April 2013

  1. List_12.44.11 Student of the Month Like students? Like fresh creative thinking? Love April's Student Of The Month
  2. Bradley-list Introducing... Introducing...Crisp fashion and editorial photography from the youthful Sam Bradley
  3. List Art Pick your jaw off the floor and marvel at Damien Gilley's trompe l'œil brilliance
  4. Here_nellybenhayoun Here 2013 Here 2013 Speaker Profile: Nelly Ben Hayoun's unique approach to design
  5. 20130124001list Illustration Ryo Takemasa injects some cheerfulness into London with his illustrations
  6. Main_10.28.21 Photography Photographer Stella Berkofsky champions the grace and power of WOMEN!
  7. Maion Miscellaneous Ever played The Sims? You gotta see this blog – Sims Gone Wrong
  8. Main2_11.07.36 Music A music video like never before from dream-team Wild Nothing and Eric Shaw
  9. List Photography Australian artist Magdalena Bors turns mundane settings into beguiling fantasy worlds
  10. Tumblr_mcrjucezzb1rvptg8o1_1280list Illustration Camilla Perkin's playful illustrations are packed full of animals
  11. Tumblr_mb04z7k4tj1rhgbngo1_1280list Photography Renaud Coilliot will make you fall in love with photography all over again
  12. List Publication French studio Cercle introduce their new annual magazine and it's magnifique
  13. Farina-list Photography Phwoar, Leandro Farina's got some extremely tasty still life under his belt
  14. Main Illustration Get high with the Blobby Boys courtesy of the Zine Police
  15. List Miscellaneous Obama as Daniel Day-Lewis as Obama in this slick Spielberg spoof
  16. List Product Design Khalil Klouche reinvents the calculator with his tremendous Knock Knock
  17. List Illustration Illustrator MVM pays homage to the humble fingernail in his vibrant new personal project
  18. God-list Animation POW! Extraordinary animation from Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker
  19. Main3 Photography Strangely fascinating photographs taken inside crashed cars by Nicolai Howalt
  20. Img_6533listimage Things Things 2013 #16 - gritty photography, illustrations and the good-old fashioned pun
  21. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Jim'll Paint It shows us which books inspire his strange, magical brain
  22. Wkndrmain Weekender The Weekender – with dirty, dirty ducks, sloths and a cat-based quiz
  23. List Art This year's Crafts Council extravaganza COLLECT is celebrating ten years in style
  24. Nautical2_800list Illustration Takayo Akiyama and her exquisitely beautiful maps will leave you wide eyed
  25. Website-6list Photography Convention goers captured with consummate skill by Vincent Glielmi
  26. Main Music Let this animated Sol LeWitt letter teach you to say “F*ck You” once in a while
  27. Free-list Architecture Nike devotees get yourselves to Beijing, your retail dream awaits!
  28. List Publication One Thing I Know is a great resource for getting to grips with the creative industries
  29. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Three Episode Twelve with tributes to Storm Thorgerson, Dove and copying
  30. List Publication Lovely new publication from Under Consideration celebrates print perfection
  31. Main Music Film duo Fred and Nick's haunting trailer for Laura Marling's new album
  32. Holland-list Introducing... Introducing... Photographer Greg Holland who captures Burmese culture with incredible flair
  33. Liststatue Miscellaneous A fascinating peak into the world of moving and restoring works of art
  34. Main1 Product Design Make your own classic pinhole camera thanks to the very clever Kelly Angood!
  35. Klangfarbe-list Graphic Design Studio Vie refresh an Austrian music brand still trapped in the 1990s
  36. Here_markporter Here 2013 Here 2013 Speaker Profile: Mark Porter isn't your average designer
  37. Nilsson-list Music Watch Andreas Nilsson blow David Guetta's video budget in style
  38. List Set Design Set designer Anna Lomax lights our fire with her pitch-perfect portfolio
  39. Fontsmith-list Graphic Design Fontsmith celebrate FS Emeric with posters from the world's top studios
  40. Main2 Art Intriguing new project from the mysterious and wonderful Thomas Albdorf