kim Asendorf and Emilio Gomariz unite on many meta-levels to be Maadonna
  25. Lego_lead Web Infinite building possibilities from Lego and Google collaboration
  26. Sound-dictionary-list Graphic Design Brilliantly conceived Sound-Word Index for all your emotive digital language needs
  27. These-americans-list Web If you haven't yet seen this American Suburb X project, you can thank us later
  28. Okfocus-list Web OKFocus, the forward thinking, viral web-designers say "Make Your Own Internet"
  29. Prinlist Graphic Design An interview with Ben Terrett about the Government's digital design principles
  30. List-webby Web See the sites nominated for design gongs at The Webbys 2012
  31. Tedfront Web Secretmonger Frank Warren's TED talk is 11 minutes well spent
  32. Itv-small Web Made by Many: ITV News Online
  33. Rv Web Richard Vijgen: The Deleted City
  34. Kk Web KesselsKramer.com
  35. Web Web Copy Paste Character
  36. Showstudio Web The SHOWStudio Tumblr
  37. Mapp Web Chris O'Shea: Makego
  38. Gif Web Cari Vander Yacht: Thank God It's Monday's Graphics Interchange Format
  39. Jbfront Web James Bridle: A Ship Adrift
  40. The-political-scene-small Web The New Yorker: The Political Scene
  41. Bb Web Milton Glaser: miltonglaser.com
  42. Tmep Web The Most Expensive Picture
  43. Walker Web Walker Art Center
  44. Liv Web Criterion
  45. Nyt Web The New York Times: The 6th Floor Blog
  46. Occupy-post Web F.A.T: Occupy the Internet
  47. Whale Web Whale Trail
  48. Stevie Web YooouuuTuuube
  49. Wolfram_2 Web Wolfram Wiedner
  50. Bjorkfront Web Scott Snibbe + Björk: Biophilia
  51. Howmanyreally Web How Many Really?
  52. Withfront Web With Associates
  53. Ustwo Web ustwo: New Tech, New Stories
  54. Domidev Art Anatoliy Demidov
  55. Rob Web ChambersJudd: Ready Steady Bang
  56. 01cortright Art Petra Cortright
  57. Notvodoo3 Web Not Voodoo
  58. Weeekender Web The Weekender
  59. Wednesday Web Toca Boca
  60. Tuesday Web Tapbots
  61. Letsmeetandwork Web Alasdair Monk: Let's Meet and Work
  62. Monday Web Johnny Two Shoes
  63. Ustwo_small Web ustwo™
  64. Manualfront Web The Manual
  65. Theend Web The End
  66. Dontfeartheinternet Web Don't Fear the Internet
  67. Mg_small Graphic Design The Graduates 2011: Michael Guppy
  68. Bruce_small Graphic Design The Graduates 2011: Bruce Usher
  69. Woodymj Web Awesome People Hanging Out Together
  70. 1in8million Web New York Times: One in 8 Million
  71. Oe Web New job: Online Editor
  72. Simonfri Art Ubu Web
  73. Twofer Web Two For The Road
  74. Amcf Web Access Main Computer File
  75. Airbnb Web Airbnb / Adam Lisagor
  76. Do_lectures Web The Do Lectures 2011
  77. From-the-desk-of Web From the desk of…
  78. Encyclopediapictura Art Encyclopedia Pictura
  79. Ustwo0 Web ustwo: Nursery Rhymes with Storytime
  80. Ereel Art Emma Reel