1. Weekender-list

    Outgoing, professional (ha!) weekly nonsense round-up WLTM readers for fun and frolics. Enjoys silly Tumblrs, picnics where all the food is one colour and bear-baiting. Looking for a vivacious, saucy partner with own teeth (negotiable) and segway (non-negotiable). Willing to travel (if you cover reasonable expenses for bus fares, Fishermen’s Friends and paper). No timewasters or vertigo sufferers (I have my reasons). Call me!

  2. Eikelist

    When thinking of graphic design studios it’s customary to imagine rows of neatly arranged, neatly dressed bespectacled types hunched over Macs – minimal techno turned down low on the stereo – sharing the occasional joke about kerning. All are immaculately dressed. How else could design happen? It’s a serious business after all.

  3. Ild-list

    Old favourites I Love Dust have just updated their website and as usual there’s a plethora of great new stuff to enjoy. Favourite among many fresh projects is their recent work for Livestrong (whatever your opinion of Lance these days that’s still a cracking piece of illustration) and some seriously striking prints of dead wrestlers. Given the profile of the studio’s clients we’re always amazed that they find time to produce so much self-initiated work, but we’re glad they do as it means more treats for our greedy eyes. Keep up the good work folks!

  4. Main

    There’s a special seated area in heaven reserved for the unsung heroes of internet hilarity. On one of those seats, on the right hand of the throne of Cassetteboy is Chris Lohr, who has brought us Youtube sensation remixes such as best cry ever – sad autotune mix, Gingers have soul autotune music and now, his pièce de résistance, Breaking Bad Remix seasons 1 & 2 which is surely one of the greatest examples of what happens when pop culture gets fed through the sweaty clutches of the internet and spat out as something much funnier and cooler.

  5. List

    Can you even REMEMBER your New Year’s Resolutions? No, me neither. Something about the gym maybe? Nope it’s gone. Anyway London-based designer James Huyton has produced this really lovely set of Resolutions illustrations, based on the letters of the alphabet. It’s the kind of idea that could be excruciating in the wrong hands but James’ illustrations are utterly charming and he’s eschewed the clunkily obvious to create a fine-looking Rorschach test in which we can see the ghosts of our own abandoned January promises. Lovely!

  6. Charliecampbelllist

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the people we write about each day are normal folks with normal lives. The talented creatives we’re all so enamoured with actually exist outside of their studios, walking the same streets, eating the same food and taking the same holidays that we do. So what the heck do they get up to when they’re not creating beautiful things for us all to gawp at?

  7. List

    There are certain barometers of fame – being known by your first name only, having an airport named after you and I think it’s fair to say being given a cameo in a comic. The Beatles were co-opted into graphic form hundreds of times and now Enzo Gentile has collected more than 200 of these appearances into his new book The Beatles in Comic Strips. What’s fascinating is to see how many different styles they’ve been reproduced in, from retro 1960s aesthetics to Futurama and how cultural cornerstones capture the imagination in such different ways.

  8. Wtlist

    Back in January we were pleased to see Taschen publish a combined set of Wolfgang Tillmans’ three previous books and wondered whether it marked the end of a certain stage in the Turner-prize winning photographer’s career.

  9. List-yuko

    When The New Statesman set about writing the article A to Z of Iran, it’s not at first glance something you’d think goes hand-in-hand with beautiful typography. But that is exactly where the talented illustrator and typography extraordinaire, Yuko Michishita came in, and didn’t she do it well.

  10. Jed-list

    Who said Pokemon, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong couldn’t be cool, cultured or in anyway artistic? Everyone that’s who! After all Nintendo is a trivial pastime reserved for your childhood memories right? Pushed to the back of your mind whilst you pretend to be a high-flyer in an adult world. And as for Pokemon – Poke-who? 

  11. Cblist

    For the first bit of this Carlton Draught beer advert from Clemenger BBDO’s Melbourne team it all felt a touch familiar. I suppose that a 1980s cop pastiche is not the most blindingly original idea but stick with it because I am struggling to recall one done this darn well. The soundtrack is ace, the set-pieces skewing familiar tropes of the genre genuinely laugh-out-loud and you get the point they are trying to make, so it ticks pretty much every box. Oh and the “Made from Beer” strapline is great too. Mine’s a pint…

  12. Jilliantamaki-list

    If you’re not familiar with Jillian Tamaki’s work then we suggest you stop what you’re doing and get acquainted pretty damn quick. The Alberta native has been making huge waves in the illustration industry for a good six or seven years now and we feel we’ve probably let you all down by not showing her work here previously.

  13. Main2

    Gone are the days of merely having impressive canapes at a contemporary art event – the game has, of late, been significantly upped. A few years ago we saw frieze plant rotating trees around their annual fair which was impressive to say the least, but it’s fair to say that the Venice Biennale have really cracked it this year by commissioning artists Julian Charrierre and Julius Von Bismarcke to bring their painted pigeons to the beautiful city.

  14. Dysonlist

    It’s amazing how often the best design solutions are based on the simplest ideas. There’s an awful lot of (justified) handwringing over the issue of overfishing and politicians and campaigners are wont to debate how to make the industry more sustainable until the cod comes home. But recent RCA graduate Dan Watson broke the problem down to its basics – how could you help fish that weren’t meant to be caught get out of the industrial nets?

  15. List

    When Jenny Sealey the director of the Paralympic Opening Ceremony was interviewed recently, she said: “This is our chance not to be hidden anymore. And a chance to be naughty." Last night in east London she lived up to her word, and then some.

  16. Lollipop-2list

    I’d love to be Carl Kleiner. He’s got such a great way of looking at the world but whereas I might have the odd semi-decent idea he has loads of them, plus the skill and wherewithal to make them happen. His new series Lollipops, released yesterday, is simplicity itself, using objects from his studio to create models of this sticky summer staple.

  17. List

    Answer me this – is there anything in the world cooler than snowboarding? Actually I’ll answer for you – no, NOTHING. Some philistines will say that surfing is superior but they’ve been grossly misinformed – once you’ve cut swathes through the white stuff there’s no turning back. Also you can’t drown on a mountain, which puts it one up on surfing at all times. David Benedek is a man who acutely understands the all-consuming passion engendered by this extreme sport, and to prove it he’s made a massive, similarly all-consuming book that explores in-depth the state of snowboard culture today.

  18. Favre-list

    Illustrator Malika Favre is a big deal and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Scrolling through her new work, which showcases her less-is-more approach and bold use of contrasting block colours, it’s no wonder that her talents have become so in-demand.

  19. List

    When something like the London Design Festival rolls around, some are tempted into publicity-grabbing projects that sit strangely with the usual role of that particular individual or organisation. What makes much more sense is to produce something far simpler that shows you at your best, and that’s exactly what Phaidon have done with their LDF-inspired Archive of Graphic Design. The 500 cards feature “timeless graphic designs that have set a bench-mark for excellence and innovation around the world” across books, magazines, newspapers, posters, symbols, logos, typefaces, information design, money, film graphics, identities, packaging graphics, advertisements and record and CD covers.

  20. Flying-houses-5

    Laurent Chehere is no ordinary photographer, nor is he content with photographing houses in their natural surroundings. Oh no, Laurent Chehere photographs houses and makes them fly! It sounds like a scene out of Pixar’s film Up just take away the balloons and swap animation for some seriously believable photo manipulation and ooooh isn’t the result impressive!?

  21. Samcoldylist

    Graphic artist Sam Coldy has a way with colour that we’re not sure we’ve come across before. Yes, yes, we know there’s a lot of brightly-coloured art out there at the moment, but has anyone else ever combined those colours to create a lenticular effect from flat artwork? We think not. But that’s exactly what Sam does, overlaying patterned vectors to create textures that shimmer on screen and in print. He’s even managed to use the effect within typefaces, creating fonts that leap from the page.

  22. Tashalewis-list

    The streets of Indianapolis have recently come alive with bright blue wildlife. Public spaces, sculptures and private properties have found themselves swarmed with beautiful butterflies that show no sign of moving on. Fret not though, these ornate creatures aren’t a bright-coloured plague of Biblical proportions but rather the guerrilla sculptures of Indianapolis native Tasha Lewis. The young artist and designer has been creating hundreds of the magnetic insects and installing them around the city, creating eco street art that’s easily assembled and does no damage to the surface it’s attached to.

  23. Kslist

    RCA graduate Klemens Schillinger is a dab hand with concrete and ceramics. His affinity for these solid grey materials has led to a practice of largely monochromatic pieces, but all have wonderful concepts based on chance and happenstance. His experimental research project Migrated Vases took its creative cues from strangers in rural China, who were stopped in the street and asked to draw their interpretation of an archetypal Chinese vase. Once back in the studio Klemens turned these images into actual thrown pots in an attempt to highlight the diversity of creativity “in an environment where creative practise is undervalued.”

  24. Lead

    We’re a bunch of nosy parkers the human race – we love snooping around where we’re not supposed to. Mostly we like to look at things that are different to what we’re used to – alien cultures, behind closed doors or just other people’s everyday lives. Which is why we absolutely love Petra Valdimarsdóttir’s wonderful shots of Chinese fish factories; they fulfil all of the above criteria (unless your day-to-day activities regularly involve vast piles of octopus legs).

  25. List

    My first introduction to the wonderful concept of the one-man band came from Dick van Dyke as he strutted his hapless stuff in Mary Poppins, but, like everything the old-set up was always likely to be modernised. But surely nobody would have predicted its latest incarnation as part of another excellent Wieden+ Kennedy Old Spice spot. With the help of former NFL player Terry Crews, they have (apparently) created a muscle-based musical ensemble. It’s a great watch (“Flame sax!”) but it’s when the promo ends when it gets seriously interesting, as the agency has worked with Vimeo to hand control of Terry’s muscles – and their musical counterparts – to us (brilliantly Terry even calls you out if you take too long getting involved). Sensational, silly and justifiably a viral hit. Exquisite.

  26. Vonlist

    Illustrator Hellovon is the go-to guy for “iconic.” He has just updated his site for the first time in more than a year and each project shows why,when you have a brief that calls for power and personality, you beat a path to his door. It’s great to see him bringing his flair for depicting sports stars to the official paralympics posters, and these dynamic portraits of extraordinary athletes are among the stand-out new pieces.

  27. Dc-list

    Dan Cretu’s parents obviously didn’t teach him not to play with his food and aren’t we glad. The man is a genius – mad yes, but a genius also.

  28. Main1

    Seeing as it’s nearly autumn and the sky is clouding over, I’ll just take the liberty of whisking you away into a dark chasm of snowy trees, brick walls and terrifying woodland via the impressively fast-paced animations of Jake Fried. In his latest animation entitled Sick Leave, Jake drags us naked and screaming through a world made of ink and white-out to enjoy the scenery that he has so painstakingly created. It’s not as torturous as it sounds, it’s actually extremely enjoyable, and one of the most stubborn and original styles we’ve seen in a long time.

  29. List

    We’re used to seeing memorable business cards used to demonstrate a creative’s talents, but motion designer Adam Glucksman’s project is one of the most impressive we’ve ever come across. Hs 720 unique laser-cut business cards are each a still from his short animation Vavohu, which explores the idea of cosmogenesis.

  30. List

    For such a well-respected and wonderfully talented illustrator there’s a surprising lack of information about Jan Van Der Veken out there on the internet. His online presence is decidedly minimal, amounting to just a Tumblr, a short biography on Drawn and Quarterly and a few lines of a Wikipedia entry that offers “Van Der Veken developed his own artistic style…” by way of explaining Jan’s creative output. Not a lot to go on really. He doesn’t even have a proper email address.

  31. List-

    While we are well aware that the very concept of Those Who Make – a collection of videos capturing artists at what they do best (designing and making) – is nothing new, we are also well aware of just how great this version is.

  32. List

    If you’ve ever stayed awake for two days straight jumping, punching and head-butting your way through turtles and venus fly traps, travelling through time to save a mysterious princess or eviscerating space pirates as an intergalactic bounty-hunter then you’ll definitely appreciate Art of the Arcade. The slow-growing online archive catalogues the vintage graphics and packaging of some classic gaming institutions, showing off the finest neon graphic design the 1980s had to offer. Currently the content is mostly limited to Atari and Nintendo, but we’re expecting to see a whole lot of SEGA, Capcom and Namco titles appearing pretty soon. A perfect bit of nostalgia to ease you back in to the working week.

  33. Main1

    It’s not every day you combine water balloons and lasers with balding men, but there you go, that’s the internet for ya. Tim Tadder has chosen to re-hair some bald men by dropping water balloons on their shiny, round heads and capturing it on what looks like a very good camera. Considering the rest of his photographic portfolio is made up of highly edited, ridiculously epic shoots for adverts and mega-brands like Adidas – this project where he basically created water hats for bald men for a few days is quite a change. It looks as if this weirder, more experimental Tim is here to stay (yay!) judging by his other project Fish Heads.

  34. List

    In these straitened times, it’s always good to see projects dedicated to supporting unseen work from new creative talents so it was fantastic to get word from Mainz about Robin Scholz and Philipp Lehr’s new venture Cake Publishing.

  35. Osma_list

    Osma Harvilahti is a man in high demand. The young Finnish photographer has made a name for himself shooting dreamy shots of beautiful women, ethereal landscapes and enviable interiors. His impressive 120mm images have led him to regular commissions from the magnificent Apartamento. Shooting on film has become something of a rarity in the digital age and all too often photographers rely on post-production to create the desired effect in their pictures. But Osma has crafted his own unique style by perfecting the use of a limited range of hardware and maintaining a purity of vision throughout all his work, personal and commercial.

  36. List

    Having rehabilitated the reputations of single men whose best friends are dogs (Wallace & Gromit) and pirates (Pirates), top animation studio Aardman have turned their talents to Britain’s most unfairly maligned city.

  37. West-way-list

    As far as I am concerned, there are two types of people in this world. City-dwellers who love all things concrete, urban and high-rise and country dwellers who don’t. I am the latter – I’d swap rolling fields for car parking lots and urban landscapes any day and quite frankly I struggle to find the beauty in office buildings. But against all odds photographer David Sopronyi has won me over with his latest urban photography project West Way and so I admit it – cities can be beautiful!

  38. Sauvagelist

    Fashion Designer Adrien Sauvage has an unconventional attitude towards the promotion of his suit collections. Instead of cladding chiseled young models in a whole outfit of his own creation he invites a select group of prominent creatives and tastemakers to model just one item from a current line. This Is Not A Suit, the ongoing title of the project, has led Sauvage to the US, Ghana and his native London to photograph the underdogs of celebrity culture (as well as fishermen, Vietnam veterans and ageing basketball players) and drape them all in beautifully tailored garments.

  39. Rolling-masterplan-list

    Things on wheels are great fun; roller coasters, those food-carrying miniature trains at Christmas oh and cities. Yep cities. The latter sounds like something out of a ridiculous, futuristic and somewhat over-optimistic film but architect Jägnefält Milton has made the seemingly impossible possible and designed an entire rolling city on wheels.

  40. Apglist

    In an industry like fashion photography which is practically bursting at the seams with creativity, how do you possibly begin to stand out? French photographer Jean-Paul Goude seems to have perfected it down to a tee and if his latest editorial photographs are anything to go by, he is showing no signs of slowing down.