November 2012

  1. Ringgenbergfoam-list Introducing... Introducing...Graphic designer-cum-conceptual maverick Mathias Ringgenberg
  2. Main Photography Bryan Schutmaat's moving series discovers the inner landscapes of ex-miners
  3. Offf-list Film Snask And Brikk unveil wonderfully surreal titles for OFFF 2012
  4. Main3 Photography It's time for your close-up with surreal photographer Ian Markell
  5. Listimage Illustration Andrew Lyons' illustration is shaped by a passion for music
  6. List Graphic Design Who's Jack magazine redesign pick of the bunch in new Sawdust updates
  7. Janieairey-list Photography Janie Airey captures London Olympic architecture with abstract flair
  8. Main Art You can see why Mati Klarwein, hugely influential pillar of the 1960s art scene, "didn't need psychedelics"
  9. Listimage Publication Not on Sunday launch 24/6 – a project making the world a better, brighter place
  10. Listimage Art Chris Labrooy fuses the ordinary with surrealist eccentricity
  11. Keatonhenson-list Music William Williamson's new music video is as scathingly intense as they come
  12. List Furniture Design Super colourful new furniture set from Barcelona's lagranja design
  13. Main Illustration Hilarious editorial illustration with a dark twist from the marvellous Pete Gamlen
  14. List It's Nice That Annual The Annual 2012 is now on press and time is ticking to get your pre-order in!
  15. Process-list Publication Process and Studio Verse have the design of Process Journal down to an art
  16. Vonlist Publication HelloVon launches gorgeous new collection of abstract bird prints
  17. Listimage Sculpture Grassy goodness from Mathilde Roussel's thought-provoking sculptures
  18. Chicagoinstallation-list Architecture Jaw-droppingly beautiful installation work from Swiss studio Detektiv Bureau
  19. Domingo-list Illustration Meet José Domingo, rising star of the comic book world
  20. Bread Photography Nacho Alegre pays homage to the humble loaf of bread in this magnificent series
  21. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Yes Christmas ads are cheesy, but that's the point
  22. Main Graphic Design 20 years of fantastic book design from the bottomless archive of Studio Luc Derycke
  23. List Advertising Kevin Bacon plays the Kevin Bacon game in Saatchi's ace EE campaign
  24. Joekessler-list Exhibition Former INT Graduate Joe Kessler is back with a killer new comic, Windowpane
  25. Listimage Sculpture Does this look human to you? Take a closer look at Kohei Nawa's TRANS
  26. List Film Andrew Telling's new film captures Norway with elegance and purity
  27. Main Student of the Month Behold our new Student(s) Of The Month — designers Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown
  28. Listimage Art Carson Ellis – a former hot dog vendor and a fantastic artist
  29. List Graphic Design Aude Debout and Caroline Lollo show us how the greedy see the world
  30. List Exhibition Reed + Rader provide GIF-tastic dubstep-dancing dinosaurs in new show
  31. Stiff-list Product Design Pipe smoking gets a fresh new look courtesy of Swedish designers Stiff
  32. Simpsonsmain Publication Olivier Lebrun's Pocket Companion to Books from The Simpsons
  33. Lucasage-list Photography Luca Sage's Street Fight photographs are at once violent and beautiful
  34. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Six with election fever, terrifying fashion and a cat
  35. List Web Uh-oh! Prepare to lose some time exploring The Useless Web
  36. List Graphic Design Purpose rebrand a typical London pub with characteristic flair
  37. Listimage Photography Nick Frank gives us something to squark about with his superb project Mira
  38. Goodbooks-list Advertising Boobs, books and a tall, dark stranger in McBess and Simon's latest animation
  39. Main Publication Le Corbusier's secret and magnificent photo stash is revealed in this fantastic new book!
  40. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Print legend Anthony Burrill lets us delve into his intriguing book collection...