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  1. Onionredesign-itsnicethat-list

    Redesigns are hard. From agreeing on the initial brief right through to weathering the brickbats hurled at you if you change anything people don’t like, it can be a traumatic process. Because of that those undertaking a redesign often tread very carefully, and present their new look and feel in the softest, blandest and most conciliatory ways imaginable. Unless you’re The Onion. The Onion did nothing of the sort.

  2. Wethink-lead

    The excellent Miranda July’s art, writing and filmmaking has been enchanting people for quite some time. Her seven-year online project Learning to Love You More inspired thousands of visitors to the site to make assignments at home, such as “Make an encouraging banner” or “Take a picture of strangers holding hands.” Her most recent project, We Think Alone sees her forward loosely-themed emails written by 10 collaborators to, well, anyone they might have been talking to, straight to your inbox.

  3. Max-fenton-list

    Max Fenton is stalwart of and evangelist for all sorts of reading and writing experiences, both on and off screen (particularly A Book Apart and Reading.am). He is also the online editor of The Believer magazine – a literary vehicle for very long essays and book reviews, a length absolutely justified by the overwhelming goodness of the content.

  4. Ehlist

    There’s a scene in Friends when he Chandler tells Monica he wants to call their baby Hemingway as he’s his favourite author – when pushed of course he can’t name a single Hemingway title. It’s a clever joke because Hemingway has become a byword for a certain kind of cool, the hard-drinking, hard-fishing, Cuba-dwelling template to which many would-be writers aspire. Of course it wasn’t always like this though and aged just 20 he joined The Toronto Star as a reporter, going to become the paper’s European correspondent even though his editors deemed him “too big for his britches.”

  5. Tim-blare-list

    Like all good purveyors of fast (soul)food should, the Poetry Takeaway serves up made-to-order and digestible poems to the “hungry yet discerning literary consumer.” Among its rotating kitchen of poetry chefs is creator Tim Clare, a writer and stand-up poet who can be seen on his bio page comparing head-size to a ukulele which we must assume he also plays. Tim will be found touring in the next few months with his How To Be A Leader show – and so will the Poetry Takeaway! – but right now, we welcome him to our Bookshelf slot…

  6. Booook

    When Vauxhall sat down to decide how best to launch their new electric car, the Ampera it’s safe to assume the usual ideas were thrown around – billboard ads, TV spots maybe some social media work. Meh. But how they came to commission The Idler Academy to produce an excellent, beautifully-designed book of essays about electricity is far more interesting.

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