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    For all the magpies among you that need to decorate the squishy brain nest just behind your beaks, flock frantically around these bright beauties! Nick Franks’ architectural photography project Mira got us all a-flutter with excitement as soon as we laid our beady little eyes on it and it seems to get better and better with every viewing. Like Matthias Heiderich Nick’s work takes something relatively humdrum and transforms it into a thing of breathtaking purity.

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    Master of sexy, macabre illustration McBess and his long-time Mill collaborator Simon have just finished work on a piece of animation that fuses literature, erotica and mail-order delivery to wonderfully entertaining effect. Not sure what books and a voluptuous bosom have in common? Neither did we, but watch on and everything will be illuminated. Not strictly a Monday Morning Music Video, but sometimes we like to throw caution to the wind and say “To hell with the rules!”

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    Era-defining architect and lover of all things visual Le Corbusier is recognised as one of history’s most intriguing designers. His method of work which saw him produce solid, scientifically accurate structures with a contemporary twist was groundbreaking, and has been well documented over the years in enormous archives of shots of buildings and interior design. What hasn’t been so widely known, however, is that Le Corbusier was a keen amateur photographer and used the camera as a sketchbook to capture not just his work in progress but the inspiration behind his designs. Intriguing, huh? Well, luckily Nathalie Herschdorfer and Lada Umstätter collated these images in an enormous book that is nothing less than a visual joy. A new take on one of the design world’s true titans.

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    It’s hard to walk into a fairly creative building these days without stumbling across one of Anthony Burrill’s ubiquitous prints. His skill for the simple and beautiful print that speaks a thousand words through a handful is second to none, but what we’re dying to know is what are the books that have inspired his design greatness? Luckily we run a Bookshelf feature on the site (this is it), and Anthony kindly agreed to contribute his selection. Enough rambling, lead the way Anthony…

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    I look in the Things box the way Professor Brian Cox looks at the stars — smiling like the cow that got the grass. And let’s be honest, when it comes to Things, you’re like a fiendish cat frothing at the mouth lusting after the mouse dangling before your nose. We sense your pent up exhiliration people, and never wanting to disappoint here’s your fix of Things that dropped like they were hot through our letterbox.

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    This week in America some people said they wanted a new man to be the leader but more people said they wanted the man who’s already the leader to keep being the leader for a bit longer. This fundamentally simple process became a bit more than that though as first of all the two sets of people were VERY SURE they were each right, and the rest of the world piled in on the Twitter telling them which man to pick. To mark this historic moment, The Weekender this week is donning its cowboy hat and whitening its teeth to bring you a US election special (although as ever these constraints may prove to be quite loose…)

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    Yippeeeee two very talented people clubbing together to make a very impressive, grin-inducing video for a really fantastic band! Is there much more you can ask for on a Friday? Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling have created a music video for psychedelic Australian band Tame Impala, but have risen to the challenge and have created one of the most appropriate visual explosions possible. Made entirely out of plasticine, this cosmic trip of a video is an inspiration to all animators and, in fact, anyone who’s tackling a tricky brief – things may take a long time and the process may be inconceivably tricky, but the results will be all the more mind-blowing because of it! Becky and Joe deserve a seriously big round of applause.

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    There are many great films which whatever they purport to be about, are actually about co-operation. Cool Runnings? Co-operation. Independence Day? Co-operation. Reservoir Dogs? Well you get the idea, and the Third Annual Mill Co. Exhibition is further proof that co-operation is a belting theme for creatives.

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    Our old Stockholm buddies Snask have just celebrated their fifth birthday, making them only a little bit younger than us (as a business, not individually; we’re all young, fashionable 20-somethings). To landmark this moment in their history these masters of irreverent design and animation have released a book that documents their unusual rise to graphic superstardom.

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    The words “best teeth in the business” don’t get bandied around too often, but I think in this case we should all raise a glass (of Listerine) to Obama’s snowy gnashers that potentially had something to do with his recent win. Terry Richardson, undoubtedly the world’s coolest photographer previously coaxed the now re-elected president into his studio to do this shoot which, to be quite frank, is perfect. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve got a huge crush on both of these men, but that aside it’s still great because it shows exactly what they both do best — Obama whacks out that smile and Terry throws a camera about, with winning results.

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    I think it’s fair to say we’re fairly geeky when it comes to graphic design and many-a-time has an unsuspecting dinner party neighbour been subjected to a wine-fuelled monologue on the subject. So imagine our delight in coming across the work of Sonia Castillo, a new talent to wang on about.

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    Stepping into another world created by the vision of Jess Littlewood is an experience that maintains a resonance with its viewer. This eerie otherworld is The End. We all know the iconic introduction sequence to Apocalypse Now right —the unbearable humidity, burning rain forests, and choppers scurrying through the air like mosquitoes over an acrid pond, all while The Doors’ anthem to oblivion effortlessly plays alongside the insanity and destruction. Now imagine that world could only be glimpsed once abandoned, perhaps forever. Well these are the emotive, reflective worlds Jess Littlewood creates; worlds where: “Utopia is always strived for, yet lies beyond grasp and instead, acts as a continual force of destruction and folly.”

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    Most of us have been in a band at some stage, whether it was to attract girls or to just basically be as much like Neil Young as possible. The thing is, learning an instrument is hard and expensive. Like most great internet apps, Jam with Chrome is taking an age-old tradition and making it do-able from the comfort of your chair. You may not generally agree with this sort of thing distracting young people from actually picking up an instrument but you know what? This is hilarious.

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    As I sit here in my tweed jacket, pondering whether or not I’d like a pipe to smoke, it seems apt that I dip into a bit of history – so let us dive military boot first into 1980s Romania. Under communist rule, Romania’s debt to the outside world grew sharply which led to a huge austerity push, impoverishing Romanians and crippling their industry. Nicolae Ceaușescu (then autocratic leader) began to increase the authority of his police state, ruthlessly enforcing a self-styled cult of personality. It culminated in his execution in the revolution of 1989.

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    What can we tell you about Johann Kauth? Well he’s a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s graphic design programme (but he’s not really a designer), he prints incredible posters (but uses a Risograph so he’s not really a printer either) and he talks about design every now and again (but he’s not exactly a teacher). What we can say of this Amsterdam-based creative is that his posters are mind-blowingly awesome, throwing all sorts of print and design conventions out the window in favour of creating imagery that grabs your attention firmly with both hands and just won’t let go. If you’ve got an event that needs promoting then look no further than Johann, his posters are guaranteed to get people talking about it.

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    Katharina Poblotzki has got a pretty enviable life as far as we can tell. The Berlin-based photographer spends her time travelling the globe to photograph the up-and-coming stars of the music world. She’s already shot Little Dragon, Perfume Genius, Air and M.I.A, not to mention Moby and the indy darling of cinema Sophia Coppola – and it’s really not hard to see why.

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    It’s not often that two of our favourite creatives pop up out of the blue with a fully-functioning collaborative piece ready to go, but it’s happened! Damien Cuypers who has been making his way in the art and fashion world with his two-minute portraits and Benoît François of French curators bureau FiZZZ BZZZ! have been very busy making an animation project inspired by their lack of understanding of philosophy during their time at school together.

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    We’re delighted to announce more speakers for our one-day creative conference In Progress this December. It’s shaping up to be a total showstopper of a day, celebrating groundbreaking ideas and projects from 2012, and providing insight into the coming year from some of the most innovative and forward-thinking people in the creative industries.

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    I don’t know if you’ve all heard, but there was a small election off the west coast of Cornwall recently – in fact, it was all the way over the Atlantic in the land of the free. But I hear you ask: “’How did it all happen?”

  20. Willworkforgood-list

    Picture the scene – you’re a young, talented pair of designers living in Brooklyn NY. You’ve got more skills than you know what to do with and there’s all sorts of people knocking on your door asking for work in exchange for money. But that’s not your vibe. You don’t just want to take cash for your services, particularly not when there’s a flourishing arts, independent music and comedy scene happening right in your back yard. Why not use your skills to help out your friends, neighbours and like-minded creatives instead? That’d feel pretty good right?

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    If you’re a fan of Alan Partridge, you’ll know that owl sanctuaries make for cracking dates but don’t be fooled by this romantic fantasy – owls are ruthless killers. New Zealand artist John Putaseri plays on this idea with his series Rabbit Destruction Council, a series of painstakingly-rendered, brightly coloured owls each with a cheeky sense of personality. This may not be the most boundary-pushing project we’ve ever featured but they’re likely to at least raise a smile on Thursday morning.

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    Space is a theme that’s been knocked about in the art and design world for a few years now, popping up everywhere in the form of triangle-riddled, photoshopped images potentially with a few deer heads thrown in for good measure. How refreshing then to see someone actually do space justice by taking an enormous amount of time to create a beautiful publication informing us mere viewers about the ins and outs of the notorious US vs Soviet Union Space Race. Tom Cole has created a publication synonymous with the rest of his work while still feeling fresh and informative and so we couldn’t wait to grill him about it…

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    When we first came across Adrien Toubiana it was for his extraordinary family portraits in the inaugural Figure magazine, a publication that we’re desperate to reach its second edition. Since then we’ve had a rummage through his entire portfolio and it’s become clear that he’s one hell of a photographer – there’s nothing this guy can’t do. Whether it’s crisp editorial shots, street photography or staged, abstract compositions Adrien maintains a lightness of touch that’s an absolute pleasure to behold.

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    Here’s a timeless formula for top-shelf eye candy – take 50,000 multi-coloured polystyrene balls, suspend them in mid-air to create a dense spectrum of colour, turn a nearby fan on and let the balls move gently. To seal the deal, wait for the viewers to pick their jaws up from the floor and watch their collective desire to walk through the valley of coloured balls grow to climactic proportions.

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    Yeah ok some Wednesdays you may get the urge to put your entire head into the shredder, but these ladies are taking it to the next level. Either with some cunning trick-photography or some very bendy contortionist models, Isabelle Wenzel has created Building Images — an homage to the boredom one may feel working in an office surrounded by colleagues all day. Unsure of whether she’d be able to sit still for that amount of time, these images express what she may do if forced to work in an office environment. Fair enough.

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    It’s always good every now and then to take the time to question the things you take for granted on a daily basis, like “Is a quiff still right for a 28-year-old man in 2012?” (yes, definitely). Assumption is the mother of all fudge-ups as the saying goes and nowhere can the propensity to blindly follow certain truths be more misleading than in the creative world.

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    We are constantly bombarded with warnings about how much information to give out online. Wouldn’t it be great if when someone Googled your name, all that came up were just some unbelievable, psychedelic drawings you had made in your spare time, and almost nothing else? Well, meet Waleria Petruschenko, an internet mystery who has let us into her Flickr account and given us no more information than her name.

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    We seemed to have posted a few projects recently which take weather as their inspirations, but if creatives keep smashing it out the park then we’re happy to keep featuring. The latest meteorological treat we came across was courtesy of Charles Sowers.

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    Looking at Satoshi Hashimoto’s illustration you’d be forgiven for thinking he was a mid-century Parisian or Californian artist. His loose brush strokes and reductive style recall the posters of 1950s France or a paired back Hanna-Barbera with a modern twist. In fact Satoshi was born, raised and trained in eastern Japan, attending Tokyo’s prestigious Kuwasawa Design School.

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    Jason Evans seems to attract a cult-like status through his youthful, rebellious attitude towards the subject matter of his photos. That could sound like they centre on themes of disaffection and angst but the truth is that Jason moulds conventions, fusing them relentlessly, working with a dynamic happiness rather than a sledgehammer of doom. His approach never dismisses what should be at the heart of our lives — fun and frolics.

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    You know that feeling – you come in from the pub, put the TV on for a second and then get completely engrossed in an astoundingly crappy B-movie. It’s called something like Road Flip or Checkmate (don’t bother with IMDB, I made those up) and yet you stick it out until the credits roll, unable to tear yourself away from the hammy action.

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    Surely the perfect client for any graphic design studio is an arts organisation? All that creative freedom, the engaging artworks to use on promotional material and the responsive audience, open to the avant-garde experimentation in your promotional visuals. But then maybe it’s a nightmare, with loads of inventive egos wanting to impose their own ideas upon your genius.

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    Some may argue that furniture isn’t furniture without being 100 per cent functional. Well, that’s the rules yes, but designer Till Wiedeck of HelloMe doesn’t give two hoots about the rules, and has proved this by producing this intriguing set of structures.

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    As winter approaches it seems the perfect time to catch up with old friends, and huddled round the (metaphorical) fire it was nice to hear from Andreas Samuelsson. The super-talented Swede’s new updates not only include a fine set of illustrations of the popular Räkmacka delicacy (a kind of open shrimp sandwich), they also feature his new book published by the fine folk at Nieves and Rollo Press. Red, Green, Blue and You is a charming risograph-printed little number with simple shapes and drawings and plenty of room for readers to add their own doodles. Always a pleasure Andreas, never a chore!

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    Stuart Griffiths is a photographer with an unflinching gaze. We mentioned him back in 2010 after he documented the lives of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, capturing their brave struggles to face afflictions both visible and hidden in their civilian environments. What really struck us about this project was the places Stuart focused our gaze; places we’d normally avert our eyes from, or areas we wouldn’t think to look in the first place. On the whole, Stuart’s technique portrayed a strong message highlighting the phycological and physical trauma that was being suffered by those you might meet in a pub or pass in the street.

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    We all love a good night out (actually some of us like to be tucked up in bed by 10pm, but we don’t like to talk about that) and we love a well-designed flyer. So often the pieces of paper foisted upon us as we loiter outside the pub on a Friday night are so woefully tedious that you have to wonder how on earth those responsible hope to fill a venue.

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    To mark the release of their latest Mixed Tape, Mercedes commissioned LA-based painter Sage Vaughn to create an exclusive artwork and went off to interview him at home about the piece. So far so good, but the video takes an unexpected turn when we are introduced to Sage’s grandma who gives us some insights into the artist’s work and inspirations. It’s a charming twist on the making-of type video with which we’re familiar and well worth a few minutes. More granny-based arts videos please creative types!

  38. Govopinionlist

    This week James Cartwright wonders whether the government has finally grasped the digital world, and whether we can expect to see more transparency from our political leaders. More importantly, we’d like to know what you think in the comments section below…

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    Sometimes decisions about what to post is based on in-depth reading around a project, at other times we’re pretty much hooked right away. So an orchestra of re-programmed modems, copiers and printers playing The Times They Are A-Changing (on this of all days as America goes to the polls)? Yes please. Chris Cairns’ spot for Brother is fun, technologically impressive and tight enough to pull of an ambitious idea. It’s what Dylan would have wanted…

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    You may be aware that we’re not exactly experts when it comes to fashion. High-end clothing to us is like fine jewellery to a child, we want to reach out and touch its shiny surfaces but would have literally no idea what to do with it were we suddenly gifted a couture wardrobe. Still, we know what we like, and what we like tends to be mad as a bag of bats – and that’s as mad as it gets.