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    Depending on your experiences, the word “intervention” may conjure up either images of earnest American families confronting wayward members over their drink/drugs/ebay addictions or even more earnest artistic happenings which serve often to baffle and bemuse.

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    It’s well established now that in the socially-engaged world the way brands interact with their customers has changed, and there’s no going back. But recognising this new reality and responding to it in interesting, innovative and effective ways are two very different things, and that’s where The Rumpus Room comes in.

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    Without beating around the puke-covered bush, this is one of the most horrible, brilliant, obscenely magnificent publications ever to plop through the door of It’s Nice That. Kyle Platts, whose work we came across at the Camberwell Degree Show last year and totally swooned over, has created a whole comic book and has published it through the good people at NoBrow much to the delight of all his fans.

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    Frankly there are not many men out there that can go about town sporting pink leggings and still manage to maintain their dignity, let alone their cool. So when Colombian photographer Daniella Benedetti set about photographing Parisian fashion label Pigalle’s latest collection – complete with multiple variations of male pink leggings – I think it is fair to say that she had quite a task laid before her. But photograph she did and I think it is safe to say that the results are simply stunning.

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    Some very private images here from Kohei Yoshikuyi his 1970s series The Park which began as he strolled through a park one night, only to stumble upon groups of men and women copulating in the bushes. Voyeurism at its most powerful, these images speak of an entire underground society that comes to life at night, of silk shirts and flares, of grass stains and flashbulbs in the dark.

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    When it comes to advertising the very best ads have to be the most memorable ones and whilst that leaves Compare the Meercat and a whole host of other jingle-heavy, unavoidably catchy advertisements permanently embedded in your mind, it also makes the hard-hitting films which carry the somewhat more serious messages at the forefront of your thoughts.

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    For the past few years one of the highlights of the London Design Festival has been Tom Dixon’s Portobello destination The Dock bringing together not only new work from one of the godfathers of the UK design scene, but also interesting and unusual collaborators.

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    What’s the alchemy that goes into making a really great advert? We know it’s a combination of ideas, creativity, execution, relevance and impact but how can you really know if something’s going to be a hit? Well creative studio A Very Successful Business (aka Adam Morley and Dulcie Cowling) have got round this uncertainty by producing a set of Very Successful Adverts so you know they’re going to be good.

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    It’s tempting to think of prisons like the ones you remember from old movies, such as the merry lunch halls of The Blues Brothers, the solitary confinement cells of The Shawshank Redemption and the rather jovial, free-range atmosphere of The Great Escape. Fact of the matter is though, times have changed and prisons have totally evolved.

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    When it comes to cutting it as a successful illustrator in such a competitive, talented and progressively innovative creative field, developing a distinctive style is paramount. Luckily for us and also pretty luckily for him, Japanese artist Yosuke Yamaguchi hits the nail on the head, standing out from the crowd with his delicate and intricately detailed illustrations. With his illustrations ranging from dreamy ghost-like figures to elongated cats upon a beautiful backdrops, it seems that he is pretty good when it comes to diversity too, and with his beautiful use of colour and impressive steady hand, I dare you not to be wowed.

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    When I plunge into a pool of water chances are that any attempt at an underwater mugshot would be unlikely to catch me at my finest, let alone capture an image that could be in any way described as beautiful. In fact far far from it which may be why I find Christy Lee Rogers’ latest exhibit, Reckless Unbound quite so impressive. Capturing a barrage of bodies submerged in tropical Hawaiian waters in the dead of the night, Christy’s photographs are seriously beautiful.

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    At this year’s London Design Festival, The V&A wanted to open up some of its hidden spaces to public view and use them to host projects which would create unique experiences. For the museum’s flagship LDF offering they have achieved this – and then some.

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    The King and Queen of pattern are undoubtedly Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto – in their studio behind Brixton Prison they are producing stonking patterns, season after season. 

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    Strong lines, a penchant for pastel and a knack for explaining gravity in a few simple diagrams are some of the reasons why Anna’s work is particularly great for anyone who’s into editorial illustration. Her ability to communicate a subject to the viewer is particularly prevalent in her newer work, which explores scientific theory, sunglasses and deep-sea creatures. You’d be forgiven for thinking her earlier work was actually by someone else entirely, but although it may be less immediate, it’s some very, very high class illustration with some truly brilliant characters.

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    As ever the V&A is taking centre stage at this year’s London Design Festival with the usual mix of ambitious and well-conceived projects. Nendo’ s Mimicry Chairs is one of the exhibits on show at the flagship venue and as with many of the V&A’s offerings over the years, the project references and reacts to the space, or rather spaces, in which it sits.

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    There’s something pretty remarkable about beach holidays and their incredible ability to make us whack out those swimming trunks or indeed that skimpy bikini and boldly parade the beach as if we were David Hasselhoff’s/Pamela Anderson’s body double like there was no tomorrow. Inhibitions and body hang-ups out the window, beach holidays are just great! And so when photographer Benoit Paillé set about wandering the beaches of Mexico and capturing tourists in all their beach finery, the results could only be brilliant.

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    Rotterdam-based Studio Dumbar have been producing excellent work for more than three decades and their recently-relaunched website gave us a fantastic chance to remind ourselves of their talents. Their portfolio is choc full of brilliant stuff but it was these award-winning posters for The Amsterdam Sinfonietta that really turned our heads.

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    Even though we knew about Joe as he contributed some rip-roaringly good publications to our 2011 Pick Me Up, I stumbled across his work again when met with his Webcam Babes project and knew we had to feature him once more. Amongst seemingly childish characters in his work lurk hints of chest-hair, wrinkles and full-drontal nudity which is at once cute and hilarious. He doesn’t just deal in naughty images though, as you’ll see he’s also a bit of a whizz at drawing instruments, as well as making some particularly terrific zines. Joe is part of the Eafday Collective, whose friendly, all-inclusive work you can see more of here

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    While the London Design Festival may be a good chance to discover some new and exciting talents you’ve never heard of before, it’s also a chance to remind yourself of some of the best in thus business. At Design Junction Outline Editions are showcasing new prints form the creme de la creme of graphic and illustrative art including Anthony Burill, Noma Bar, Kristjana S Williams and Malika Favre

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    It was the defining question of last Christmas _ did you find Adam & Eve’s John Lewis advert a tearjerking reminder of what the holiday season could and should be about or did you find it unbearably smug and schmalzy? Either way it was hailed as monster success, scooping awards and apparently contributing to a bumper year for the store.

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    The Friday afternoon routine here at It’s Nice That is a simple one and the last 20 minutes of our working week are spent tidying up the studio (usually to the strains of Bill Wymna’s Je Suis un Rockstar). One of the key jobs at this time is watering our two plants which keep watch over us and though I can’t really explain why, I am oddly attached to them (I have a suspicion my colleagues are too). There’s just something quite life-affirming about their presence and tending to their simple needs can be quietly meditative.

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    Could David Byrne get any cooler? Not content with having one of the most memorable vocals ever, he’s now teamed up with the excellent St.Vincent on a new collaborative album that’s been doing the rounds. The video from the first release Who has been directed by the supremely talented Martin de Thurah and is a beautifully shot monochromatic treat. You know you want to be able to dance like David.

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    As a Birmingham-born London-based writer I know all about different cultural contexts (shut up, they’re VERY different) but my globetrotting pales into insignificance compared to Weng Nam. The Malaysian-born graphic designer now lives and works in The Hague but has also enjoyed stints in Prague and Barcelona. And just as my Brummie roots inform my work (!) Weng combines these various cultural influences with flair and restraint to create beautiful, interesting projects across a range of media. The highlight of his portfolio was this book of seemingly trivial and mundane occurrences in his life recorded during a particular week, but truth be told there’s little wasted time on his (needless to say excellently-designed) website.

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    Some say designers are born not made and if so then the brothers Wouters might be an excellent case in point. The Dutch duo have long been favourites of ours here at It’s Nice That with their shared devotion to aesthetic excellence. Job is better known as Letman whose illustrated typography will be familiar to almost anyone interested in the graphic arts. His quirky style has made him the go-to guy for publications as diverse as The New York Times, Creative Review and Playboy as well as fashion icons like Tommy Hilfiger and Dries van Noten and we also commissioned him for the gorgeous Nice screenprint that was released with Issue 5 of our magazine.

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    If you’ve never heard of Spencer Murphy then I challenge you to Google him and not be met with “Oh he took that photo!”. As well as being responsible for some very serene Guardian Weekend, FT and Seven features where he shows off his skill of making contemporary male actors look like James Bond, Spencer also shot ghostly surfboards for the Surfers Against Sewage campaign we featured a few months back. And he’s just been shortlisted for the prestigious Taylor Wessing prize for his Mark Rylance shot for The Telegraph, which is AMAZING.

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    It’s Saturday, it’s the weekend and that can mean only one more thing – form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen because Things is here and this week it is looking as glorious as ever! With zines, magazines, graphic design and finger printing we really are treating you…

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    The Weekender is a big believer in karma. Just the other day a woman stopped me in the street and asked me for a pound to help her get home. Of course I gave her one, at which point she spat in my face and ran off into a pub. Karma eh? Have I got this right? Bring on the nonsense!

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    Stepping away from her usual paint-based work, Elena’s collages with their colourful array of roughly-cut shapes and subtle, contrasting textures make for a beautiful sight. With each shape delicately arranged to compeiment one another and appearing in such a way that makes you wonder the permanency of it all (is it stuck? Is it placed?), you can consider us firmly placed on the long list of Elena’s appreciators.

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    Photographer Jim Mangan is clearly not someone to do things by halves, in fact quite the opposite. Producing a series of beautiful photographs way back in 2010 surrounding the wonderfully dreamy theme of rebirth, he has only gone on to create a trilogy! And with the third and final addition to the series_Bedu_ sweeping us away with its beauty and serenity, we are seriously impressed.

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    New Zealand-based creative Pete McDonald brings new meaning to the phrase “versatility.” Working across graphic design, digital and illustration, he has an uncanny ability to select and work in styles that range as far and wide as The Fellowship of the Ring. With so many strings to his bow, it’s no surprise big-name clients have been queuing up to hire him and his portfolio includes work for the lies of Google, Nike, Converse and Coke. While initially the switching of styles is a bit disorienting, after a while you realise that this eclecticism is his strength and he is able to render eye-catching, effective imagery across his various fields and aesthetics.

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    Ever spent an afternoon at one of those pottery cafes when you were young, with shelves of unglazed pots and mugs just begging for you to plonk your drawings on and be placed in the kiln.  It certainly made for a couple of fun hours with something special to take home at the end but for illustrator Charlotte Mei, this is no rare treat.  The brilliant recent Camberwell graduate takes it to the next level creating her own super ceramics – the personality-packed plates and bowls are so adorable so you just want to pinch their noses. She also has an interesting illustration portfolio which contains ample evidence of that same charm and wit.

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    Working across many different areas can be tricky but David Rudnick makes it look easy with his prolific portfolio of super cool work.

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    The punk movement is not something I remember and yet its graphic vernacular is immediately recognisable. A new book and show at London’s Hayward Gallery brings together posters, fanzines, flyers, clothes, photographs and other visual ephemera which sprung forth from this particularly British countercultural movement. But Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage, the editors of Punk: An Aesthetic believe punk’s aesthetic can be enjoyed both on its own terms and for its legacy which still endures to this day.

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    When it comes to the art-world sometimes you just have to rely upon the fact that most things end up looking a whole lot better than they actually sound. The same philosophy applies to banana smothered in peanut butter but it’s very evident in the wonderfully bizarre work of photographer Alexander Kent.

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    This year’s London Design Festival which kicks off officially this weekend is the event’s tenth anniversary, but graphic design studio Build is going one better, holding a show to mark 11 years in the business. Creative director Michael C Place struck out on his own after leaving The Designers Republic in Sheffield and hasn’t looked back, amassing a roster of design-savvy clients like Nokia, The Design Museum and Getty Images.

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    Every so often I sit in my modest London flat and allow myself to dream up fantasies of my ideal house, complete with its bourgeois paint-job, high ceilings and sash windows. But when I crash back down to reality, my am I thankful for posters, making the walls of otherwise drab rooms homely, colourful and beautiful since as long as I can remember. I owe my fondness of each of my humble little abodes all to posters.

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    Amid all the talk of The Venice Architecture Bienniale, the British pavilion has slipped under the radar a bit. But in industry terms, the UK’s offering is arguably of the most value, as curators Vanessa Norwood and Vicky Richardson challenged ten architecture practices (including Smout Allen and Aberrant) to go out to ten different countries and bring back ideas that could help shape the future of building in Britain. Their findings are now on display at the Venice jamboree and our pals at went out to get a flavour of what they learned. This is an absolutely key video for anyone interested in the future of architecture, or the future of how we live our lives come to think of it…

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    Ok if you’ve just had a big lunch or had a heavy night last night you may want to save this work for later because it is going to mess with you a bit. The superbly-talented Blommers & Schumm have created this series of portraits for Hector magazine mixing Bridget Riley-esque visual trickery with a fun spot-the-figure game and the results are mindbending in the truest sense of the word.

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    “It could be better” is a phrase thrown around in Post Projects studio. Better? We think this Vancouver based studio work is ace already. With a fantastic body of print work, Post Projects produce useful pieces and programmes which you don’t want to throw away. Just take a look at their sing-along lyric booklet of riot songs for Theo Sim’s art installation The Candahar – a booklet crafted so well you’d rather keep it in crisp in your pocket than rolling it up and batting someone over the head with it while singing “I hate the rich.”

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    So what do ice skaters, chefs, architects, and Marta Długołęcka all have in common? Well, they all possess the enviable skill of managing to make what they do look absolutely effortless. Yes these exquisite portraits of recognisable faces such as Frida Kahlo and Hendrix are made of what looks like Fimo but I’d like to see any of you try to squidge a bit of clay into something that looks remotely like anyone, or even make it look vaguely attractive. After honing this skill in the art of moulding and shaping, Warsaw-born Marta has proceeded to apply it to a number of briefs that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the craft itself. Examples of this include her Dazed & Confused cover and the absolutely inspired selection of famous baddies from history.