1. Moriyama-list

    You can’t move in London at the moment without catching site of one of Daido Moriyama’s images plastered to the side of a bus, hanging from a billboard or blowing around a busy street on the cover of a discarded flyer. The man is everywhere. But with two coinciding shows on in the capital at the moment (one at Tate Modern, the other at Michael Hoppen Gallery) it’s hardly surprising.

  2. Pitt-list

    If you’re female, male, old, young, or anything else in between you’ll undoubtedly be acquainted with Brad Pitt and his perfectly chiseled features. Without wishing to go all Brian Sewell on you, he’s a handsome devil. To prove this long-accepted fact he’s been photographed in a most striking and unusual fashion for the latest Interview magazine to accompany his feature by Guy Ritchie. Shot by the notorious Steven Klein in a number of extraordinary guises (bizarrely including a dreadlocked hippie) these are the most striking photos of Pitt that we’ve ever laid eyes on, and prove beyond doubt that however you dress him up, he’s a damn fine specimen of a man.

  3. List

    Sat shivering down to my bones, hat and scarf no longer an optional accessory but a necessity, begrudgingly ‘embracing’ the doomed autumn cold that is an English October, it is hard (and frankly all rather enviable) to imagine that a couple of thousand miles away the world’s luckier half are prancing around in golden rays of sunshine.

  4. Main_12-44-57

    Stop me if I’m wrong, but how can you NOT watch a video whose tagline is: “An elegant vase inhabits the body of a young girl, and re-stages an event from her childhood using living tissue. A sci-fi Baroque fairy tale, literally dripping with misanthropic venom…”? Luckily, as video taglines have a tendency to mislead, this one keeps its promise of horror and, to be honest, gives even more. This is the work of Ben Wheele, who we featured on the site a while back for his show Antiquity Bonk, a fleshy, rococo womb of a solo show, mirrored in this strange coming-of-age horror animation. If you’re into the weird and the wonderful, you’re going to lap this up. If you’re squeamish or pregnant, see how you get on, but maybe give it a miss.

  5. Swine-list

    Studio Swine have been producing a run of superb work recently. We featured their studio space not long ago, but since then they’ve been hard at work concocting yet another visually stunning piece of interior architecture – this time with a technological twist.

  6. List

    We at It’s Nice That are suckers for a good collage (well, some of us are) as long as they meet the requirements. A good collage should be fun and weird like a colourful vomit, and should be just on the right side of messy. Brooklyn-based Benjamin Edmiston’s brilliant, brilliant images tick those boxes and more with his strange and hilarious style that, over the years, he has made fully his own. Building up quite a fan base these days, Benjamin is exhibiting his work all over the place and (fingers crossed) is selling his work too. A house just ain’t a home without a good piece of collage on the wall. Fact.

  7. List

    It may have been tempting for the organisers of Istanbul’s inaugural design biennial (the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts or IKSV) to play it safe with the programme but instead they’ve taken on some intellectually rigorous ideas with real flair. This is exemplified in Adhocracy, a show at the Galata Greek School curated by Domus editor Joseph Grima, which is a nuanced and thought-provoking look at the user as part of the design process.

  8. Main

    Okay so this has probably been done before, but as well as this? I don’t know. At first these paintings can give you a spooked-out kind of 28 Days Later vibe, but then when you look at them again you realise that this is pretty hilarious. What could possibly have been so important that all the disciples had to flee the room? Have all the sailors selling their wares just drowned? Potential sacrilege to some, the simple (in fact quite technical) act of removing the characters from these famous paintings opens the door to all kinds of new stories! Thank you, Hadju Bence, for creating these and setting them free on the good ship internet for all to witness.

  9. Rudak-list

    Sometimes you want a photograph to leap up and slap you in the face with its brilliance (not always though, obviously), taking your eyes on a journey they can scarcely believe. Andy Rudak’s Cardboard Cities does just that, tricking you into believing that you’re just looking at a moody moonlit cityscape. But the truth is there’s more to it than that – every single scene has been laboriously constructed from cardboard by master set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel before being carefully shot for maximum impact. We’re blown away by the results and reckon you might be too. Powerful stuff!

  10. Jackwhite

    It’s tricky to argue with anything that Jack White does these days through the sheer relentlessness of his stunning output; so when he says he wants two versions of himself in the same video, I doubt director Dori Oskowitz put up much of a fight. His latest video for the barnstorming Shakin’ is a triumph of bendy dancers and double vision and I urge you tune in to three and a half polished minutes that ooze brand White.

  11. Untitled-2

    Things Things Things! What a haul this week. Feast yer eyes on a very nick-able Diwali poster, a drool-worthy Sunspel T-shirt, a journal, a debut magazine and a little DIY chair. Never say we don’t give you enough choice…

  12. Main

    Now here is a man who knows what he’s talking about! Matthew Bromley, whose artwork you will probably have come across in the form of Anorak magazine, a publication dedicated specifically to children, but often lusted after by adults for it’s astonishingly good artwork and bank of contributing illustrators. Matthew’s colourful, monster-riddled work has also been displayed in NoBrow’s famously collectable publications, and also in mural form at London’s Beach Gallery. Read on to discover some of the funniest looking kid’s books you’ll ever see, accompanied by some insider knowledge from Matthew himself.

  13. Weekender%e2%80%93list

    “I am James, prince of The Weekender and defender of the secrets of witty cultural humour. This is Liv, my fearless friend. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic keyboard and said, “By the power of It’s Nice That! I have the power!” Liv became the mighty Laughter Cat, and I became Weekender-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! Only one other shares this secret — our friend, Rob Alderson, but he’s away in Turkey. Together we defend friday afternoon from the evil forces of boredom." And erm… that was how The Weekender was born. Or was that He-Man?

  14. Main1

    Look away now if you’re getting a little bit down in the dumps about the imminent season of rain and wind. Editorial photographer Anton Renborg has made himself a collection of some rather special photographs of people and places with one thing in common…being drenched in sunlight. Featured on the likes of Nowness and commissioned by fashion-types such as WeSC, Anton’s ability to take a portrait of a place as well as a person is clearly becoming the toast of the fashion and creative world. FYI the place in these photos is called Calvi, and I’ve already looked at flights. See you there!

  15. Podcast-list

    Oh hi again! It’s Nice That’s Studio Audience podcast is back for another irreverent look at the week’s cultural and artistic news. In this week’s instalment we’ve got a rookie cast in the form of It’s Nice That founder Will Hudson in the presenter’s chair, joined by director Alex Bec and editorial assistant James Cartwright. If you’re concerned that a gang of novices might not deliver 23 minutes of witty debate, don’t be – the guys smash it.

  16. Roses%e2%80%93list

    Russ McClintock is an American photographer living in the UK. As an alien in our strange land he notices more acutely the bizarre traditions that we Britain’s perceive to be normal. In the case of 24 Rose Varieties that applies to the ridiculous names that we give to our plants. ‘Sexy Rexy’, ‘Pensioners Voice’ and ‘Just Joey’ are all names that we’ve decided to bestow on our most romantic native plant, but quite why these names have been chosen is anyone’s guess. Regardless, Russ’ images serve as an amusing portrait of Britain’s traditional quirks. We’re an odd bunch aren’t we.

  17. Main

    Roll up and get yer Friday pre-lash on with this video directed by the rather talented and slightly bonkers Vicky Simmons for the band Shields. Vicky has stuck her arm into the past, felt around, and dragged back the toys people associate with christmases when the purse-strings were tight, the humble sock puppet! What looks like a CBBC ident at first glance, turns out to be a particularly hilarious video of wilfully violent socks that will get you in the mood for a weird and wild weekend. Enjoy!

  18. Douglaslee-list

    Ever drooled over your dad’s — or brother’s, or your own — record collection and ran your hands over the sleeves dreaming of airbrushed babes and toothpaste typography? If the answer is yes, and I sincerely hope it is, then you are certainly in the right place. Douglas Lee, one of the many talented illustrators of agency extraordinaire Monsieur L’agent, is one of those great people who ditched doing anything studious and taught himself the real things that matter in life: illustration, photography, graphic design and, most importantly, how to be really, really cool. See his artwork for Ariel Pink for proof of this, and while you’re there check out the smashing job he did on making old lady nail varnish look totes contemporary and trendy for French magazine Jalouse.

  19. Monstersuni%e2%80%93list

    When the first Monsters Inc. film came out in 2001 I was 13 years old and a little old to unashamedly rave about it to everyone I knew – though I really, really wanted to. In the 11 years that have passed since I’ve probably watched it 20 times, and the exploits of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan still aren’t getting old. So please forgive me as I get obsessively excited about the forthcoming release of the Monsters Inc. prequel, Monsters University, and the spoof website that Pixar have just launched to promote it.

  20. Edibleselby%e2%80%93list

    That Todd Selby character has made a name for himself by getting into places (mostly the homes of fiercely creative folks) that most other’s couldn’t. We’ve seen him film, photograph and sketch the great and the good of the fashion, design and art industry for over four years now and we’re still lapping it up. But Todd’s about to change up his game a little and release a book that deals with a different kind of creativity – the culinary kind.

  21. Sauvage%e2%80%93list

    Following on from his 2010 film This Is Not A Suit, Adrien Sauvage returns with a brand new, though decidedly aged, infomercial, The Student, that restates and expands upon the idea of D.E – a relaxed sartorial philosophy coined by Adrien that takes inspiration from Gus Van Sant. Here we see it applied to a variety of day-to-day scenarios, from egg-eating to recreational dancing. Written and directed by the designer himself, and starring Submarine’s Craig Roberts, this excellent piece of film is perfectly paced and acerbically witty. “The student has already perfected the art of not rising before 12…”

  22. Jamesgraham_-_list

    James Graham is one dangerously talented individual. The London-based illustrator is an alumnus of the Royal College of Art – we featured his work when he was still just a bright-eyed student – but since graduating he’s been busy producing a wonderfully cohesive body of work for some top-notch clients (Selfridges, Wired, The New York Times and Esquire have all made use of his skills). Most recently he worked with Johnny Kelly and NB Studio to produce this animation Why Us that we showed you last week. But you already know about that, so best just to keep perusing the work of an image-maker at the very top of his game. Nice work Mr. Graham!

  23. Sleeperhold-list

    We’ve got a huge amount of respect for anyone riding the perilous wave of independent publishing at the moment. It’s seems you can’t go a week without a new title or platform rising up and then disappearing almost immediately. To woefully mix metaphors, it’s a jungle out there!

  24. Romeuf-list

    Parisian polymath Emmanuel Romeuf has a portfolio full to bursting with great work in all shapes and sizes. The illustrator-cum-graphic designer dabbles in all aspects of the creative process, from digital painting and drawing to art direction and fashion styling. There’s no end to the variety of work displayed on Emmanuel’s site – logo redesigns for L’Oreal sit side-by-side with illustrations of strange fictional kingdoms, crisp logos above hand-rendered type. It’s an impressive selection indeed.

  25. Derekwelsh-list

    It’s not often we feature furniture design here on It’s Nice That, and we like to think that means you can rest assured that when we do, it’s seriously good stuff. You’ll be pleased to hear that Derek Welsh’s new collection, Graft, is no exception to this rule, featuring admirable craftsmanship and beautifully selected materials.

  26. Mplist

    Where digital art often operates at its most jaw-dropping is in its ability to recreate phenomena which one would instinctively assume was too rooted in the messy complexities of the real world to be mimicked. Human movement falls into that category and motion capture has allowed for some truly stunning renderings of bodily form – but they don’t come much better than this. The ever-brilliant Universal Everything have created five pieces for the framed digital art display at Tokyo’s Omotesando. The works recreate the movements of a Tai Chi master and are described by the UE team as “a series of impossible physical sculptures embodying the human spirit.”

  27. Main2

    HarrimanSteel have proved to pretty much the whole world that it’s possible to take a relatively straightforward brief and make sure there’s fireworks (and axes) involved. Commissioned to rebrand DMAX Italia, they set out to make some pretty smashing idents based around cause-and-ffect contraptions.

  28. List

    It’s one of the enduring mysteries that underpins the art and design world – why creatives have an affinity with certain colours and combinations. A new series by the ever-impressive viction:ray called Palette explores one colour scheme at a time in an attempt to shed some light on this enigmatic subject, kicking off with Black & White — New Monochrome Design.

  29. List

    There’s not many websites where you can flit happily from a rather rude representation of underwear-clad shenanigans to a smart depiction of cybersecurity, but then there aren’t many illustrators like Stephen Cheetham. The London-based creative has a portfolio of work which can be charming, funny and surprising in turn and a simple, colourful style which works across commissions for the likes of Nike, Creative Review, Bloomberg and The Big Issue. Throw in some excellent personal work (including aforementioned delightful naughtiness) and the best 3D piece featuring a giant-tongued bear you will see this week, and you’re looking at a seriously impressive young talent.

  30. Filmtheorylist

    We’ve got a lot of time for duos here at It’s Nice That – Laurel and Hardy, Reeves and Mortimer, Gilbert and George; all great individually (maybe not Laurel) but somehow improved by the addition of a partner. We’re now pleased to add Cox and Grusenmeyer, a design duo based in Antwerp, to that distinguished list. Having collaborated since their undergraduate studies, the pair have been making striking print matter, websites and other digital works for an intellectually heavyweight list of clients. Charmingly the pair have remained firm collaborators during a stint of postgraduate studies at different institutions, a display of commitment that’s testament to the strength of both their creative output and their belief in the power of two.

  31. Jdlist

    We used to seeing portrait photographs capturing those inexplicable, quintessential qualities that make human faces so fascinating, but it’s not as common to see an illustrator with the same skill. There’s not too much information about Dublin-based Denise Nestor on her site but truth be told there’s not too much else need to know. Her portraits are delicate, personal and compelling – and you feel closer to her subjects after just a few minutes in her portfolio.

  32. Main_10-21-16

    As one of the first artistic acts we perform in our lives, from painting with our dinner to throwing wet toilet paper on to the ceiling at school, unexpected mark-making is always a winner. Taisuke Koyama, a Japanese fine-art photographer, likes to zoom in on the overlooked bit of life, and creates sets of themed photographs that require a closer look to be fully appreciated.

  33. Mimileung-list

    Mimi Leung has been on the move for the past few years. The Melbourne-based illustrator used to call London her home before disappearing off to the outback to teach drawing to kids. We missed her while she was gone as we were denied the brightly coloured, mischievous characters that Mimi’s famous for, in our newspapers, magazines and posters.

  34. List

    When it comes to finishing off a yoghurt there are three types of people in this world – spoon-scrapers, pot-lickers or just the plain yoghurt-wasters. But whatever your yoghurt finishing approach, I doubt that when creating their wonderfully bizarre installation for this year’s Beijing’s Design festival the talented people at Aidia Studios could have cared less – as long as they got their 1,664 ceramic yoghurt pots to form the basis of their phenomenal light installation they were happy.

  35. Marathon

    Joy, joy and more joy here for you this morning in the form of Bloeme Van Bon’s super-nice illustration. Apart from having one of the best names in the business, Bloeme is also remarkably talented with the humble pencil, which you’ll see proof of in her detailed, swirling drawings. She’s not a one-trick pony though, as her gouache work is life-affirmingly brilliant, depicting creaky town folk, tropical markets and family portraits. So have a mug of something hot at the ready before you look through her (seemingly) relatively unknown portfolio, and make a note to swap all your biros for coloured pencils and paintbrushes.

  36. Main

    Gather round everyone! We have a new student of the month, and boy is she unique! Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo, and using imagery usually found in Renaissance murals or Monty Python opening credits, Daphne’s huge illustrations and animations depict whole new worlds of gods vs mortals tomfoolery. In time out of her rigorous RCA schedule, Daphne was kind enough to answer some questions for us about the inspiration and routine behind her fantastically unique illustration.

  37. Mmlist

    Few books in the art and design world have been as eagerly anticipated this year as this monograph charting 20 years of M/M’s ground-breaking, genre-busting practice. And the good news is that it seems to have been well worth the wait as this comprehensive tome, designed by Graphic Thought Facility, is a beautiful insight into Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak’s Paris studio.

  38. List1

    What do you get if you cross David Bailey, a selection of the art world’s finest young talent and eloquent men’s style know-it-all Mr Porter? By all means fantasise away at the many dreamy possibilities but one thing you can be sure of is that whatever the outcome, combining the three was always going to make for a pretty damn cool show.

  39. List

    Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking Rob, come on, we are so over lip-synch music videos. They’ve been done to death – why do I need to watch another one? Well because Sam Bailey and Amer Chadha-Patel have done something really great for Francobollo’s single Basketball. The duo are clearly well aware of the ubiquitous vernacular in which they are operating and are therefore confident enough to play with the rules, leading to some delightfully unexpected moments. Sam says that the video is about " the post-break-up-sex-rampage that we’ve all been a witness of, an accessory to or actually perpetrated," and be sure to watch right to the end if you’re a fan of pale flesh…

  40. Yoshida_list

    It’s no secret that we’re total suckers for exceptional stationery, but this new work for Swedish-Japanese architecture practice Yoshida Design is on another level. Created by Lundgren Linqvist, the identity utilises clean lines and four carefully chosen accent colours to wonderful effect, aiming to emulate the practice’s architectural aesthetic. There’s also a delicate balance between Franklin Gothic and kanji characters that echoes the firm’s dual nationality.