1. Ghlist

    The problem with photorealistic painting is that sometimes it’s all superficial spectacle, and after being wowed by the skill the works can leave you feeling a bit empty. South African painter Gina Heyer knows this, and her Order and Division series is much more than mere trickery. The haunting photos of an empty school will be familiar to anyone who has ever been in an empty institutional building, snapping you back to the weird sounds and even weirder smells of these places once the people are removed.

  2. Ablist

    Now we know we’ve posted a couple of Adam Buxton’s BUG videos recently (here and here) but this is so bursting with colour and mad imagery that we couldn’t resist. Whereas previous offerings have fused interesting visuals with Buxton’s trademark irreverence, this new piece Livin In The Sunlight, Lovin In The Moonlight is first and foremost an aesthetic treat. With illustrator Jim Stoten and animators the Layzell Bros on board (all creatives we’ve admired for some time) it was always going to be a treat but this slick slice of surreal silliness is well worth surrendering to.

  3. Wonderroomlist

    Since discovering Wonder Room’s (aka Steve Hockett) portfolio I’ve been haunted by the image of a powerful caffeinated character who has giant coffee beans in place of eyes and a mouth. They call him The Roaster and he travels the country with beer and coffee from sunny El Salvador offering free tastings to all who’ll approach him. His real name is Steve Leighton, and he’s actually just a coffee expert.

  4. Main

    After countless brilliant music videos and a fantastic Guardian Guide cover last week, Studio Moross has now created a fully interactive billboard in collaboration with Red Bull to promote soon-to-be superstar Jessie Ware’s new album Devotion. The public were encouraged to come and colour in hundreds of dots that sprawled across a huge billboard at street-level, whilst listening to the album. Gradually, as more people became involved and the dots were slowly filled, the image of Ware’s beautiful head began to appear, making for one pretty spectacular piece of promotion! Well done Studio Moross, well done.

  5. List

    Anyone who’s ever loitered in an airport book shop will know that crime book design tends to be all of a certain ilk, brash and attention seeking (with extra marks if you have letters spelled out in dripping blood or a knife instead on an “I”). But when documentary filmmaker Errol Morris was ready to publish his 20-year-investigation into the Jeffrey Macdonald case – of a US Army doctor accused of murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters – he wanted something much more considered.

  6. Kelseylist

    Illustrator extraordinaire and all-round cool gal Kelsey Dake has just updated her website with some more lovely illustration from the past few weeks of hard freelance graft. Top of the pile are these three enormous pieces for McSweeney’s #41 – now you all know we love McSweeney’s, and you must at least have an inkling by now of how much we love Kelsey. So this post is a total no-brainer – killer illustration, sweet publication, match made in heaven.

  7. Main1

    Shall we all just give a quick standing ovation to those that still scan in beautiful things to the heavily breathing, over-loaded beast that is the internet? Thanks to Miss Moss we can enjoy these brilliant old “Art of Vogue” covers which she has carefully taken from a real book and shared with us to scroll through happily on the web. It’s no secret that Vogue covers used to be illustrations, but the chance to really look at them and marvel at the huge range of illustrators commissioned to design them – namely Helen Dryden, Georges Lepap, Harriett Maserol, George Plank and Eduardo Benito – is a huge treat.

  8. Mhlist

    We’re such huge fans of Mario Hugo (co-founder of top New York agency Hugo & Marie) that even a whisper of a new project is enough to have us on tenterhooks. So imagine what effect a whole new website has on us? Exactly, that, what you’re picturing. The recently-launched site introduces new work and reacquaints us with his portfolio and it’s a really nicely designed thing in its own right, with a homepage that is clear without being over-compartmentalised and a muted colour palette that anchors his work without threatening to overshadow it. Yes please.

  9. Intern

    When I left university I spent the summer mainly eating peanut butter and coming up with grandiose titles for my possible novel (Recompense was a particular favourite). But nowadays these kids have drive and ambition right off the bat and they’re ready to get up and get on asap, and so we’re delighted to welcome our shiny new intern Anya Lawrence, who’s joined us straight from Cardiff University’s excellent journalism school. Here’s her introducing herself in her own words, touching on coffees, cafes and the difficulties of negotiating south east Asian borders with would-be rudeboys…

  10. Metz-racinelist

    While rummaging around looking for top-notch magazines to feature last week we came across some beautiful editorial photography from creative duo Metz + Racine that made us stop and stare. Accompanying a piece on female desire in Viewpoint magazine were these cheeky shots of concealed sex toys and masked flora in film-noir and technicolour settings created in partnership with set designer David White. They’re clever, witty and communicate perfectly the crux of the article. Playfully brilliant photography from some highly-skilled practitioners.

  11. Rapha-list

    Cycle enthusiasts be warned, there’s a new place in town for you to splurge away your hard-earned salary in a matter of minutes, sedated by the enticing smell of fresh croissants, piping hot coffee and the comforting sound of road-race commentary. Rapha, the most premium of all cycle apparel manufacturers, has just opened a brand new permanent cycle club in London’s Soho and it’s a wonderful place to be.

  12. List

    One of the best things about Twitter (apart from celebrities having their punctuation corrected by hundreds of grammar sticklers simultaneously) is the way in which it gives certain content a second life. Weeks or months after something first does the rounds, back it comes to re-tickle our collective fancy and that’s exactly what’s happened with Cabin Porn.

  13. Main1

    Really great portfolio of still-life photography here from Heather Cleary, showcasing her enviable ability to create seemingly 2D collages out of 3D scenarios. Unlike some still-life photographers whose style is immediately recognisable, Heather has a curious knack of making each image almost entirely different to the last. Jumping from illusionary images of the corners of tables to a very impressive shot of the effect the shape of a woman’s chest has on the polka-dot pattern of her t-shirt – the notion of eye-trickery and perspective is palpable, and very effective.

  14. Mattwisniewskilist

    Channeling the beautiful surrealist abstractions of John Stezaker is 22 year-old New Yorker Matt Wisniewski. Like his legendary predecessor, Matt constructs mind-bending collages that fuse portraiture and landscape photography to beguiling effect; recreating the vastness of a mountain range within the confines of a human head and allowing the sea to flow like delicate tresses round the shoulders of his subject. Unlike Stezaker, Matt uses digital techniques in place of traditional cut and paste allowing a greater level of finesse, but no less visual punch.

  15. Gglist

    In the manic rush of a Monday morning (Have I got my lunch? Fed the cat? Put my trousers on?) it can be nice to take time out to immerse yourself in a little graphic goodness. It cleanses the soul we find, and this morning’s balm comes from Christopher Gray’s gorgeous posters whose clever composition, superb colour combinations and clever titles are all crying out for some contemplation. So ignore the phone for a few minutes and forget about any potential lunch/trousers crises while you gawp at these beauties.

  16. Mathislist

    Mathis Mathis Pfäffli is very, very good at what he does. And what he does is flipping great graphic design. Want proof? Right this minute he’s undertaking a residency in Chicago in which he’s paid and housed in return for creating personal work on a daily basis. Nobody gives you a house and a wage to make things unless you’re really great at it. That’s just a fact.

  17. Figurelist

    Word on the street is there’s a new magazine in town and it’s got better threads and kicks than all the rest of them, which is quite an achievement given the rate at which new publications emerge and disappear on newsstands across the world. One day they’re here, the next they’re not – subjected to the whims of an unstable economy and an increasing threat from free and online competition.

  18. Ccclist

    Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous sitcom was famously broadcast by the BBC in a spectacularly anti-social late night slot meaning many Brits don’t quite realise just how significant it was. His latest project has no such worries though as it’s a web-first series of shorts accessible to anyone at any time of day – and that’s great news. The premise is very straightforward – Jerry calls up one of his comedy pals and takes them out in a (usually classic) car to get coffee. But in reality Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is much more than that as these stellar figures – guests so far have included Ricky Gervais, Larry David and Alec Baldwin – riff not just on the nature of their creative craft (which is fascinating), but on all manner of stuff and nonsense (which is really funny.) There’ve only been four so far but at a little over ten minutes each, it’s a perfect way to to spend your lunch hour by my reckoning (factoring in sandwich-buying time as well).

  19. List

    If you haven’t been on Ben Kay’s famous blog on a Friday to pilfer what can only be described as the creme de la creme of internet share-ables, then I suggest you do so immediately. A copywriter, author and cultural commentator, Ben has managed to spice up our internet-riddled days with his articles and funny videos, and has now been kind enough to share his bookshelf. So read on, and find out just what exactly resides on the shelf of an ad-man who owns a stuffed tarantula…

  20. List

    This one time at It’s Nice That, nothing came in the post so we had to make up Things using our own cruddy possessions and pass them off as artistic objects. Kidding! That never happened, you’d know if it did. Luckily enough great stuff comes through our door every day that we don’t need to resort to that, and this week is no exception. Cue a particularly cool atheistic clothing label, an enviable MA catalogue, some great comic strips, new music and French delights…

  21. Weekenderlist

    Hang out the bunting and uncork the cava (I’m not made of money)– we’re celebrating! It’s one year since The Weekender first came into the world and it’s fair to say we’ve had 12 months of super-fun silliness. It’s been a joy and an honour filling your Friday afternoons with the finest stuff and nonsense we come across and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too. Three cheers for bizarre videos, ridiculous Tumblrs and crazy-good creative work! Let’s make some magic, birthday style…

  22. Footylist

    The football season is back tomorrow afternoon and for everyone rolling their eyes at its return and making unflattering comparisons with the Olympic heroes, plenty more are chomping at the bit to get started again. Whichever camp you fall into you’re sure to enjoy these gorgeous footy-themed posters by Zoran Lucić which fuse images of footballing greats with interesting typographic treatments and a spot-on colour palette. I kind of want them all – bring on the next nine months.

  23. Main

    We at It’s Nice That talk about artist Katie Paterson a lot. Be it at the lunch table chattering excitedly about how she once sent Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the actual moon or checking her website for new and exciting updates, we are big fans of her work. So now Katie’s got her hands on a real, massive meteorite we’ve been waiting with bated breath for some news on what magic she’s going to work with it. Now with this beautifully shot video, we can see the progress she’s making into melting it down, re-casting it and making plans to send it back into space. Katie, you are brilliant, and we love you.

  24. Biancawendtlist

    Bianca Wendt is a neighbour of ours (although we only found that out a couple of minutes ago) producing seriously top-notch design, especially in the field of editorial and publishing. With a team that numbers only four, the studio’s output is nothing short of prolific, with three magazines under their creative steer and an abundance of book, branding and self-initiated work to boot.

  25. Sglist

    When it comes to scale and ambition, few ad agencies pull things off with quite the same panache as Saatchi & Saatchi. Their new Guinness spot Paint the Town Black (directed by Daniel Wolfe) sees a whole town getting ready for a celebration by covering themselves and their homes in black paint. It links in with the Arthur’s Day celebration of the iconic drink’s founder and has some really nice atmospheric touches, plus a cool soundtrack. We like.

  26. Farmhouselist

    This colourful piece of branding comes courtesy of Leo Burnett Chicago’s innovation and new venture centre, Farmhouse. The advertising giant is seeking to expand its creative horizons and develop its imaginative potential with a self-proclaimed “do tank” where products and ideas can be discussed and developed without the restrictions of client deadlines and stringent budgets.

  27. Kasperflorio-list

    If there’s anything that Larissa Kasper and Rosario Florio don’t know about exquisite design and crisp typography then we want to find out what it is. The Swiss duo work together under the moniker of Kasper Florio and produce “quality-conscious and conceptual” design that’s incredibly striking without any reliance on brash colour or garish type. Their understated colour palettes and immaculate type absolutely speak for themselves.

  28. List

    We’ve seen before the amazing aesthetic effects you can achieve by taking great photos of rooms from above (and by you we mainly mean Menno Aden) but German artist Michael Rohde has taken a lowlier approach with stunning results. His from-below photos of different rooms are fascinating, compelling and meticulously-contsructed (created as they are by stitching together images of the undersides of the constiuent objects).

  29. Main2

    It didn’t come as a surprise that gloriously talented Aisha Franz is in cahoots with the likes of Till Thomas and his crew of extraordinarily talented illustrators from the continent. You can just imagine them all grinning and going on illustration jaunts together (camping, vintage tents, quilts) while thinking of new and exciting zines that we minions are just going to drop on our knees drooling for.

  30. List

    When Icon magazine invited Manual to take part in its excellent Rethink feature to redesign an everyday object or system, the San-Francsico studio went pleasingly big. Even non-Americans will be familiar with the country’s iconic road signs, but Manual’s team put emotional attachments to one side and went back to basics in order to improve a system they felt was “confusing, inconsistent and messy.”

  31. Lm3

    As job titles go, “body architect” is so impossibly cool it sounds made-up. But Australian-born, Amsterdam-based Lucy McRae has made the term her own having fused her classical ballet training with her unique design vision to create work that straddles sculpture, architecture, science, and fashion design, manipulating the body’s natural structure to invent novel anatomical forms.

  32. List

    It sounds like the dream combination – a big client and a very open brief – but more companies may follow suit based on this spot by Fred & Eric. The studio was asked by Channel 4 to come up with a creative way of plugging their new competition and they made a long-held ambition a reality – a live action, one-take coming together of handmade objects and perfectly-timed human interaction.

  33. Kimiselfridgelist

    There’s a universal truth that beautiful adolescents in vintage clothing make for excellent photographs. It’s a tried and tested recipe for success. So what makes Kimi Selfridge’s shots stand out from her peers and their equally gorgeous friends? Well for one thing her personal preference is for instant photography, in particular Fuji Instax, which means every one of her photographs is one of a kind. It’s a difficult job to make instant film yield consistently strong results but Kimi rises to the challenge admirably. She’s also got a natural eye for composition, framing her leggy subjects in their surroundings with genuine flair.

  34. List

    The work submitted to creative competitions can, it’s fair to say, be a bit hit-and-miss. But when you boast the reach and reputation of National Geographic it’s much less of a risky business, and the organisation’s annual photo contest received more than 12,000 entries from 6,615 different photographers. The 11 winners announced yesterday include some absolute belters, ranging from lonely landscapes to powerful portraits and there’s little doubt that they would stand out in any context.

  35. List

    For a country whose most dangerous animal is a big squirrel, the UK has long had a place in its heart for the lion. Part of our heraldic history, it has continued to capture our imaginations and one of the most impressive Cultural Olympiad commissions was surely Shauna Richardson’s massive crochet lions that toured the land. More static but equally as eye-catching is Ben Long’s new scaffold lion for the grounds of Bruce Castle in Tottenham, north east London.

  36. Main

    Prepare to be amazed/repulsed/intrigued/impressed by Koen Hauser. A Gerrit Rietveld graduate and apparently one of those artists that never likes to do the same project twice, Koen’s portfolio boasts a huge range of remarkable photographs focusing on uncommon concepts such as anatomy, ephemera, precious stones and catfish.

  37. Syrialist

    Earlier this year Lawrence Zeegen wrote a tremendous broadside for Creative Review calling on illustrators to rediscover their voice. “It’s all style over content, function following form,” he said. “Illustration has withdrawn from the big debates of our society to focus on the chit-chat and tittle-tattle of inner-sanctum nothingness.”

  38. List

    To take an ever-famous contemporary French graphic designer and pair them with the coolest shop in Paris is asking for trouble. Well, perhaps trouble’s the wrong word, because the result of this collaboration is some seriously drool-worthy postcards courtesy of Leslie David for Colette. Some satisfying thick daubs of fluorescent paint over some old Parisian postcards create lo-fi images pleasingly reminiscent of the 1950s horror film The Blob and, of course, makes you want to grab some stamps and send them to your trendier friends immediately.

  39. List

    Ever pored over the latest creative awards winners, baffled and bewildered over those who won and those who didn’t and wondered what on earth the judges were thinking? Well in a bold, welcome move D&AD have released a 13-minute behind-the-scenes film of the judging process for their much-coveted Black Pencils. Although the winners will not be announced until September 18, those final decisions are almost beside the point when weighed against the huge insights contained within this excellent piece. We can always disagree with the outcomes, but it’s fascinating to see how the process plays out and to hear first-hand why things could potentially stand or fall (it’s interesting for example to hear how the commercial success of a campaign is filtered in, if at all).

  40. Jilsanderlist

    If rich mahogany and racing green twinsets are your idea of a good night in then Jil Sander’s pre-fall collection is most definitely for you. Photographed in the wood-panelled studies of America’s Ivy League colleges, the collection has academic chic written all over it. Clothing aside (we’re no experts in restrained knitwear) Ben Weller’s photographs of the collections are pitch-perfect, beautifully capturing the subtle narrative of the collection and its progression from relaxed embroidered sportswear to ultra-refined evening wear.