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    If you’re one for transforming the coffee rings on your notebook into characters then you’ll undoubtedly appreciate Marcellus Hall. The editorial illustrator has worked with some of the biggest names in publishing, but his latest project, a series of postcards created using pen, ink and watercolour, is decidedly more freehand than what he’s used to.

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    Yeah ok so it’s a bit dark and drizzly outside but that just means we’re going to have to work extra hard to brighten up your lives for the next few months and we’re going to start right ruddy here. We’re on the hunt for our October Student of the Month, an exciting, original and engaging young creative working anywhere in the world. So why not send us your work and we’ll select the person who most floats our boat. The closing date is midnight on Wednesday October 31 – good luck!

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    Hats off to Brecht Vandenbroucke, not merely for providing us with fantastic illustration that cranks up the “how good is life?” meter by about three notches, but for taking time out to tell us in quite astonishing detail all about his very enviable bookshelf. We featured Brecht’s much-adored work on the site last week and coulnd’t resist asking him which books inspire him to make such eye-popping, other-worldy pictures.

  4. Things-list

    We English are famed for our chat about the weather, so rather than break with tradition, people of It’s Nice That.. oh my hasn’t it got cold!? And with not a glimmer of sunshine to be seen in these grey skies why not indulge in the bright rays of this week’s Things, with t-shirts, catalogues, magazines and sketch books it’s a cheery mix whatever the weather.

  5. Weekender-list

    There’s no denying it any longer. It’s time for The Weekender just to put this out there and be who it really is. Tired of living a lie, of conforming to the “norms” of “society” it is time to reclaim myself and hang the consequences. Ready? My name is The Weekender and I prefer mandarins to clementines. Take that The Man! Here goes nothing…

  6. Main1

    You get the feeling when you walk into the Royal College of Art that you’re in a laboratory of buzzing brains, because every student in there is either on their way to brilliance, or already there. Esprit seems to have taken notice of the RCA’s habit of churning out some of the most fantastic, fresh-faced and eager fashion designers in the world and has set the students a brief asking “Can fashion can be truly sustainable?”

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    It’s been a whole week since we held our one-day creative symposium Here and to be honest we miss it already. Earlier this week we praised our incredible speakers to the high heavens but here also played host to some amazing live elements during the day.

  8. Sgs

    “Can I put this in your pocket?…You have really nice handwriting…Can you pass me that blanket?…Can I steal one of your fries?” These are just a few quotes taken from the 800 or so Tweets compiled by Kyle Humphries and Graydon Sheppard under the Twitter handle Shit Girls Say.

  9. Main3

    Kind of Chris Cunningham, kind of Twin Peaks, Emily Kai Bock (who was responsible for the fame-inducing video for Grimes that you can see here) has produced another stonker for the most talked-about band of this week, Grizzly Bear. Making a video for a group with such a devout, almost cult-like following can’t be easy, particularly when their hotly-anticipated new album has received some of the best reviews ever written, but she’s totally pulled it off. I won’t go on about the content, the most-liked YouTube comment on the video does that job for me.

  10. Owendavey-list

    Coming across Owen Davey’s portfolio again was like running into an old friend on the street that you’ve absent-mindedly lost touch with – simultaneously really enjoyable and mildly guilt-ridden. You see we featured some of Owen’s work on the site way back when royal wedding hysteria was in full swing. He’d been working at Orange, had illustrated some charming plates and we vowed to ourselves that we’d give his work more of the space it deserved. But then we just lost touch (figuratively speaking).

  11. Cm

    Us humans are a perplexing bunch. Tell us that we can’t have something and my word that is the ONLY thing in the world we can think about. Iconic Italian fashion brand Missoni seem to appreciate this and so have collaborated with Converse to bring back some of their deadstock fabrics which are no longer available.

  12. Serialcut-list

    Madrid-based design and art direction studio Serial Cut don’t do subtle – in fact they’re probably not even familiar with the word. What they do understand however is brash, bold and highly-polished so it’s no surprise that they’ve opted for Extra Bold as the title of their very first retrospective publication, looking back at the past 13 years of the studio’s creative output.

  13. Subform-list

    We can only speak for ourselves here but none of us has ever seen such such a comprehensive and generous catalogue for a university summer show. Subform (aka Dennis de Vries) has done a pretty magnificent job designing the package for Minerva Academy of Visual Art and Design’s 2011-2012 graduate crop. You want to know a bit of background about the academy itself? No problem, there’s a piece of literature in there for that. How about all the different courses showing work? Sure thing, each one has its own personal catalogue. All of these beautifully printed documents come in a screen-printed cardboard envelope with a whole bunch of posters and an invite to the private view thrown in for good measure – which really puts a bog-standard catalogue to shame. Food for thought for next year’s summer exhibitors!

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    Where to start with talking about Aidan’s work? Just like it’s difficult to express to someone how good a film is when you’re telling them about it in a pub, it’s hard to convey the sheer brilliance of Aidan’s stories with words alone. Using predominantly colour pencil and soft artists materials, Aidan tells almost Chirs Ware-like stories of shyness, human behaviour and loveliness with some magic mixed in.

  15. Andrelist

    Nature is incredible isn’t it? Beholding the ability to completely blow your mind and defy all realms of possibility in an instant – you can’t help but admire mother nature’s unpredictable but truly magnificent touch.

  16. Johndiebel-list

    Minneapolis resident John Diebel spent most of the 1980s living in and around Berlin. As anyone who’s ever visited the city will know, the experience of immersing yourself in one of Europe’s most unique cultures has something of a lasting effect. For John Berlin’s legacy was felt most profoundly in his artwork and the architectural representations the city’s streets inspired.

  17. List

    Issues around digital and print media, information overload and our changing habits of consumption tend to be mired in fairly dry academic debates, so it’s nice to see a project exploring them in a more creative way.

  18. Posterslist

    Last weekend saw the London Art Book Fair ahead of its New York counterpart starting tomorrow, and among the many attractive propositions – for those who, like us, are perfectly placed in the art-book Venn diagram – were the Whitechapel Gallery’s sale of exhibition posters. If art is a mirror on society, then show posters are the very public point at which artists and galleries seek to convince the wider world of that mirror’s significance and so these are fascinating cultural documents.

  19. Mmmain

    If you’ve ever wandered around a public space when it is completely deserted you’ll know that it is a special but pretty surreal experience. So when Massimo Listri went about photographing some of Europe’s biggest and most beautiful public spaces with not a single person to be seen, the results were unsurprisingly rather stunning.

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    For several weeks, you couldn’t move in London without coming across these posters for The Vaccines’ new album. The unnerving gaze of the scary girls seemed to stalk me across the city and it was no surprise to learn the posters were the brainchild of long-time friend of the site Damien Poulain. In fact, the project is one of the new works on Damien’s super-shiny relaunched website and we caught up with him to find out a bit more about working with such a big-name band…

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    Musician, socialite, dominatrix, full-time muse and transgender icon Amanda Lepore is no stranger to the lens. Having served as David LaChapelle’s creative inspiration since the early 1990s she’s spent more than her fair share of time in front of a camera. But her role in Elias Wessel’s new series There Must Be More To Life casts her in a more restrained, infinitely less neon light.

  22. Simonbent-list

    Graphic Designer Simon Bent (aka Volume 2a) has confirmed two long-held suspicions for me with his striking portfolio of work; firstly, that bright, bold graphic design and thumping music is a match made in heaven, and secondly that Melbourne is a place I’d really like to visit. Working predominantly for an exceptionally trendy client list, Simon’s work is awash with experimental geometric forms, free-flowing line work and bright, engaging colours as well as some pleasingly abstract type and a plethora of visual trickery. Melbourne’s music scene is lucky to have such a talented designer creating the visuals for their night-time activities.

  23. Ageofadolesence-list

    Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s kids were cooler than they are now. They smoked, drank and got themselves tattooed with reckless abandon for they knew nothing of carcinogenic side-effects and hepatitis. They also had much better hair – so much so that the short back and sides with pomade slicked through it remains the haircut of choice for the achingly cool of London, New York and Paris.

  24. Main

    When you are confronted with statistics such as 210,000 people a year are reported missing, it’s kind of hard to get your head around, and the last thing on your mind is probably where the person was last seen. Pauline Magnenat boasts an intensely tranquil and almost palpable photographic portfolio full of bright sunlight, dark forests and gritty beaches and family histories. She has also contributed work to the Novembre Magazine Blog.

  25. Listps

    Last Friday 500 people packed into the glorious surroundings of The Royal Geographical Society for our biggest ever event, Here. We decided not to overcomplicate things – invite great speakers, put them on stage and let their talents and insights do the rest, and the result was something pretty special – entertaining, informative and inspiring (even if we do say so ourselves!).

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    While we like artists to have passion for their craft we also like to find out a little bit about them too, so when we heard about ridiculously talented illustrator JooHee Yoon and her passion for “cooking obscure root vegetables”, we instantly developed a bit of a soft spot for her (how could you not!).

  27. Kw

    People wing the phrase “creative freedom” about willy nilly, which is no real bad thing but nothing quite sums up complete creative freedom to me more than the plentiful work of Kim Westfall. Her style, palette and sheer quantity of work more than suggest that her dedication to painting is as clear as the energy that flows through her images. Scrolling through them is like tearing through an overgrown, wet forest full of tropical flowers, stopping only when you come across her astounding, monochrome pen and ink work. These works are, if anything, just as beautiful as her colourful paintings, and the joy of seeing an artist try their hand at other mediums even when they’ve got such a strong, rich style that doesn’t even need altering is just totally the best thing ever.

  28. List

    Beer and graphic design. Graphic design and beer. Two houses, both alike in dignity, in fair Colorado where we lay our scene…Excuse the melodrama but we adore this new work from brilliant San Francisco studio Manual.

  29. Sovietposters-list

    It’s tricky to reconcile these brightly coloured images of gravity-defying cars and high-speed bullet trains to the post-war Soviet Union, with its gulags and widespread famine, though you could quite easily imagine Stalin demanding that flying automobiles feature heavily in his final five-year plan. Regardless of whether these futuristic illustrations are in any way representative of their creators’ homeland, the vivid palettes and whimsical subject matter are utterly charming in their own right, and demonstrate the striking parallels between contemporary Soviet and American culture – light-heartedly preempting the furious competition of the space race.

  30. List-jang

    You know how it is, spend a few weeks putting your heart and soul into a project and then two weeks later it’s a thing of the past, stashed away under your bed never to see the light of day again. It is an all too familiar story for photographer Michael Jang, but 30 years after snapping the sparky faces of those auditioning to become weather reporters back in the 1980s, his portrait series Summer Weather finally emerged last May and let me tell you, it is well and truly worth the wait.

  31. Nikonlist

    Director Laura Bellingham has created a new advert for Nikon which is a marked shift from the Japanese camera giant’s previous approach. Whereas their last campaigns played more on how cameras shape and define our memories, Tears plays on the ambiguity of the action of crying and the many and varied contexts in which it occurs. It’s beautifully shot, treading the right line between moving and mawkish and it features not a single shot of either a camera or anyone taking a photograph. A simple idea, executed really well.

  32. Main

    Designing your dream house when you were younger was always pretty fun. Give the horses a swimming pool, get a helicopter/dragon pad on the fifth turret of the eighth wing, make the moat run with lemonade…you remember, right? Well, a lot of us (barring those, including myself, who continued playing Sims until they were well past puberty) gave it all up years ago, but Tom Ngo has never quite got over it – and boy are we glad! A philosopher, architect and illustrator, Tom’s work amalgamates the three contrasting subjects with exquisite draughtsmanship and creates beautiful, floating dream houses that’ll have you reaching for your pen and designing your own again in no time.

  33. Nblist

    Some combinations just sound irresistible, so when ace photographer Neil Bedford sent us his new work for the brilliant Green Soccer Journal and told us it featured Phil Daniels (actor and more importantly the voice of Parklife) dressed up as a football manager we were truly excited.

  34. List-jh

    “It’s what is on the inside that counts” – we are all familiar with that old phrase, but while I am all for kicking out superficiality, when it comes to books, looking nice on the outside as well as being pretty great on the inside surely can’t be a bad thing. Brilliant artwork, brilliant stories, it is a no-brainer really and something graphic designer Julian Montague has rather fortunately become pretty accustomed to.

  35. Mslist

    I feel a bit sorry for Myspace, which fell from grace so spectacularly it became a social media punchline of the early 2000s, a nostalgic staging post on route to the Facebook-Twitter axis of everywhere. But yesterday something extraordinary happened – MySpace released a teaser video showing off its new look and, whisper it, it looks pretty darn impressive.

  36. Tk-list

    Given his vast and distinctive body of work, we’re mildly ashamed to say we’ve only just discovered illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi. The Japanese illustrator is a graduate of Art Center College of Design, Pasadena and has worked for some of the biggest and best clients out there across the US, Europe and his native Japan.

  37. Inblist

    Hey there big guy. How you doing today? Boss on your back? Bus broke down? Biscuit tin raided before your break? Hey don’t worry, it’s not that bad. And why are so phlegmatic? Because we’ve submitted to It’s No Biggie, a project by Thoka Maer, aka Lisette Berndt, a Berlin-based illustrator. Her series of charmingly-drawn illustrations of frustrating situations ranging from the recognisable (can’t get your bearings) to the more esoteric (mum didn’t see the UFO behind her). Sweet, silly and really lovely to look at, it’s also a great resource for those days when it all seems a bit too much.

  38. List-dan

    There are two things that you should know about Daniel Peter. Number one, he’s a pretty exceptional graphic designer and number two, he’s quite a dab hand when it comes to designing posters. Living and working in Switzerland, Daniel’s portfolio is bursting with creativity and flair and, with his use of wonderfully inventive typography and bold block colours, you can’t help but go all giddy at the fruits of his talents as a graphic designer.

  39. Main

    Renowned for their self-proclaimed UK’s Largest Street Style Archive, it comes as no surprise that the series of short, beautiful videos this fashion brand have released are spot-on style-wise. Each video follows young, successful people with exceedingly good taste (a food stylist, an actress, a tattoo artist and a menswear designer/dj) around their day-to-day business with a very good camera, giving us a sneaky peek into their dribble-inducingly enviable lives . I mention the camera only because they have somehow managed to make Brixton look like the most expensive parts of Brooklyn, which, if you’ve been to Brixton, isn’t quite the case. So on-trend hats off to Coggles! We can’t wait to see who they shadow next.

  40. Es-list

    As you may know, Ewen Spencer is already well up there on our long list of incredible photographers – having wooed us with both his Waglad and Three’s a Crowd series several years back, there is no denying his talent.