1. Pr1

    Ok, prepare yourself – this might just be one of the most dangerously sweet publications we have featured in a while. And it will get you. You will be won over by the charm, the illustrations, the painfully lovely relationship that plays out in front of you where boyfriends kiss girlfriends’ heads, order them pizzas, make them cups of tea, fall asleep on top of them on the sofa and yet still refuse to bake them biscuits. And guess what – it’s all true and based on the relationship between Rice and her boyfriend, artist Luke Pearson.

  2. Main

    Going through Jen’s portfolio is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re laughing at a naked man’s naughty bits as he sits astride a horse while being laughed at by another horse, and the next you’re looking at a series of photographs of heroin addicts in the park.

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    I know you’re probably spending your free time bashing your head on the desk after a certain boy band documentary aired last week, but FEAR NOT! These kids are here to refill your hope in the children of today. Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins are a sixth grade duo from Brooklyn who are really, really into metal. So much so that they’ve formed a band together, and it’s really, really good. They met a few years back at their friend’s birthday party and found they had a mutual love for heavy music – the rest is history. They play instruments, write songs about relationships and what’s getting them down, and when they’re not making music they’re skating around the town or doing impromptu street gigs much to the joy of the locals.

  4. Swim

    You know that feeling you get sometimes when you’re doing something really good and you suddenly realise that it will be something you will miss one day? A nostalgia before the event has passed? Well that is the feeling you get when reading or looking at anything by Leanne Shapton and it is deliciously intoxicating.

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    You might have endured a slow, hot afternoon in university learning code at in a way that didn’t seem to make much sensebut turns out it’s very important in this day and age. Did you see that appeal that the big dogs like Bill Gates and Facebook put out a few weeks back? The world needs coders! And not just people who can make websites either, the world need people who can make a website run properly and look very well-designed indeed. Steer has just launched a new series of two day courses for designers to learn how to make their (online) dreams a reality.

  6. List

    Forced to return to her native China for several months by visa problems after an eight-year stretch in England, Mengxi Zhang found herself bowled over by the changes which were rapidly taking place in the transforming country. So she did what any curious visitor would do and travelled around a bit, taking the new high-speed rail for the first time to shuttle back and forth between popular tourist destinations Chongqing, Hangzhou and Beijing.

  7. List

    This week we’re hitting the Monday morning boo-hoos where it hurts and with that in mind we’ve got Angus Montgomery, editor of Design Week; journalist, thinker and visual fish pun fan. Over to you Angus…

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    Hey everyone, remember back in February 2012 when we introduced you to Berndnaut Smilde and his jaw-dropping indoor clouds project Nimbus? Well we’ve been following Berndnaut’s career with interest ever since then and so we were fascinated to find out that he’s just collaborated with Harper’s Bazaar USA for his first ever work featuring people. But these aren’t just any people, oh no, this is five of the world’s most iconic designers, namely Karl Lagerfeld, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, Alber Elbaz and Donatella Versace.

  9. Main

    Wow! What a find. We stumbled across Sarah-Louise Barbett’s funny, sweet illustrations on the good ship Flickr, where she has been harvesting her drawings for a few years now. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact flavour of magic present in her work, I think that it’s something to do with the fact that most of her drawings look like doodles she may have made on napkins whilst waiting for a tardy friend. From acid-green stories about dogs, to mechanical pencil drawings of cosy interiors (there’s one of a makeshift den in a living room, and a great one of a parquet floor) Sarah’s got a knack of drawing in a simultaneously stylish and hilarious way of which I am rather envious.

  10. List

    An exhibition that examines the creative links between the Dior fashion house and the Impressionist movement is already packing a pretty heavyweight aesthetic punch. So when Studio Baer was approached to produce the accompanying book for Impressions Dior at the Musée Christian Dior in Granville, they would have been forgiven for feeling the pressure. But if they did it certainly doesn’t show in the final piece, a clean, sumptuous celebration of the way in which Dior has down the decades sought inspiration from Monet, Degas, Renoir and the like.

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    Two things set Isabella Rozendaal’s work apart from others: one is the fact that they are true documentary photographs, with each caption actually teaching you something you were previously unaware of; and two, her ongoing projects can span the space of five years at a time. Isabella Hunts has been in the making since 2009, and will go on, she says, until 2015 at the earliest.

  12. Nabil

    This week I was spoilt for choice for a music video. First, I was woo-ed by the jovial new Arctic Monkeys effort but it couldn’t match up to this absolutely brilliant piece for Jay-Z’s Higher. So, imagine how excited I was to hear that even though their characters are polar opposite, both were made by the insanely talented Australian director Nabil. To describe the above as a music video doesn’t do it the justice it deserves, so sit back and let this six minute short suck you in and spit you out entranced.

  13. List-2

    We don’t know much about Swedish graphic designer and illustrator Klara Persson, but we do know that her style, created with watercolours and collage-esque shapes, oversized upper halves, and lots of pastel colours, is pretty fantastic.

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    I’m doing a dance but you can’t see it so you’ll need to imagine it. It’s a special friday Weekender celebratory dance. Imagine a cross between a dirty Tango and a stadium-tour-choreographed pop medley. That’s the one! It’s fun, no? So why not join in with your own little fandango, and believe (TESTIFY!) that we are so ruddy ready for a Friday. Let’s do this.

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    Back in April we sent out a call for all you creative types to start sending your beautifully designed envelopes to the new Paul Smith store at 46 Beak Street, and send them you did, in droves! As of today, you’ll be pleased to hear, Beak Street’s door are officially open and not only do the envelopes take pride of place on a wall for customers to examine at their leisure, but we were honoured to be invited to co-host the opening party last night.

  16. List

    All this week we’ve been profiling the first five films in Between The Lines – where we go into the places where some of our favourite publishers work to get to know them a little better. And it’s fitting on this final Friday that we round off the week with The Green Soccer Journal lads seeing as the interminable summer without top flight football ends tomorrow.

  17. List

    We have lovely blog Present & Correct to thank for this collection of old Russian cassette tape inserts, which demonstrate retro design at its absolute greatest. Between the colour scheme of black and white teamed with one vibrant alternative, the recurring half-tone, the chunky fonts and the occasional funny looking label thrown in for good measure, I feel a bit like I’ve stepped through a doorway and emerged in the kind of record shop my dad used to frequent in the 1990s. And I really like it.

  18. List

    I’m not sure anyone had heard of Rotterdam before the 1996 Beautiful South song of the same name, but either way its creative scene is ensuring that there’s far more to the city than a catchy melody and some largely nonsensical lyrics. One of the studios whose work has caught our eye in the past is Studio Spass, comprised of Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens, and they followed up their impressive identity for the De Wereld van Witte de With art festival (which we featured last year) with an even more ambitious project this time around.

  19. List

    Remember the days when reading under the duvet with your torch was the single most naughty thing you could do? Me to; I was an expert at bidding my mum goodnight, feigning a yawn, waiting the requisite couple of minutes as she padded down the landing and then getting stuck into whatever book was dominating my imagination at that time. Now Hat-trick Design and illustrator Rebecca Sutherland have created a book which plays on the illicit thrill of sub-bedclothes literary experiences, with monsters, magic tricks and mysteries which are only revealed by the light of a torch.

  20. G

    So many beautiful things we don’t know where to begin. The new collection of jewellery from “illustrator, designer and general maker-of-things” Kaye Blegvad is stunning. Adorning necks with diving gulls or staring eyes, fingers with strands of laurel, posies or moonstones and wrists with tiny, tiny hands, they are beyond wonderful and we want them all.

  21. List

    If you feel like a badass when you pedal faster at the very first flicker of an amber traffic light then please sit back and allow the pre-teen boys in filmmaker Lofty Nathan’s first film, 12 O’Clock Boys to put you to shame. The film focuses on an urban dirt-bike gang of the same name in Baltimore, who pride themselves on the wheelies they pull. “They call them the 12 O’Clock Boys because they drop the bike straight back. If you get to 12 o’clock, you the shit.” The documentary’s main subject, Pug, is a bright kid from the westside who has grown up long before his time, and who will do anything to join to the riders in their traffic weaving, bike- racing brotherhood. “I’ve been on this earth for a decade and a couple years. So what that makes me? I’m a grown ass man.”

  22. Main

    The last time we saw Pat Brad the Lad he was one of the It’s Nice That Graduates back in 2011. He then scarpered off on a two year trip to the British International School in Vietnam where he taught kids how to make art in the same silly, lovely style that he’s so adept at. Be it collages, paintings or just sweet and hilarious brain drippings, Pat’s work always has a peculiar, enticing sheen to it that is so rare in art these days. I don’t know what the recipe for that sheen is exactly, but it’s something to do with the combination of wild abandon and Pat’s kind nature that translates so immediately into his work, making it incredibly appealing. That hat picture absolutely kills me.

  23. Main

    Take the coolest photographer right now, put him with the coolest shop there is, and then let them shoot a collection they’ve made all about one of the coolest men who ever lived, Elvis Presley. I’d like to have been in the boardroom when they were discussing this new collection: “Gimme more rhinestones! I want some love hearts! Where are those cheeseburger motifs?” You name it, if it looks like it could have been on a shelf in Graceland then it’s inspired this collection. Getting Jamie to photograph it was genius; his knack for transforming otherwise run-of-the-mill kids into superstars using just his lens is second to none, and with the help of the trendy clothes, the transformation is ten-fold.

  24. Cblist

    Some combinations make sense instinctively, others need to be brought together to fully appreciate the brilliance of their mutuality. With that in mind we give you This Charming Charlie a blog curated by US-based graphic designer Lauren LoPrete whereby she adds Smiths lyrics onto panels from Charlie Schulz’ iconic Peanuts. There’s a lot of this kind of stuff that fires Twitter’s imagination on an almost daily basis, but these ideas have legs when they go above and beyond enjoyment of the random juxtapositions and actually become something more than that, which I think these do. Cheers Lauren!

  25. H2

    How to make the portrait shot more interesting? How about photographing you sitter in position, making multiple prints of those images, folding the prints into a maddeningly complex origami modular construction, placing it in front of the sitter’s face and then re-photographing the entire pose from scratch? Sound complicated? It’s just part of the process for the fantastically talented photographer Alma Haser whose work Cosmic Surgery saw her shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Award back in 2012.

  26. List

    Despite its fluorescent pink colour and fancy typography, new architecture magazine TREMORS snuck through the doors and onto the shelves of art gallery shops at the start of the year without us noticing. And it has certainly made an impact, impressing us not only with its concept and rather wonderful use of building analogies in its manifesto (that sees its writers travelling “beyond bricks and mortar” in their search of ways to re-think urban space) but also because the quality of its content punches a pretty impressive thwack.

  27. List

    We’ve long been fans of filmmaker Will Robson-Scott and his ability to create genuinely interesting longer-form pieces in an era when conventional wisdom holds that in the realm of online video, shorter is better. His secret lies in being able to make beautiful looking work and steer a narrative through often quite nuanced subject matter, a delicate combination we often see skewed one way or the other to the detriment of the final film. Nowhere though have I seen Will’s talents better reflected than in his exceptional new piece Chi Raq, a 13-minute documentary looking at the violence under which swathes of Chicago are besieged.

  28. Main4

    You don’t often get celebrity juice on It’s Nice That, but when it comes in the form of really, really cool old photography ,we’re happy to give it a shot. So get a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in these sometimes cringeworthy photos of celebrity ex-lovers of the past in this amazing, and lengthy blog entitled Old Loves. Such an archive of images is really quite fascinating. See Brad Pitt move from woman to woman; witness Rita Hayworth marrying man after man; learn that Molly Ringwald went out with “Dweezil” Zappa. Some of these photos are cheesy, some are downright creepy (I’m looking at you Michael Caine and a very young Bianca Jagger) but all of them have one thing in common; the people in them were very, very happy together when it was taken, and as a result makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  29. List

    For our third instalment of excellent video content from our sparkly brand new dedicated site First Broadcast, we have David Lane and Marina Tweed of The Gourmand as part of our Between the Lines series, in which we interview some of our favourite names in publishing.

  30. Main

    Excellently cast and directed video here from young director Laurie Lynch for New Young Pony Club, who appear to be calling themselves NYPC these days. The video sees a 1990s pubescent siren luring a young, fresh-faced lad into an empty school where she casts him under her peculiar spell using teen-siren tools such as bubblegum, china-buns and blossom. Shot in a honey-coloured light, this hazy video is reminiscent of a summertime crush of years gone by, topped off with a magnificently sinister moment when the spell is broken that you’ve really got to see to believe.

  31. List

    In the latest episode of The New Yorker’s terrific Out Loud podcast, the writer Nicholson Baker talks about how the internet can lead to “a present tense assault of simultaneity” and the effect this has on our attention spans. He goes on: “I think that a necessary precondition for the appreciation of art is the feeling that the thing you are looking at or reading or listening to is all that there is at that moment and you have to give yourself to it.”

  32. Main2

    Some things take a few tries to get right, be it baking, swimming, snogging, or a book jacket design for a much-loved title. In designer Peter Mendelsund’s case, it was the latter he struggled with, and when asked to come up with a book cover for Julio Cortázar’s Hopscotch, he and a whole host of other designers set to work trying to whittle it down into a a book-sized visual. The New York Times made a list of the entries, including some of Mendelsund’s, which illustrated the sheer time and effort that goes into the best book covers. I’m not talking no service station fodder, the best books deserve time and money to make their covers sing, and Peter Mendelsund has achieved just that.

  33. Andrew-rae-list

    And now for a project that, try as I might to consider it in terms of Andrew Rae’s consistently brilliant illustration work, reminds me irrevocably of that bit in Notting Hill when – on one of his many disastrous dates before he’s finally reunited with Julia Roberts – Hugh Grant takes a woman out for dinner who refuses to eat her carrots, proclaiming: “I can’t, I’m a fruitarian, and this carrot has in fact been murdered.”

  34. List

    In a brilliantly refreshing twist on the tired, Tumblr friendly images of beautiful girls naked beneath their translucent nighties, Nir Arieli’s portraiture project, Men, focuses on the male of the species. Poised, graceful and striking in their defiance of traditional classifications of masculinity, the soft gaze of the lens and the floral settings which surround his subjects seem to upset some kind of silent gender-norm that I didn’t even realise had infiltrated my mind until I was forced to resist it.

  35. List

    It’s only been a few months since we last mentioned the striking work to come out of the Fons Hickmann M23 studio in Berlin but they’ve done it again, this time working for the Impulse Theater Biennale 2013 where radical theatre meets radical design.

  36. List

    These days amazing is arguably the most overused adjective in the English language. I remember listening to a radio reporter sent to interview Glastonbury-goers after The Rolling Stones’ headline set and literally everyone he collared for a comment described it as “amazing.” Heck we probably contribute to its prevalence here at It’s Nice That. But David Maisel’s photography resets the bar for work I now consider amazing because this is stunning. For decades the Princeton graduate has focussed on environmentally-impacted sites, exploring the effects of mining or deforestation with genuinely jaw-dropping skill.

  37. Marina-opinion-list

    This week editorial assistant Maisie Skidmore questions whether Marina Abramović’s celebrity collaborations in the run-up to the opening of the Marina Abramović Institute are compromising her reputation as a pioneer of long durational performance art. As ever, you can add your comments in the thread below.

  38. Anete-list

    There’s nothing like a brilliantly illustrated short to get you thinking about somebody you see every day in new and perhaps unexpected ways. And I can assure you that the Anete Melece’s delightful short The Kiosk will evoke in you a newfound sympathy for the nice chap in the corner shop who sells your your Sunday paper, and who never judges you when you pick up the occasional lottery ticket.

  39. List

    You may well know by now that we’ve got a new website! It’s called First Broadcast and it exists to house our very own It’s Nice That video content. To celebrate its launch, here is another video from our Between the Lines feature in which we visit the workplaces of some of the top people in publishing to have a chat with them about what they do.

  40. List

    French onion soup with fresh thyme and gruyère cheese; a light coconut crȇpe, wrapped around halibut delicately poached in truffle butter followed by forest foraged ramp risotto topped with prosciutto and dusted with fresh parmesan. Still hungry? How about some crack pie with milk ice cream balanced on a vanilla tuile followed by a French canelé with a malt barley and hazelnut latté?