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    Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind, well worry not but take a look at their Twitter timelines…yeah that’s right I took the famous old song and gave it a contemporary twist – so sue me (please don’t sue me). For our final look back at 2012 we’ve collated some of the 140-character reflections on the year’s events and we’ve also asked some friends to sum up their year in a Tweet. And so in the spirit of brevity let’s crack on…

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    And so with the inevitability inherent in any list like this, we’ve reached the home straight, the last hurrah and the final curtain all rolled into one in the form of this year’s top 10. Ready to find out which articles hit the very heights and in particular which creative can proudly boast of being the top viewed on It’s NIce That in 2012? Then read on friends…

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    Now you’ll already know that for the past nine days we’ve been counting down the top 100 articles on the site this year based purely on the number of the hits they received, thereby ceding our curatorial control in the name of cold, hard stats. But we’ve also asked some of our writers to pick out a post or two which may not have gatecrashed the top 100 but which still hold a special place in our hearts.

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    WHAT?! Really? Yes, that is correct, One Direction did not make It’s Nice That’s top ten most viewed articles, shock horror. To find out what else just missed out but still had barnstormingly strong years, scroll away!

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    2012 has been a year rammed with unmissable events so unmissable and so frequent that, in fact, it was pretty impossible to get your mitts on them all. Had you braved it and attempted to attend every piece of arty goodness the world over, you’d have surely been forever caught on motorways, trapped in departure lounges fuming about the long delays and endlessly taking in one event only to be thinking the real deal was just down the road!

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    We’re getting close to the top ten now. I don’t know about you but my heart’s started to race and my palms are sweating. Do you feel it too, the irrepressible rush of excitement? Brace yourself now, this shizz is hotting up!

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    Here at It’s Nice That we get the most enormous amount of books sent our way. Sometimes we ask for them and sometimes people just send them over out of the goodness of their heart. How ever they arrive on our doorstep we’re always incredibly grateful to receive them – we flipping love books you see – and to show how much we appreciate it we thought it’d be nice to look at some of our absolute favourites from the past 12 months; the ones that really grabbed our attention.

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    We’ve breached the top 50 and now we gallop steadfast and true, charging like the Light Brigade into a valley of sorts, only this valley is full of creative beauts aimed and readied to fire inspiration or merely trigger those locked up memories. So here it is coming at you!

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    It’s impossible to have been a Londoner in 2012 without the Olympics completely changing the way we experienced the city. Whether it was the overnight appearance of brightly-coloured branding, the constant reminders to stay ahead of the traffic, the innumerable free cultural events or simply the fact that everyone and their dog had tickets to the sport and wouldn’t stop talking about it (bitter, me?) the summer felt like it was given over completely to the games.

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    So we’ve reached the half way point in our end of year countdown and we’re hammering on into those articles which make up the top 50 of 2012. They’re a diverse bunch as you might expect and remember this is all based purely on numbers – so without any further ado let’s crack on…

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    A key part of the It’s Nice That redesign was our new Best of the Web section where we can flag up just some of the myriad brilliance which wings its way across the web every single day. Nearly 1,000 articles have joined the BOTW march since its launch in April and we really believe that pointing our readers in the right directions builds on the content we produce for a really well-rounded art and design experience.

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    Some people say that your 50s are the best years of your life. Well, some people say a lot of things. With that in mind, here’s the next chapter in our end of year run-down. 51-60, ahoy!

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    Now that you’ve stuffed your face with more turkey than you’d normally touch in a year, sluiced it down with champagne, wine, port and coffee, passed wind in front of your relatives with a flagrant disregard for common courtesy and kicked back on the sofa with only the twentieth re-run of The Great Escape you’ll see in your life, you’ve got a bit of a problem – what the hell else are you going to do with the rest of Christmas day?

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    As a bunch of hip young twenty somethings (hahahahahaha, we’re not, we hardly ever go out) it should come as no surprise that we’re constantly listening to the most cutting-edge tunes (more irony) as we go about our daily business. Fights over the music we play in the studio are many and varied, with some fervently believing they have the best taste in town while others quietly and democratically play songs that everyone wants to hear (thanks James Brown).

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    As we crawl up the pecking order, just remember how rewarding it is when you find loose change down the side of the sofa. Every now and then you even strike the big time finding a fiver! And so it it with our round up between 70–61 which includes a host of treasure waiting to be checked out again! Dig in.

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    This year was massive for all sorts of reasons, and you probably don’t need me to spell out what I’m referring to. In such a monumental year, it could have been a blessing or a curse for any city to be named Design Capital, but in Helsinki’s case I think we can all agree it was the former.

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    Ah man the seventies. We loved the seventies. The clothes and the music! And those hairstyles. What were we thinking, and spacehoppers …what’s that? Not that kind of seventies? Oh, well this is awkward. Well let’s crack on with numbers 80 to 71 and pretend this embarrassing sountdwon faux pas NEVER happened. Deal? Good-o…

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    The Weekender is a strange beast. The Weekender is like that time Brian Harvey ran himself over after eating too many jacket potatoes, The Weekender is the “luxurious” coat of the now-sanctioned Ikea monkey. But The Weekender is more than just a bizarre toilet of detritus we find as we grope our way through the burnt plastic mist of the internet in search for content berries, it’s kind of an experience. Fleeting it is, unarchived it is not, and so we have kindly gathered the best tidbits of the last 52 or so Weekenders and collected them in one big old bumper edition. T’boftë mire!

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    Like all good annual countdowns our top 100 articles is relentless. Here it is, back again for a second day to hassle you like a well-meaning cold-caller. Unlike the cold-caller we promise not to drive you to slamming your phone down in a fury of expletives, in fact we promise not to upset you at all. Come on, take my hand, let’s go…

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    This week to round off the year we decided to do things a little differently. So we have no fewer than four – yes count them FOUR – guests talking art, photograhpy, graphic design and illustration as we look back on 2012 and try to tease out a few things we learned. Chaotic? Kind of. But fun? You better believe it. Enjoy and we’ll see you in 2013.

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    At It’s Nice That this Christmas it feels a little like all our denied childhood requests for early presents have been been answered, all at once, and a little late. But this really makes up for all the sympathy socks my nan has given me over the years (sorry nan!). The pile of presents has been building high over the past week and we are now ready to share our favourites with our favourites…Yeah, you! Merry Christmas!

  22. Roty_

    The Review of the Year is here and it’s been quite the 12 months one way and another. So why not pour yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy our look back at the year with a countdown of our top 100 articles and ten days of special treats from us to you. We’ve had a blast this year so thanks for coming along for the ride – we’ll see you bright and breezy on January 2. Sing us out Shane…

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    And just like that, 2012 draws to a close in a maelstrom of merriment during which the preceding eleven and a half months starts to blur, preparing themselves to be consigned into “The Past” (as opposed to “the past”) when 2013 rolls around. It’s been a massively exciting year for all of us here at It’s Nice That and as editor I am both proud of what we have achieved and excited about our plans for the year ahead. But rather than bore on with a chronological round-up of this year, I thought I’d share with you just some of the things I’ve learned…

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    End of year countdowns – interesting and insightful or lazy content fillers for the Christmas period? While you muse on that, why not enjoy the first part of our Top 100 Articles from the site in 2012. Over the next ten days we’ll be showing you which of the 2,500 posts were the most popular, purely based on the numbers and with no curation from us. So without further ado, which ten just sneaked into the final selection after a last few frantic days…

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    Following on in the great American tradition of painting enormous slogans into beautiful pieces of art (think Ed Ruscha and Wayne White) is Minneapolis artist Terrence Payne. Terrence’s richly detailed oil pastel works incorporate typographic messages, buried within candy-stripe patterns and formed from lovingly rendered fabrics, making him a much needed addition to an art world that so often leaves the hard graft to studio hands.

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    On photographer Lara Alegre’s website there’s an “About” section which reads simply: “Lara Alegre, 1985. Barcelona.” That’s literally it, that’s all you’re getting, but to be honest that’s all you need because Lara is a creative talent whose work speaks for itself. Her portfolio is not massive but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality as her pictures have a way of drawing you in and holding your attention through a delicate balance of colour and texture.

  27. Main

    We can agree to disagree here, but I think that someone who says they are a “really cool illustrator from Rotterdam” in their bio, probably is. As if we needed proof, Ming Sing Ho has got an absolute treasure trove of beautiful, Netherland-esque work ranging from silly comics to detailed silk-screen posters. Ming’s work is the joyous combination of cheeky, insightful and down-right visually impressive. How can one man make the jump so nimbly from the aesthetic of 1940s Parisian posters to the look more associated with 90’s punk gig posters? I have no idea, but he’s doing it.

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    The internet was a-flutter yesterday with the video of a golden eagle trying to snatch a baby from a Canadian park, so much so that most news organisations jumped on the viral bandwagon and the Daily Mail led their site on their story for several hours. Fast forward to the end of the day and Montreal’s Centre NAD revealed the piece was a clever computer-generated concoction by three undergraduate students – Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin – on the 3D Animation and Digital Design Course.

  29. Fournier-list

    Ah space, the infinite void surrounding our planet, incomprehensibly undulating and expanding with reckless abandon. Where does it start; where does it stop? Who can really say (scientists can say). For some reason that vacant area above our heads holds such a powerful appeal that we’ve been obsessing over it (and investing exorbitant cash sums into its exploration) for as long as we’ve been able to look at the sky.

  30. Macaree-list

    Dublin-based illustrator Fuchsia MacAree has an excellent, and enormous, portfolio full of charming characters, magnificent colour palettes and some of the finest puns we’ve ever come across in an image maker’s arsenal. She’s currently designer-in-residence at NCAD, meaning she has the luxury of being paid to do her own thing, but is also ready and able for freelance commissions. Art directors of the world take note, this is one creative talent you’ll want to keep on your books.

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    Few creatives have as an instinctive grasp of what makes a great image than Jason Evans. He understands that mysterious alchemy of colour, texture, composition, light and meaning that come together to make an exciting photograph as he proves every single day on his amazingly consistent Daily Nice blog. So it was with great joy that we discovered that Jason has just published a new book – NYLPT – bringing together pictures collected in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. Steeped in the traditions of street photography with which he is obsessed, Jason’s images celebrate the delightful accidents of happenstance by layering exposures to create unexpected juxtapositions, remixing our urban environments.

  32. Listimage

    2012 has been a year in which we’ve been spoiled for choice when it comes to great photography. It seems we can’t get enough of it, especially when the subject matter of the work in question creatively fuses fantasy with reality, presenting a body of work that plays with our perceptions of the ordinary. This quality is something Csilla Klenyánszki boasts by the stylised bucket-load, offering viewers a one-way ticket into the portal of her imaginative mind that thinks in images and constantly works to seek out those hidden possibilities in the familiar. Perhaps there isn’t a better (legal) way to trot off into fantasyville than this style of photography beautifully encapsulated here by Csilla. Top stuff.

  33. List

    If you’re not aware of musician Tim Maia then don’t worry, you’re not alone as he’s been dubbed “the greatest soul singer you’ve never heard of.” But stand by to be amazed by the Brazilian’s insane life story which takes in sex, drugs, a UFO cult, snarling dog attacks and of course his music, condensed down into this ace animation from the SuperHeroes Amsterdam and ShopAround. To mark the release of his new album, animators Momo and Sprits have created a superb whizz through his highs and lows and it’s narrated by musician Devendra Banhart for extra authenticity. Viva Tim indeed!

  34. Kawamura-list

    Over the last six months I’ve become a bit of a Japanophile where graphic design is concerned. Something about the kanji characters and the completely different grid systems they offer, in comparison to western graphic design, really appeals to me. So indulge me a little while I show you a superbly designed Japanese catalogue featuring the work of an incredible Japanese artist (be still my beating heart).

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    My earliest memory of a light show could be termed rather loosely as lavish, for this was a UK seaside switch-on parade in 1995. As the wind blew an icy chill and the rain lashed at our faces, a scattered crowd assembled to catch a glimpse of the Gladiator star Wolf in what was, and has always been, an entirely inappropriate battle ready leotard.

  36. Fvonf-list

    The good folks over at Freunde von Freunden have a terrific knack for picking out some of our favourite creative talent and grilling them on their life, loves, hopes and dreams as well as offering a comprehensive look at their living quarters. It’s intoxicating stuff for anyone with an inquisitive eye or a love of the world’s artistes (yeah, that’s right, artistes).

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    Us Brits are often contrasted unfavourably with our continental counterparts as regards our cafe culture, but illustrator Eleanor Crow has shown that east London has an eatery scene to be proud of. She has lovingly drawn the diverse array of establishments – from tea shops to snack bars – in this part of the world and imbued each with a real sense of character reflecting their individual identities. And with some great lettering on display it’s a particular treat for anyone of a design bent, as well as anyone who respects a decent cup of tea.

  38. List

    Artist Pete Fowler is best know for his work with the Super Furry Animals, creating as he did an aesthetic vernacular that offered a joyful alternative to the surly-cool of 1990s Britpop. He has just opened a new show at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre which not only showcases both early sketches and final pieces for the band, but also some greatest hits from his Monsterism series and some beautiful new work, some of which concentrates on the Cornish coastline he so loves (he was at art school in Falmouth).

  39. Bouffe-list

    Maybe it’s the time of year, the constant anticipation of stuffing our faces with all manner of enticing edibles, but we can’t get enough of the luxurious foodie photographs of German photographer Silvio Knezevic. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is about them that appeals so much – aside from their skilful execution – as their content is so varied. All at once you’re wilfully lusting over the flawless marbling in an angular piece of sirloin and the rich golden hue of a generous potato wedge before being slapped back down to earth by two spread-eagled chickens, all pallid skin and dormant salmonella. Silvio doesn’t simply deal with the polished money-shots of pristine plates that we’ve come to expect in high-end cookbooks; his imagery is more complex than that – after all it takes a lot of skill to make two flaccid birds look even remotely appealing – and for that we must applaud him!

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    We all know Christmas brings out the lighter, more playful side of working environments and we’ve all definitely come across those clever harry type characters who throw out an idea that making a video will be fun with a capital F, showing everyone how “quirky” the company really is. Sometimes the results are painful, but luckily there are folks like those at Freitag who offer awesome insights into the process of their products, while telling you everything you need to know about the personalities behind them. And so it is with the four animated shorts pieced together by Claudia Röthlin & Yves Gutjahr which follow The truth about F-Mas. Take a moment to enjoy these little beauts!