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    Ever get tired of incessantly being told by adverts and weekend supplements how to decorate your home? The over-edited photo of an Indian cushion-laden parlour in Chelsea with £60 candles scattered around much like the empty cans that I have scattered around my own room anger me the most. We are constantly bombarded with images that are politely suggesting how we may want to live, and it gets a bit much.

  2. Ablist

    No matter how entrenched your Monday morning ennui may be, I’ve got five syllables sure to get your week off to an absolute flyer – crochet octopus. See? Awesome Australian animation studio Oh Yeah Wow have produced this magnificent video for Wax Tailor’s new single Time to Go (featuring Aloe Blacc). Directors Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury have created a weird and wonderful narrative based around this knitted blue cephalopod and his adventures in the city, before a poignant denouement which leaves our protagonist down and out. Cool song, very cool video.

  3. List

    Typography is a bit like offal. There are those who love it, obsess over its finer points and see themselves at the vanguard of an evangelical mission to convince others of its qualities. But there are others who don’t get it, don’t really want to think about it but are happy to eat sausages when the occasion arises. Where was I? No idea, anyway the point is as with every facet of the so-called communication arts, the digital revolution has changed and is continuing to change everything.

  4. Salist

    Ok so for various reasons too dull to explain here (or a velociraptor attack if you’d prefer us to make something up) we had to postpone this week’s podcast for 24 hours. But to make up for that delay we tried extra hard and hope we’ve produced 23 minutes of art and design chat to knock your socks off (toenails if you’re reading this sockless like some sort of maverick).

  5. Jesse

    I hadn’t heard of Jesse Moynihan until last year when a copy of Forming landed in It’s Nice That HQ. A publication concerning monsters, cavemen, cursing, gore and sexy-times, it was kind of a big deal, nay dream come true. Jesse is not just a comic book author, but also a story-boarder for Adventure Time which may just be the coolest job title ever (if you’re aware of Adventure Time that is) so without further ado, here’s one of the most hilarious and amazing bookshelf features I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading…

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    It’s that time of the week again – Things has come out to play, turning heads everywhere she goes oooh isn’t she dazzling?! With a photography zine, some catalogues with some binding to die for, some lovely drawings, a GIANT poster and some seriously tasty postcards, belt up, it’s going to be a good’un…

  7. Weekenderlist

    With winter drawing in, The Weekender has decided it’s about time it got a mate, a fellow whimsical culture round-up with whom to share days out, nights in and sushi binges. To this end The Weekender has been to see a flirting expert and is going to try out some of its new tricks on our dear readers if that’s ok (which we’re sure it is!). So here goes – Hello. I’m The Weekender (points at your shoes with whole arm) I like your shoes. Do you like days out, nights in and sushi binges? (Points at your hair with both arms) I like your hair. Do you want to see my room? – and scene! Money well spent I’m sure you’d agree. Bring on the nonsense!

  8. List-tiem

    When it comes to the mean old task of developing your own style and standing out from the crowd, fashion photographer Tim Walker is not one who struggles. In fact Tim Walker’s daring photography with its prop-heavy sets and monumental scale (think UFOs, giant snails and six foot bumble bees) is so special that he may as well own the definition of innovation.

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    Last year we commissioned Emily to come in and make some drawings for our London Design Festival publication. She came in, sat quietly at the lunch-table and drew for a few hours and left us gawping in awe at one of the most beautiful pictures of a Dyson vacuum we have ever seen. She’s back with a new website, and we couldn’t resist showing her off to everyone now she’s doing work for the likes of Stella, Port and __Spectator Life_ magazines, not to mention illustrating a whole book for Phaidon! Her classic style and talent for drawing from life makes her the ultimate editorial illustrator, and definitely one to keep an eye on.

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    We’ve been bowled over by a lot of the design work coming out of Barcelona these past months and years and now we can add another terrific studio to that list of admiration. Forma & Co, founded by Joel Lozano and Dani Navarro, are able to turn their talents to anything from graphic design, illustration and animation to branding and web design. There’s a focus on simplicity but within their team finds great scope to improvise and experiment and they boast an enviable skill with using colour, be it big, bold, bright illustrations or carefully-chosen elements in a publication.

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    We were kind of in two minds about whether we should post this as it’s done the rounds these past couple of days but ultimately there was no way we couldn’t really. Much like if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would have been a massive letdown if Willy Wonka’s domain had turned out to be a drab, industrial workspace, it would have been disappointing if Google’s tech centres had been grey and uninspiring. But fortunately for us all they are actually multi-coloured data wonderlands with a carefully created sense of fun and whimsy which reflects the company’s values.

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    It’s rare that we post an interview in the main section of the site (as opposed to our Best of the Web section) but then it’s rare to come across an online interview published as beautifully as this. Pitchfork’s latest cover story is an in-depth feature on the enigmatic Bat for Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, and it’s certainly a fine piece by Laura Snapes with some great photos by Shawn Brackbill.

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    Never before has a rabbit’s behind looked quite so good than in the photographs of Elisa Noguera Lopez. Photographing all manner of fluffy creatures (with a person or two thrown in to mix things up) and set against bold backdrops, Elisa’s photo series Perhaps Finally Alone is just the right amount of hilarious and genius to have us all hooked.

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    Maybe it’s because yesterday my eyeballs were soiled by Die Antwoord’s new video (don’t watch it) and today I accidentally watched the video of the Eton chaps doing a Gangnam video (don’t watch it) but something about this video from Neil Young & Crazy Horse made me want to cry with happiness. There is no denying that it is absolutely brilliant.

  15. Main3

    Those that have been captured, or blessed, by the camera of Boo George can pretty much count themselves as immortalised. Boo’s trigger-finger and exacting eyeballs combined could probably be insured for more than Julia Robert’s smile (£30million in case you were wondering) due to his demand in the fashion world. As well as being responsible for a whole range of i-D magazine covers which never fail to make you want to purchase the publication immediately, Boo has also made some seriously stunning photo spreads for LOVE magazine who, like him, push their creativity to the max by sprinkling just the right amount of of weird…Check out some more info about Boo here.

  16. Lotus

    Church and techno are like chalk and cheese – for while imagining a church congregation singing their praises to a techno backdrop is sure to provide a moment’s entertainment (go on, you know you want to…), it’s not the most obvious combination. But for daring Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde saw that as a challenge and so came into being his new installation.

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    I tell you something, photographing this thing of beauty was an absolute joy. Crisp paper and an almost palpable palette make up Joost Swarte’s Is That All There Is? which is the first proper English language compendium of his work (cue comic book fans everywhere punching the air).

  18. List

    Visitors to Istanbul are so overwhelmed with well-meaning but intimidatingly numerous hints and tips (go here! eat this!) that navigating the city’s many sights can be slightly overwhelming. But The Museum of Innocence whispers where others shout and yet it’s undoubtedly one of the most energising, intriguing museum experiences imaginable.

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    Come one, come all and gather round, It’s Nice That has a rather exciting announcement. For the first time EVER, winter 2012 sees the publication of the It’s Nice That Annual, a round-up of the very best content we’ve been lucky enough to post over the past 12 months.

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    Enthusiastically picking your favourite images out of a selection to show people shouldn’t be a chore — in fact it’s probably in the top 100 nicest things to do, ever. When you get portfolio of work like Alt Studio’s, where it is literally a scrolling journey to the centre of the earth through a tunnel of some of the best graphic design you’ve seen for a long time, things can actually get tough.

  21. Bflist

    There’s a few good examples of brands using social media in clever and funny ways to deflect criticism (the O2 Twitter feed has been a particular delight in recent months) but this spoof video from Bodyform is one of the best we’ve seen. Responding to a Facebook post accusing the brand of misleading millions of men with depictions of so-called “happy periods” amid imagery of horse riding and windsurfing, the brand’s ad agency Carat came up with this genius rebuttal from someone purporting to be the brand’s CEO Caroline Williams.

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    Don’t listen to me, get all you need to know about this comic book genius from Chris’s photo on his “About” section where he is pictured holding a jar of pickles and looking kind of confused in a menacing way. To give you an idea of how professional this guy is — in case you couldn’t get past the pizza, puppies and slime — his work has been featured in publications such as Kramer’s Ergot and Bog Witch and his pictures have been exhibited worldwide. Look how fun he makes the world, look how little of a shit he gives, this guy is an inspiration to anyone that doodles on the back of books when they’re bored and think it won’t ever amount to anything. This style of illustration is cherished and held on to, and should be imitated forever.

  23. Rouleur-list

    It’s almost unthinkable that any of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photographs could ever have gone unpublished. The father of modern photojournalism had such a natural and easy understanding of his craft that all of his images offer the viewer snippets of an intriguing story – a slice of everyday narrative – rendered with the kind of precision that hoards of photographers since have sought to mimic.

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    Ever had that feeling when you deliberately go out with a camera and you’re on a desperate hunt for a photo? Sometimes they don’t happen, more often than not it happens the minute you leave your camera at home. For Bert Danckaert these moments occur pretty regularly in almost every major city in the world. With eyes like a hawk and the photography skills of a…very good photographer, Bert’s images of human-less street scenes are second to none. If only we had the ability to see a dirty old side street and transform it into something that, if you squint your eyes, kind of resembles a Matisse or a Rothko.

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    One of the great things about being a millionaire must be not having to divide everything you want to buy up into other things before you purchase. For instance “I could buy this sweater, but that’s like, a week’s worth of food shopping” or “Yeah I could buy this bottle of wine in a restaurant, but I could get, like, five times that amount in the off licence”. Or when you return from holiday and immediately tell anyone that asks how much an average beer costs so they can gauge the general economy.

  26. Daltonmaag-list

    We’ve only just recovered from our own Olympics in London but already seem to be looking forward to the next ones in 2016. It seems like a long time away now, but they’ll be here again before we know it, with their patriotism, physical perfection and stories of triumphs of the human spirit. It’s an undeniable combination!

  27. List

    The unstoppable force that is Studio Moross is back with not one but TWO new websites – one for the studio, one for Kate’s signature illustrative work – and there’s a shed-load of new work for you to enjoy. We were pretty sure we’d never seen anything of Kate’s that we didn’t like, and looking back over all the projects she and her collaborators have produced confirmed our suspicions. What also struck us was the fact that Miss Moross has only been a graduate for three years, THREE YEARS. What have you achieved in the time that she’s managed to build a design empire? We can’t think of much either.

  28. List-print

    Mmmmm felt tips: making the plain pages of sketch books colourful since pretty much forever, you can’t help but love a good felt tip! But imagine if you could transform that trusty old pen into something completely new?! Mind boggling stuff right, but that’s exactly what the talented trio of Amsterdam design students – Jaan Evart, Julian Hagen and Daniël Maarleveld – have done with their super-impressive PenJet printer. Taking an old inkjet printer apart and switching the usual ink cartridge for felt tip pens, not only is the concept incredible but it also creates seriously impressive and lovely looking pictures as a result. Cool!

  29. Main

    This summer, thanks to projects such as Bold Tendencies in Peckham, we got pretty used to witnessing shows curated up high on a roof with a killer view and a drink in hand. But now as the winter winds are drawing in, it’s time for us arty types to scuttle into the warmth of galleries and basement’s to get our artistic fix. Good timing, then, for artist Toby Ziegler who has set up his latest show 14 storey’s below ground level, in an underground car park in Mayfair.

  30. List

    Ohhh mother, here we go. McSweeney’s have just dropped a musical bombshell with their announcement of this extraordinary musical release from Beck. No doubt a little fed up with the lack of record sales (blah blah blah) rather than getting all uppity about it, Beck has taken on the beast that is illegal downloading by releasing his new album in the form of a songbook of brand new, unrecorded material.

  31. Botanica-list

    Botanica by Sander Meisner, is the latest offering from London-based publishers The Velvet Cell. A beautifully realised volume of urban landscape photography it approaches its subject with an unusual twist. Where many of his contemporaries focus their lenses on either the urban or the rural specifically, Sander explores the point where these two opposing worlds converge – with a wizened branch creeping across a motorway siding and neglected patches of foliage that lurk behind service stations.

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    “Nooo they’re drowning! Who on earth am I going to listen to through my headphones whilst I walk moodily in the rain thinking about my ex boyfriend’s duvet?!” etc. etc. Luckily the director of this brilliant new xx video has saved Romy and pals from a watery grave…this time…

  33. Beviacomlist

    Last Thursday and Friday the rooms of Mercer Street Studios in Covent Garden were transformed into the giant, branded Talking Shop as part of BeViacom’s first ever pop-up event. The media giant invited speakers from all walks of the industry to contribute to discussions on the biggest issues facing marketers today. As the owner of three of the most colourful media channels currently operating – MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central – the Talking Shop space was suitably swathed from top to bottom in bright colours and immersive environments designed and decorated by the likes of Alex Noble and James Joyce.

  34. List

    New York has many exciting things in its favour: the Statue of Liberty, some of the most flamboyant street fashion about, galleries so great you’d happily run the streets naked in exchange for a visit and perhaps some of the weirdest and most wonderful photographs of masquerade and ritual costume you may ever see!

  35. Alexfuller-list

    By day Alex Fuller can be found plying his trade at the Leo Burnett Dept. of Design creating elegant solutions to commercial design problems and producing a variety of in-house material. By afternoon/evening he’s one of seven partners at The Post Family studio. By night he can be found creating illustrations for yet another outfit; Illustrtation Corporation. At other times (in those few spare hours before dawn perhaps) he’s the co-founder of 5×7 publishing and rumour has it he still finds time to play guitar, ride bikes and eat steak.

  36. List

    We’re used to some pretty mindbending visual trickery here at It’s Nice That but get ready for something extra special to blow off any Monday morning cobwebs. For their new show at London’s Blain Southern Gallery, Tim Noble and Sue Webster have continued their exploration of portraiture by creating these extraordinarily detailed silhouette pieces using old wool and broken tools.The actual sculptures couldn’t be much less prepossessing, scattered with sawdust and other debris, but thanks to the light they become compelling, unnerving and unexpectedly beautiful.

  37. Opinion16-500x325

    In the third of our new Opinion pieces editorial assistant James Cartwright wonders what a skydiving Austrian has to do with sugary liquids and as always we want YOUR comments too, you can join the debate under the text…

  38. List-book

    Yeah yeah, we all love the internet: the whole world at your fingertips and all that cliched (yet undeniably true) jibber jabber. But I tell you what I really really love; books. Books are great. They may not have the whole world accounted for, but designed well, books can conquer all.

  39. Main2

    Call me a sucker, but I fell for the charms of Del Rey a long time ago. Seriously, who is this woman and how does she get herself into these scrapes? One minute she’s chopping up YouTube videos and editing films in the back of her trailer, the next she’s the doting wife of a black 1960’s president.

  40. List2

    It takes an impressive person to put a positive spin on life’s gloomy patches; after all “the undeniable impact mankind has had on the planet” has never been the rosiest of conversation topics. But what an impressive man Keith Negley is; illustrating the gloomiest of things in the most beautiful ways. It has to be said that this New York creative is one fine illustrator!