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    It’s that time of the week again, you’re ready to wind down to your two day break but what are you going to do with your weekend? Well, it’s scientifically proven that you’ll need need at least 22 minutes of art and design related discussion to help you truly relax. If you’re unable to get the right dose there’s a dangerous risk of hair loss, hernias and raised blood pressure. So crank up the volume (not too loud now) and let us soothe your tired ears with our made-for-radio voices informing you about all this week’s most exciting creative news.

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    Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez is an illustrator of some remarkable skill residing in the Maryland region of the USA – Baltimore to be exact. With pastel shades and complex, linear constructions of sprawling cities and jolly characters he’s slowly but surely garnering a reputation for himself, winning commissions for the likes of Esquire and The Believer. Our favourite piece of his work explores the genesis of New York City’s grid system which surely earns him a prize for simultaneously making the subject of US urban planning interesting and giving characters in period costume beaks for literally no explicable reason. Bravo!

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    I make no secret of being an absolute sucker for a simple, well-executed idea so hopefully you won’t be too surprised by just how simple this latest project from Alex Fuller really is. The New York creative all-rounder has just produced this miniature tome, Two Letter Words, that examines the abstract qualities of (surprise!) two letter words, taking those ubiquitous linguistic shapes and using them to make unique marks on paper. Printed in red and blue to make the intersections between letterforms abundantly clear, it’s a truly satisfying way to look at shapes we interpret as language almost innately in a fresh, purely aesthetic context.

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    Not many videos warrant the reaction of “somebody had to do it” much more than this life-like remake of one of the most famous title sequences in history —the intro to The Simpsons. Devilfish, a London-based creative agency, and director Chris Palmer at Gorgeous made this video as a teaser for Sky One a few years back, but just like the program it’s promoting, it’s just not getting old.

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    This is cool. This is a Tumblr that shows all of the images that have come out of the power-couple Hort and Nike working together on campaigns. Not all of the images were actually used, some are just process shots, but they’re all equally brilliant. It’s funny how the allegiance of a Berlin design studio and arguably the biggest corporation in the world can have such a powerful and harmonious union, but there you go. It’s also surprising that Nike actually gave them the go-ahead to use these in-progress images, we can only suppose that Hort’s director Eike Koenig’s notoriously contagious happiness is spreading…

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    Somewhere between Kuniyoshi, the last great master of ukiyo-e printmaking and the godfather of brutal surrealism in Japanese art, and Toshio Saeki, the foremost practitioner of bizarre, beautiful ukiyo-e inspired erotica sits Mu Pan, a Brooklyn-based artist channelling all the darkest, most surreal elements of his genius predecessors into large, complex watercolours and oil paintings. Mu’s work is not for the faint of heart; it’s riddled with explorations of the darker sides of humanity and serves as a fantasy satirisation of contemporary life.

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    No matter what age you are, going to the zoo is always the most awesome way to spend your day. Whilst our attention is mainly focused on the animals (and the odd fat kid), we forget to look at the environments these creatures are forced to live in. Phil Jungs’s fascination with these artificial habitats lies in “the perverse beauty of their forms which strike a compelling contrast to the reality they portray,” for they are “glaring portrayals of our distorted and disconnected views of the natural world.” The eerie atmosphere of his photographs is achieved by their vacancy, and are a world away from the exciting and bustling energy we normally associate with a zoo.

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    Ohhhh this is so nice. Last November, while you were perhaps been toiling away at a tax return or flicking numb-eyed through the Argos catalogue that you found on the bus, friends and occasional artistic collaborators Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton were up to something very special indeed. Every day in November Michael and Lenka would create one drawing of something they had witnessed first hand that day, using only a typewriter as their medium.

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    Ever wondered where Amazon keep their huge inventory? Well thanks to Ben Roberts and journalist Sarah O’Connor, you can indulge your curiosity in their project Amazon Unpacked. In 2011, Amazon occupied a warehouse the size of nine football pitches in the dilapidated town of Rugeley, Staffordshire.

  10. Listmateymate

    Born in Japan and raised in Switzerland, David Favrod later applied for dual nationality at the Japanese embassy, but was declined. In response, David created a project called Gaijin (“the foreigner” in Japanese), where he channels his feelings of rejection and his desire to understand his Japanese roots: “the aim of this work is to create “my own Japan”, in Switzerland, from memories of my journeys when I was small, my mother’s stories, popular and traditional culture and my grandparents war narratives.”

  11. Mallist

    What an absolute pleasure it is to read about Philippe’s carefully made, happy projects. From beautifully crafted bowls made of leftover receipts, to tiny boats powered by tea lights, to contraptions that produce perfectly rectangular loaves of home made bread. You know those ideas that you have sometimes when you’re walking along in the sun that, for one reason or another, you shrug off? Well, it’ almost as if Philippe’s practice is to actually put those nice little ideas into practise. And, as you can see, it was definitely worth his while. I urge you to read more about his lovely projects over on his website.

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    Now and again we come across work that our name doesn’t quite do justice to; calling it nice doesn’t cut it, and now and again is perhaps even a little misleading. In this particular instance that’s definitely the case – there’s nothing nice about this advert from Grey NYC. Nevertheless you can’t fault the execution of this 30 second piece of film that manages to be provocative, shocking and flawlessly communicative with little more than a simple message, clear direction and well-considered copy. Whichever side of the gun control discussion you’re on (and it’s a more nuanced debate than most comments sections on the web would have you believe) it’s impossible to deny the directorial skill at play here.

  13. Listinitbruv

    Vampires have infiltrated popular culture, especially of the teen variety, but twin brothers, Gert and Uwe Tobias are more concerned with their Romanian heritage than the myth of Dracula. As a result, eastern European folklore is a key influence for their artwork; strange-looking creatures creep into their pieces, and you have to look twice to recognise these characters, especially in their woodcuts.

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    I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t love nature documentaries, and with the soothing tones of David Attenborough, it’s easy to become hypnotised by the insane scope of the animal kingdom. Marc Martin, a keen traveller and illustrator, has created a children’s book that will satisfy your thirst for animal knowledge, and it is called The Curious Explorer’s Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals A to Z.

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    We love Raphaël Garnier, his wonderful French mind is capable of conjuring up all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes that are a trip inside the hazy limbo between graphic design and illustration. He’s been a bit of a man of mystery of late (yes, any artist without a website is a “mystery”) but now he’s back and bigger than ever with a very professional website, which launches tomorrow, and a new exhibiton under his belt.

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    Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates immersive sculptures and installations the likes of which we’ve never seen. Fashioned predominantly from found timbers, Henrique’s complex structures imitate organic forms and biological oddities that are simultaneously alluring and repellant. Works with names like Ursulinens Prolapse suggest a very direct link with the artist’s own bodily functions, seemingly creating a giant intestine for viewers to wander through. But despite this gastric link Henrique’s works are utterly appealing and undoubtedly impress with both their skill and scale.

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    Are you the sort of person who daydreams about times spent in the suburbs of your youth, smoking in the park and jumping off things into swimming pools? I am. Even though they seemed pretty tawdry and, at times, unbearable, your teenage years are still kind of glorious to reminisce upon. If you can’t, or would prefer not to, delve back into your own puberty, just take a look at some of Olivia Bee’s new work.

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    We’ve got simple tastes when it comes to music videos. If they include the most infectious guitar riff we’ve heard all year, flashing, disorientating imagery, a suggestive amount of bare flesh or the inexplicable appearance of an infant child we’re pretty much guaranteed to be impressed. If by some fluke of music video alchemy they contain all of the above ingredients with the addition of comically placed tube socks, an old people’s home and a whacking great pillow fight then heck, you may have just created our favourite music video ever! Which is exactly what New Zealand video-maker Jordan Dodson has achieved with his latest promo for Heroes For Sale. Prepare to have some (OBVIOUSLY NSFW) fun!

  19. Opinion-list

    This week, Holly Wilkins looks at the furore around US retailer American Apparel’s recent adverts, and how those banned promo spots are being put to the public for their opinion on the matter.

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    Reading the captions alongside Polina Joffe’s stunning projects is the graphic design equivalent of finding out Natalie Portman can speak seven languages. Her collection of utterly beautiful publications all have the same thing in common — they all are built on the foundations of a brilliant idea. From intricate book whose entire design relates to and explores the work of Kafka, to a newspaper that “explores the relationship between the dot and the line,” Polina’s work is just one intelligent joy after the other. Her website states she’s available for work and collaborations — form an orderly queue!

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    We only featured Two Times Elliott’s work back in January but that was early days for their revamped online presence and they’d only just sorted out their new branding. In the few months since they’ve got themselves organised, launched a new website, produced a shed load of new work and, by all accounts, are continuing to do very well for themselves indeed.

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    Set Designer David White (I call him Dave) is riding a seemingly endless wave of success at the moment, amassing a huge body of polished work for just about every important name in fashion, editorial and retail you can think of. How many people out there can count Alasdair McLellan, Juergen Teller and Metz + Racine as collaborators, 032C, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar as clients and still have time to work with brands like Vivienne Westwood, Uniqlo and Kenzo? Nobody else spring to mind? Thought not.

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    To inject some more fun into the start of the week we’ve brought this month’s event forward. Tuesdays are officially the new Wednesdays…

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    Phew! This is some steamy typography if ever I saw some. Let’s all give a big round of applause to Malika Favre who has successfully made typography sexy, and not in the lame “that design is seriously sexy” way, in the actually sexy way! She’s taken the ancient, much pored-over Kama Sutra and transformed it into an online orgy of illustration and graphic design represented in slowly gyrating gif format with help from Guy Moorhouse, the Present Perfect team and a whole host of other animators.

  25. Listmate

    It’s hard to believe that Luke Pelletier (painter, printmaker, musician AND skateboarder) is at the ripe age of 20 with already such an splendid portfolio. Currently living in Chicago, Luke clearly has no time to clean his studio as he is constantly churning out artworks from paintings, large murals and even a pinball machine (so awesome). Luke’s art work is full of energy, and varies depending on his mood or what he is doing at the time. Passionate and dedicated, Luke has real talent, be sure to keep an eye on him.

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    We like graphic design that’s in use just fine. If it’s good, get it out there. No problem. But there’s a certain frisson that comes with viewing work that you know has been rejected by the client. Whether they didn’t like the concept, the execution wasn’t good enough or they just didn’t have the budget to see the project through, it’s always interesting to see work that didn’t make the cut.

  27. Maad-list

    There’s a number of reasons why ECAL in Lausanne is such a popular destination for the world’s brightest and best visual communicators. For starters it’s got a hard-won reputation for turning raw talent into serious skill, then there’s all the visiting lecturers chosen for their excellence in their own particular field, not to mention the impressive facilities on offer to all students. But for us, one of the biggest factors in ECAL’s success is the way they promote their talent.

  28. Here_rafaelrozendaal_list

    This year our dear old friend the internet turned 30, and shows no sign of slowing down. Now more than ever, it seems apt that Rafaël Rozendaal uses it as his canvas to create visual and interactive art work. For Rafaël, the internet gives him freedom to create art work that couldn’t otherwise be conceived in the physical world.

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    Is it me or have the standards of editorial photography skyrocketed recently? I don’t mean in quality, I do know that cameras get better as technology develops, but the level of intimacy and aspects of habitat seem really prevalent in a lot of people we are posting at the moment. Maybe it’s got something to do with Apartamento magazine and their consistently brilliant choice of commissioned photographers, including the fabulous Ye Rin Mok.

  30. Listmate

    Who knew that wine could look so freaking cool! Well, Paul Belford Ltd had an inkling and have redirected their flair for creating beautifully crafted books to devising an elegant, yet modern aesthetic approach for bespoke distributor Waddesdon Wines, the Rothchild’s UK wine merchant. The wine bottles are wrapped in antique-looking maps from the Rothchild’s vineyards in Bordeaux, then packaged in a simple, grey box.

  31. Main

    If, in a few hundred years, whatever inhabits this earth digs up ancient relics to give them clues of our time, I hope that it’s not a fizzing, cracked pile of iPads and Lean Mean Grilling Machines, but Laura Bird’s pottery. Drawing influences from the ceramics of ancient civilisation, and adding a touch of her own humour, Laura’s beautiful objects, curiosities and ornaments are clever and easy on the eye. I can say with the utmost honesty that after perusing her website for a while I anxiously began Googling London-based pottery courses. We love you, Laura!

  32. Pseudo-list

    Just a quick warning for you; if you’re in the office and your workplace is the kind of environment that abhors obscenities flashing across your computer screen then best leave this one ‘til you’re home. Aside from effing and blinding, this latest video from South London-via Japan outfit Pseudo Nippon and friend and collaborator Myles Painter has it all: green-screen gimp suit, mad yoyo skills, infectious drum beat and some seriously post-modern behind-the-scenes footage of the video being made. Most important of all though, it’s a LOT of fun and makes us wish we’d spent a bit more time learning to yo-yo like pros during our misspent youth. I told you they weren’t a waste of time, Mum.

  33. Screen-shot-2013-04-15-at-12.17.10lissst

    There is something enigmatic about the garden gnome, said to protect us from evil sorcery, however I can’t help but think that behind those blank beady eyes, something is going on. IKEA clearly share the same paranoia, and along with ad agency Mother, have produced this pretty hilarious advert to show what the garden gnome are really up to – plotting a sabotage against garden furniture.

  34. Beer-ad-cover-1llliiissst

    In a world of bright colours and smiles, it is hard to believe that Ryan Chapman lives in the same smoggy, grey London we call home. Ryan has developed a signature look to his joyous characters using colourful and simple shapes, and whether they are repairing a car, rendezvousing on a house boat or smoking a pipe, these little people seem to be enjoying every second of it.

  35. Wonmin-list

    We came across South Korean designer Wonmin Park tucked away in a basement of the Spazio Rossana Orlandi – just below the space in which Konstfack were exhibiting – but don’t be fooled, the quality of this man’s work can’t be contained below ground. Wonmin is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven and since 2011 has presided over his own studio creating unique products and furnishings, all notable for their ethereal beauty (not a word you’d normally associate with an object designed to cradle your backside).

  36. Donottouch

    Today’s music video is a little later in the day than usual – so that we can bring you an exclusive first look at a brilliant new video from Moniker. Somewhere between music video and video game, Do Not Touch invites the viewer to use their mouse pointer to complete various tasks, from staying in a certain area of the screen, to avoiding a naked model and being the opponent for a scantily clad boxer. Beautifully simple and super effective as we’ve come to expect from Moniker – and I’m sure Dutch band Light Light are suitably thrilled. Get touching.

  37. Philips-list

    It might be over now but we’ve still got one or two bits and pieces left over from Milan Design Week that we’re not done talking about just yet, one of which is the collaboration between Philips, Kvadrat and Patricia Urquiola at Moroso’s Milan showroom. To celebrate the launch of Patricia’s first textile collection for Kvadrat, Moroso held a special launch event, The Revolving Room, that played host to these innovative fabrics.

  38. Main

    It’s kind of magical when unlikely celebrities team up to be really cool together and save us all some time (there’s a reason why this blog is so timelessly popular). So what happens when the illusive gods of music that are Daft Punk make a comeback with a man so famous that he is virtually untouchable? Well, I have no idea, but there’s definitely a reason why the sun has finally come out in London. Read a little more about this charming teaser and how it came about over on Rolling Stone.

  39. Screen-shot-2013-04-12-at-14.53.28list

    Hot diggity damn! It seems like Coney Island in the 1970s was the place to be. Beach babes in every direction, and no one captured it better than Bruce Gilden. POINT have produced over four hours of material with Bruce Gilden and have given us a short excerpt with the man. Comments like he is only nice with his “wife and cats, and sometimes my daughter,” and exclaiming that he doesn’t want his subjects feel special, you can’t help but start to love the guy for his indirect charm. The complete version will be shown at the POINT Authenticity Conference at RIBA on May 2-3.

  40. Lubok-list

    We’ve not heard much from Lubok Verlag in a while. When you’re in the business of producing handmade books fashioned entirely from linocut pages it’s understandable that getting a new publication out into the world takes a lot of time. Even so it feels like ages since Lubok 10 first landed. But don’t worry, they’ve just been in touch to announce that Lubok 11 is on its way, and you can expect the usual rich, inky goodness that these German print purists do so well. With 88 original linocuts from the likes of Christoph Ruckhäberle, Ewoud van Rijn and Koen Taselaar we guarantee this is going to be one hell of a beautiful publication – so best get those pre-orders in quick!