1. Jockmooney-list

    Jock Mooney is probably not of sound mind. His sculptural works reduce the world to its most primitive, vulgar elements. Dogs with irritable bowels and extreme nausea are rife within his portfolio, as are zombie transvestites, three-breasted ladies and schoolgirls disguised as landscapes. What is he trying to tell us about the world? That we’re all just floating around in a sea of faecal matter, that everything’s just one big joke? Probably not. Probably nothing. But we don’t care because we just bleedin’ love his work. It’s frivolous, exuberant, chaotic – and all sorts of other adjectives you’d use to describe a wayward toddler – and it brings a terrifically wide grin to our faces. For that Mr. Mooney, we thank you.

  2. List

    Libraries have been in the news a lot this year because as many come under threat of closure, community groups have issued use-it-or-lose-it pleas to remind people why these are such significant facilities.

  3. List

    This weekend the Paralympics draws to a close and so brilliant has it been, so effortlessly has it filled the post-Olympics void left in our hearts and our TV schedules that there’s little doubt it stands out as the best ever.

  4. Mmlist

    Marcus Mrugalla is a bit of an enigma – his website is divided into two, one side for himself and the other for his artist alter-ego Marek Jung. As a designer, artist, photographer and art director perhaps it’s just easier to compartmentalise your creative life into two separate egos – it certainly seems to be working for Marcus. The Berlin-based Polish creative has a stunning body of work encompassing his four disciplines, from sumptuous artist books to highly-polished digital renders.

  5. Main

    Sometimes our favourite music videos are those high-budget, explosion-riddled dramas (think Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around or that one where The Beastie Boys are cops) but then, sometimes a video comes along that’s just the most perfect, simple idea executed with sheer finesse. This is one of those. Get ready to be plunged into a mixed bag of quintessentially British living rooms to witness the pets of the general public. What this video does, apart from fit perfectly to the song (Hypnose, from Metronomy’s new album) is highlight just how weird pets are, and how odd we are for having them in our homes. Don’t turn off before the end, there is a great shot of a tortoise you’d be mad to miss.

  6. Liquidlist

    It’s safe to say we’re pretty immersed in the Paralympics now, once we saw Richard Whitehead smash the men’s 200m finals we got totally hooked. In fact once all this sporting excellence departs from the capital we’re not really sure what we’re going to do with our spare time. Back to watching that box-set of The Wire probably.

  7. Main

    Chances are, if you’ve ever been on holiday and had a few drinks, you may well be harbouring some sweaty, fumbling memories of a 1990s Spanish foam disco in the depths of your brain. Well, it’s finally time to rekindle those memories in the form of Michel Blazy’s Bouquet Final, which is really the first example of how foam should be used (surprisingly not in the fountain of a city centre). Filling an enormous 13th Century monastery in Paris, Michel has installed giant foam-producing machines, bubbling huge quantities of unpredictable wet cloud into the classic architecture of the building. Très belle.

  8. List

    It’s been seven long years since Geoff McFetridge had a show here in London but the wait is almost over as the LA-based super-talent is gearing up to unveil new work a week today.

  9. List

    How come shortlists are always unveiled rather than released? I like it, it brings to mind the image of a ruddy-faced dignitary pulling away a velvet curtain. To be honest I don’t think that’s how The National Portrait Gallery does it when it comes to announcing the shortlist for the prestigious Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, but nevermind because the four photographs in the running are, as ever, stunning.

  10. Eylist

    Artist Eric Yahnker is the master at capturing the twisted, f****d-up modern version of the so-called American Dream. The LA artist has just opened his first ever solo show in New York, Virgin Birth ‘N”Turf, and it’s massive, “three rooms, 3,600 sq. ft. of Yahnker madness!” as he puts it. But despite the quantity there’s no compromise on quality and Yanhker’s eye for the absurdities of American culture and society remain razor-sharp and very, very funny.

  11. Benpawlelist

    Don’t worry, we’ve not swapped editorial teams with Nuts magazine for the day, this is an actual piece of design with very noble intentions. Ben Pawle has created a condom wrapper that can be opened with a single finger-clicking motion. Initially designed for people with hemiplegia, the paralysis of one half of the body, the wrapper is intended to make this everyday (!) task simple for those with the condition.

  12. Main

    Yes that’s right, another Adam Buxton video. What’s that? Oh yes, we do post about him a lot. Why, you say? What do you mean why? This is one of the funniest men on the planet, casually plopping hilarious videos out like there’s no tomorrow to the unadulterated joy of all of his fans.

  13. List

    It’s very hard to write about Nick Drake without finding yourself mired in cliche. The tormented genius, the reclusive enigma, the poet of the dispossessed and the lonely whose death in 1974 aged just 26 robbed music of a genius whose talents were never fully appreciated in his lifetime.

  14. Carpoolers-list

    If you thought that the backs of trucks were solely reserved for carting around those awkwardly-sized bits and pieces (ladders, rubble, the odd sofa) then you obviously have never seen Alejandro Cartagena’s stunning photographs OR been to Mexico.

  15. Main

    It’s not often you come across a graphic design studio that produce their own illustration in-house, but the French have got it effortlessly and stylishly covered. Alles Gut, the design studio created by Antoine Eckhart and Francis Josserand, have the fantastic ability to create really fun designs that, although colourful and friendly, aren’t in the slightest bit twee. One of the nicest things about the work they produce is who they produce it for, including an unconventional illustration for the Eurostar and some truly fantastic posters for a multiple sclerosis meeting. I mean come on, when was the last time you saw a medical poster this side of the channel that you actually wanted to hang on your wall? Exactly.

  16. List-mia

    It must be nice to have a really great sketch book. I’ve always had big plans for one but, no matter how great my intentions, they always end up as unfinished, coffee-stained disasters; shoved to the back of my shelf sulking in the plain embarrassment that comes with being quite so awful.

  17. Objetcolore-list2

    To say that we’re jealous of the inhabitants of Benetton’s Fabrica research department is an understatement. Those guys are living the creative dream in a sci-fi design utopia that Asimov himself couldn’t have dreamt up. Housed in a restored and updated 17th century villa near Venice, participants come from all fields of the creative industry and are invited to collaborate on projects ranging from furniture design to digital research. There’s labs, workshops, a cinema and libraries – exactly how you dreamed art college would be until you arrived at the dilapidated concrete monstrosity for the first time.

  18. List-design

    Wednesdays, who likes Wednesdays? Middle of the week, middle of the road, nothing to write home about but oh this Wednesday, this Wednesday is a glorious one. Because this Wednesday marks the opening of the Design Museum’s fifth annual Designers in Residence exhibition and, showcasing some of the very best young and emerging design talent, the results are quite a spectacle.

  19. Jblist

    You’d think maybe that after coming up with the splendid name for their dedicated James Bond high definition movie channel, Sky 007, the marketing team might have been given some time off to bask in their glory, but it seems like they’ve been hard at it. Not content with the titular brilliance, they’ve just released this amazing trailer ahead of the launch with the slogan “All the Bonds in One Place.” And true to form that’s exactly what they’ve created, with a continuous car chase that flits between Lazenby, Moore, Connery, Brosnan, Craig and Dalton in a high-octane 90 seconds of Bond-based bombast. Admire the cars, the hairstyles and driving manoeuvres that make you stamp down on an imaginary brake every time. Take the afternoon team, you’ve DEFINITELY earned it.

  20. Main2

    I know it’s an age-old trick – if you put palm trees and bright colours on posters it will, generally, promote the idea of “fun,” but who’s complaining? The more palm trees and fun graphic design the better! Lars Moereels from Berlin (where there are all sorts of “fun” events that are just crying out for graphic design to promote them) has got the very useful, contemporary talent of being able to make beautiful work and choosing the perfect way to document it as well.

  21. Pi-list

    What’s better than getting post? Getting embossed post. What’s better than getting embossed post? Getting embossed post that’s a self-contained document. What’s better than getting embossed self-contained document post? Nothing. It offers the maximum level of enjoyment available from the postal service – it’s the apex of postal pleasure.

  22. List

    Well rip up your holiday plans and cancel that appointment with the travel agent (old school) because if you don’t want to visit Iceland after seeing these then there’s something wrong. Very wrong.

  23. Main1

    It’s pretty much a given that a video look-book for Miu Miu’s AW12 collection, which has already spurred worldwide drooling, is going to be a thing of beauty. To celebrate the collection, Miu Miu have commissioned four up-and-coming women in the film industry to create four films entitled Women’s Tales. All magnificent in their own way, we were particularly caught by Massy Tadjedin’s It’s Getting Late, a short film starring well-respected female actresses such as Gemma Arterton and Patricia Clarkson getting ready to attend an intimate Zola Jesus gig. Watch as four women end their daily activities, slip into some evening-wear and head out on the town. Sounds cheesy, I know, but thanks to Zola Jesus’ haunting soundtrack, it’s kind of more on the creepy side and definitely does the required job, which is make those clothes look powerful, beautiful and wearable all in one go.

  24. Main2

    Let’s all give a round of applause to Akihiko for ditching any software trickery and making these fantastic images with only some coloured paper, glue and a mirror (and what looks like quite an expensive antique camera). Commenting on how technology and over-editing can create a sort of tension in photographs, Akihiko is on a journey to prove that all you need to make a beautiful image is your bare hands and some craft supplies. Using mostly red, green and blue tape to as they are “the three primary colors that constitute a pixel,” Akihiko edits only the mirror in front of him before posing for this selection of truly fantastic self-portraits. Pretty inspirational stuff.

  25. Eclipse-list

    Somewhere between Moon, The Fifth Element, Tintin: Destination Moon and 2001: A Space Odyssey sits Eclipse, a brand new piece of animation from Gobelins students (yes, students) Theo Guignard, Noé Lecombre and Hugo Moreno. It’s got all the classic sci-fi staples – eerie soundtrack, mysterious evil/benign paranormal entity, barren lunar landscape – and it’s drawn in a style evocative of the classic cartoon greats. That’s all the information we’re prepared to supply for fear of ruining the experience of this perfectly-paced, beautifully atmospheric animation.

  26. Sagmeister-list

    As graphic designers go, there’s few so notorious as Stefan Sagmeister. The Austrian creative has never shied away from controversy, from the nude publicity shots he used to promote his fledgling one-man studio to the, erm… nude publicity shots he used to promote that same studio’s appointment of a new partner. But there’s more to Sagmeister than just bare flesh and tube socks. As a designer he’s constantly pushed the boundaries of what the design elite, and latterly the general public, perceive to be good design, and in the process developed a globally recognised visual vernacular. You can’t mistake that Sagmeister style.

  27. Design-list

    Wander along London’s South Bank between now and mid-January and sooner or later you’ll stumble upon a giant perspex box containing a beautiful array of Swarovski crystals. But before you think an oligarch has left something behind, you’ll realise it’s part of the Design Museum’s new exhibition Digital Crystal (in association with Swarovski).

  28. List

    You may already know that we’re massive fans of Bela Borsodi whose photography fizzes and pops with charm and humour. The Austrian-born, New York-based creative has an eye for an idea almost second to none and although the set-ups are massively different, there’s a DNA that runs throughout his work of great-looking silliness. One of the newest projects on his site is this series Handtuch for Fräulein magazine and whether you’re an existing Bela fan or a new convert, we think you’ll see what we mean about his brilliance.

  29. Fifa13-4

    This is a story that about something that could have gone very wrong, but actually is very right. The launch of the new FIFA 13 game is a MASSIVE deal if you’re into that sort of thing, and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam were tasked with creating the ad campaign. It could have all been uber slick and uber laddy but this is a cool ad with a real sense of humour. It’s slick no doubt – with a Fatboy Slim remix as the soundtrack and cameos from a host of superstars (Lionel Messi, Joe Hart and um, Harry Redknapp) – but it’s also nicely knowing with neat touches like the console controller stained-glass window, the recreated living-rooms stadia and the youngster giving his own managerial masterclass. It certainly does what it’s meant to do but in a far less pompously bombastic way than we might have feared. Game on.

  30. List

    There’s a neat symmetry going on in Bompas and Parr’s new piece in collaboration with photographer Rebecca Andrews as both fast food and extreme body building tend to excite fairly polarised opinions. You could say they’re both ultimate extrapolations of modern society’s obsessions albeit in different ways – body consciousness and unreal expectations of beauty in one direction, convenience and speed and greed in the other.

  31. Lg-list

    If you’re young, talented and design-obsessed then the place for you is the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Holland’s famous Amsterdam. Seriously, we see so many incredible creatives passing through their doors it’s hard to keep track. In the last four months we’ve featured three Rietveld graduates, Koen Hauser, Jonas Wandeler and Killian Loddo, and we’re about to show you one more.

  32. List

    One of the strangest objects in my mum’s house is a marrow my sister made in pottery class decades ago which she still keeps as a totem of our family’s artistic promise (that was as good as it got). It’s what I picture whenever I hear the word “ceramics” and chances are that for you the first thing that springs to mind is something fairly small scale. But Ceramica Cumella, the subject of a show at the Architectural Association later this month, have recast ceramics on a mind-blowing architectural scale.

  33. Ff-list

    Sometimes it’s good to be serious. If nobody were serious then we wouldn’t have things like science, the automotive industry and intellectual debate – all of which are exceptionally important. Equally it’s good not to be serious, in fact sometimes it’s great to be downright daft. And if you’re in the mood for daftness then allow Timothy Hunt (professionally known as Fickle Fate) to guide you through a state of being with which he’s well acquainted.

  34. Main

    Painting a close-range portrait of someone you love or admire is commendable, painting a picture of anonymous members of the public performing banal human rituals is quite another. The paintings of Serban Savu have a dusty, peaceful charm to them that reminds you of that anonymous, voyeuristic feeling of looking through a hotel window at strangers below. Be it workmen drilling into the side of a cliff, a group of men pushing a broken-down bus, or even just a football game, the consistent theme here is the selfless art of maintenance and the glory of teamwork. Let’s hope that Serban’s work survives us all, so future beings on the planet can look at them and know we were kind, and we toiled, and things were calm.

  35. Db-list

    Every once in a while we come across a studio with such astounding creative prowess we can scarcely believe we’d not heard of them before. Danish design studio Designbolaget have a portfolio of such magnitude and quality we’re amazed they’re not the darlings of the graphic design world – though with a client list predominantly based in the Netherlands and Scandinavia it’s perhaps understandable they’re not better known abroad.

  36. List

    As the more savvy brands cotton onto the self-evident truth that there’s no substitute for interesting, engaging content, no gimmick that skips the need to actually make things people want to read or watch, car manufacturer smart has gone one better.

  37. Rr-list

    Whenever Rafaël Rozendaal produces a new piece of work, digital communications channels the world over light up with chatter about what it is, what it means, how freaking awesome he is and how he’s the most important artist of his generation. If you’re not familiar with Rafaël’s work yet then take the time to acquaint yourself here, here and here. He’s arguably one of our favourite artists and we’ve been pretty enamoured of his boundary-pushing work from the get-go.

  38. List

    You may remember a joint project between the BBC and the British Museum to chart the history of the world in 100 objects which create a fascinating redux of the human experience. Well never backwards in coming forwards, New York now has its own list (although the team at the New York Times were modest enough to limit it to 50). The famous paper invited curators and historians to compile the selection which features everything from ticker tape to artichokes and ranges from a mastodon tusk from 11,000 BC to a contemporary election sign. The list charts the city’s historical, social, and cultural development and as you might expect there’s oodles of great design in there from taxi cabs to subway tickets to the bagel. It’s a really interesting take on this beautifully simple idea.

  39. Editorsletter-list

    September? Already? Oh come on that’s ridiculous. Alright fine, we’ll accept the increasingly rapid march of time but only because as ever the onset of autumn is an exciting time for all of us here at It’s Nice That.

  40. List

    Quentin’s Tumblr portfolio of his photographic work reveals a few key things about him that we wouldn’t otherwise have necessarily known. A) He is French, or hangs around in France a lot. B) He has a lot of model friends and ): He seems to have a kind of obsession with the insides of people’s houses, and how they adorn them. Option C is, for me, the most intriguing as he’s basically pandering to the visual needs of all of the people who admit to themselves (vocally or not) that their guilty pleasure is seeing inside people’s homes and, let’s be honest, judging them.