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    Did I just dream that? For eight minutes and 15 seconds? Well it certainty felt like it. A two part track directed and edited by Gordon Hendrick and Hunter Steinman, it is the best eight minutes (and 15 seconds) I’ve ever spent. With no real narrative attached, you float from night time to dawn to night time again through a flow of incredibly endearing snapshots of ordinary life. The warm strokes of the synthesiser transforms into a medley of strings mirrored by psychedelic graphics, which then cleverly morphs into a man’s face. Gotta love the kid who gets pulled away from being soaked – looks like he is having a whale of a time. Ordinary is beautiful. Fact.

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    Come one, come all, feast your eyes and let your senses frolic in the newest version of It’s Nice That. Launched to coincide with our fifth birthday, it may strike some as a radical departure, but we’re thrilled with it and delighted to finally share it with you all.

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