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    It’s a well known fact that no matter how impressive the debut of new trends on the catwalk are, the ones hanging around outside the auditorium are probably more exciting. Responsible in no small part for the creation of this theory is Tommy Ton. He started street style fashion blog Jak & Jil back in 2005 with zero formal photography training, and has since become the go-to man for all things street style, particularly when it comes to the fashion.

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    Some of this stuff may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you take your tea black with a splash of dangerous medieval babes and bodily fluids, maybe take a bit of time to check out EyeBall Comix. They’ve been going for a few years now, producing high quality, low budget publications inspired by the comics of yore; dirty and filthy and violent, all the stuff that 12-year-old boys’ dreams are made of.

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    I’m a terrible ice-skater and am in awe of anyone who can even stand up on skates, let alone fling themselves around the stupidly slippery surface. Which may explain why I love this new promo for Pissed Jeans’s latest single Romanticize Me so much. Not only do we have a simple little narrative, but also some mad ice skills set to a brilliantly heavy accompaniment — well done Joe Stakun.

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    Friday has rolled across our hearts like a silky jazz vocal on a hackneyed-yet-tearjerking love song. Know what i mean? Well you shouldn’t do – I’m talking utter nonsense. It was a trick! Hahahahahaha….hey wait! Come back, I’m sorry! Ok let’s start over. Pray silence, for The Weekender…

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    Every single day of our lives we abide by a set of unspoken rules that maintain society’s status quo and allow us to get on with things in a state of relative order. But what if one day the limits of these rules were tested, pushed to their limits and even broken; how would it change the way we live our lives? Probably not very much actually, but Billy Bull and Joel Antoine-Wilkinson wanted to test the idea out anyway.

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    Disarm is a series of musical instruments created by artist Pedro Reyes from the remnant parts of decommissioned weapons. The guns, taken from a hoard of illegal weapons collected by the Mexican army, have been repurposed into mechanical musical machines, programmed and operated by computers, but also able to be played by humans. For a recent show at the Lisson Gallery Pedro opened the exhibition with a live performance of the instruments, before they were exhibited alongside mixed media works exploring similar themes of societal responsibility.

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    Time to get those creative juices flowing and take part in a poster campaign competition for the fine folks at Feel Good Drinks.They are looking for a brilliant way to help spread the word about their drinks and the fact they’re full-to-bursting with tasty good things.

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    This is the kind of Tumblr that really floats my boat. Devastatingly I can’t find the genius behind it to give him/her due credit, but there may be a reason why they want to remain anonymous. In essence they have taken some of the ridiculous emails that are sent to all the staff in their company and collated them on a blog with appropriate visual representation. We all know how strange people can be, and this can be accentuated in the workplace; this blog is a celebration of our bizarre at-work behaviours.

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    And so to France, à Paris to be precise, where new illustration agency La Suite have caught our eye with a terrific roster of young graphic talent. While some of the names on their books are familiar to us, it’s great to be introduced to some completely new creatives whose work piques our interest, and illustrator Jessica Das certainly falls into that category. The eclecticism of her portfolio, both in terms of mediums and style, suggests that Jessica is still experimenting and developing, but that’s no bad thing for a young creative. And overall her use of colour, eye for composition and impressive draughtsmanship all suggest she is certainly one to watch

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    When you’re given the label “Graphic Designer” upon entering your first year at university, it’s a struggle to think of ways to communicate your ideas using anything other than some choice pieces of typography and laboriously constructed grids. There’s an implication of limitation that’s intimidating to young practitioners and arguably stifles their creativity pretty early on. Not so for Jack Beveridge, who seems to laugh in the face of traditional graphic design in favour of exploring more exciting territories.

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    By jove he’s done it again! One of our favourite filmmakers Andrew Telling has produced another piece for Rapha and once again it’s a fantastic few minutes of great-looking, genuinely insightful stuff. Nowhere to Nowhere takes us inside the Rapha Condor JLT team with the actual cycling a looming – if background – presence throughout. Instead this is about the reality of life as a racing cyclist; the logistics, the practicalities and the preparation, the mental highs and sacrifices that all go into the mix. Andrew’s eye for shots which both look amazing and genuinely aid the story he is trying to tell is at full throttle throughout. Terrific stuff!

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    Remember those books of optical illusions you had when you were little? You’d stare at them for hours and hours hoping in vain that some magic would happen and all of a sudden you’d see the enchanted forest supposedly hiding behind the myriad of multi-coloured squiggles, but alas, it never appeared. Daniel Temkin’s Glitchometry, a series of artworks based on the mind-bending nature of digital faults, reminds me a lot of those optical illusions, except for there’s no need whatsoever to search for hidden images, because all the beauty that you need to see is right there before your very eyes. Hurrah!

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    Our annual creative symposium Here took place in London last week, with some 600 delegates packing into The Royal Geographical Society for a fun-filled, fast-paced day of insight and inspiration from our eclectic line-up of speakers

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    There’s something about the process of drawing big pieces of work with ballpoint pens which is endlessly fascinating to us; the combination of the intricacy involved and the final, awe-inspiring effect seems completely impossible. How long can that have taken? How did the artist have the patience? HOW?

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    Anyone’s who’s ever been to a football match will have witnessed the scourge of the club mascot. Dreamt up by some marketing committee to add to “the match day experience” through their “hilarious” japery, these oversized, cuddly totems are the stuff of nightmares; giant swans or bumble bees with sewn-on rictus grins doing the Gangnam Style dance in the centre circle. But you can always rely on the fine folk at the Green Soccer Journal to find an interesting angle on all things footy, and for their upcoming issue they commissioned photographer Ronald Dick for this sexy shoot with a difference. Purporting to show what lies beneath the costumes, it’s in reality a playful swipe at our own expectations and a nicely jarring collision between high fashion and lowbrow populism.

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    Stand by to fill your boots because the daddy of design blogs has unveiled both its 50 best book designs and 50 best book covers of last year. Continuing a tradition first started by the American Institute of Graphic Arts in 1922, Design Observer has honoured 100 titles it believes encapsulate the best examples of a craft fighting for its future in the digital age.

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    Hold the f*****g phone (it’s imperative that I use an expletive here to emphasise just how excited I am about the news I’m preparing to divulge). Mikey Please has just released a 30 second trailer for his latest short film Marilyn Myller! Bomb. Dropped. In typical Please fashion, Mikey’s giving away little/nothing of the storyline and you’ll get almost no bearing on any narrative from the trailer (someone gets punched, hard, by a disembodied fist) but it feels really good to know that the brilliant mind behind The Eagleman Stag is up to his old tricks again, making pure, unadulterated stop-motion magic for us all to enjoy. Be excited, more will follow!

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    June, you miserable swine, you’ve brought us nothing but grim, rainy mornings interspersed with the occasional suggestion of summery climes to follow. You’ve given with one hand and then taken away with both. You’ve left us bereft of hope and yearning for some kind of beachy holiday that will allow us to forget our miserable country and its pathetic excuse for a summer, if only just for a week. You better not be like June, July, or we’ll be pissed off.

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    If I was producing a book featuring a famous nude photographer’s cowboy-themed work I wouldn’t worry too much about the design. I’d be like, dudes, how will this not look awesome? But fortunately when Acne Studios produced Rodeo, collecting some of Bruce Of Los Angeles’ (aka Bruce Bellas) photographs to mark their new collection, they had bigger ambitions than me. Swedish printers Göteborgstryckeriet have produced a thing of real beauty, more than doing justice to its content and adding design fetishists to the list of those who’ll be eager to get their hands on one.

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    Tomás Saraceno is the go-to artist if you like your art to involve simulated flight, terrifying heights and confronting your rational fears within the four walls of a gallery. He’s unwaveringly motivated by a desire to create work that reflects an idea of weightlessness and explores classical ideas of celestial space within an enclosed environment. Last year Tomás astounded us with On Space Time Foam at the Hangar Boca, Milan, where he allowed visitors to leap across an elevated transparent membrane that acted as a kind of inverted swimming pool. This year his creations are equally ambitious and actually much loftier than before (25 metres high to be precise).

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    Ever wondered what pigs eat? Or what they do when they hang out together? Or if they dream? Well the answer to this conundrum is…apples! And they snuffle into each others bellies, and yes, they dream a lot. In fact, they’re really just huge snuffly pink balls of niceness, as Compassion in World Farming, or CIWF, are trying to prove with their latest campaign to reduce cruelty to farm animals and encourage people to eat free range.

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    Shockingly it’s been more than a year since we last checked in with Chicago-based designer and illustrator Mike McQuade. He’s launched a shiny new website since then, but his effortless eye for top-notch editorial illustration has remained remarkably consistent. Few people could take an article about Google’s cafeteria redesign and produce accompanying images which are equally interesting to look at and communicative, but Mike is a master at juggling these two (sometimes contrasting) requirements. Given that skill set it’s no real surprise that he’s a favourite of both The New York Times and Wired art direction teams, providing heavyweight visuals which complement the respective publications’ content to perfection.

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    This week Rob Alderson looks at Studio Output’s new logo for the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage and argues it is the right way to reflect an event that is much-changed. As ever you can add your thoughts using the thread below…

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    As the last entries to The Graduates 2013 trickle through, it’s time for some more catch-ups with the brilliant It’s Nice That grads from last year. Here we have the wonderful Isabel Gibson (now one half of Isabel&Helen), illustrator Lorna Scobie and designer Jake Evans here to wow you with the truly fantastic things they have been up to this past year. Take it away brains…

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    Laura Sicouri and Kadavre Exquis’s new animation has been doing the internet rounds of late, but it only took one watch of the short video to decide that this was a bandwagon we absolutely had to jump on. LSD ABC is a beautifully trippy visual exploration of the alphabet, illustrated by gorgeous animation which recalls the retro quality of 1980s graphics and technology in the absolute best light. The music and sound, designed by Kadavre, are the icing on this impeccably-executed cake; the ideal combination of sweet, funny, and cool slices of music cut with fuzzy feedback and crackling to match illustrations, such as “U is for Ultrafast” and “V is for VHS”." Educational is one way to describe it, but LSD ABC definitely trumps learning the conventional alphabet any day of the week.

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    The creative industries lavish a lot of attention on the D&AD awards and there’s always a great deal of discussion about those projects which scoop the big prizes. Imagine the pressure then which comes with the commission to design the identity for the industry’s big night out? This year that honour went to Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel, a studio selected in keeping with D&AD president Neville Brody’s determination to promote young creative talent. But as anyone acquainted with BCMH’s previous work would expect, the London-based agency did a sterling job, building the visual collateral around a simple play on D&AD’s ampersand, transforming it into an “E”.

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    Mariana “Miserável” Santos – whose nickname means “the miserable one” – is a Portuguese illustrator and graphic designer with a taste for tiny people projecting laser beams from their eyes and cavorting around having a jolly old time, whether that be on a beach, a football pitch or beside a swimming pool.

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    One of my favourite things about designer and art director Damien Poulain is his unerring ability to switch between the achingly cool and the charmingly playful. It’s not a trick many can pull off, finding their work trammelled in a certain direction which the expectations of clients/fans make it tricky to row back from. But Damien’s portfolio pirouettes effortlessly between the two, and his latest work is a jubilant celebration of the latter. For a show at Un Saison Graphique in Le Havre, Damien created 29 new prints around the theme of fragility and balance. Funny, interesting and gloriously graphic, Damien’s talents are given free rein to dazzle and delight in equal measure.

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    Everyone loves lamps! Admit it, we’ve all been that guy in the lighting section of a department store, wandering about like a stoned moth. So when lamps are beautifully designed and beautifully shot, it’s kind of too much to bear. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Jennilee Marigomen’s work (and her name) so imagine our joy when she sent through these utterly fantastic still-life shots that she took for Montecristo Magazine.

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    “Introducing a novel as you’ve never seen one before, now as a poster as you’ve never read one before.” So opens the headline on All the World’s a Page’s website, and really, there isn’t any way to describe what they do in fewer words. One day they wondered if it would be possible to print an entire novel onto one page, and if they did it, would it still be possible to read it?

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    When Kyle Platts knocked on the doors of It’s Nice That with his new creation, it pretty much made our week. Festival Frenzy is a two metre, double-sided concertina book illustrating the highs and lows of the classic British festival, published just in time for Glastonbury.

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    When it comes to making us drool, really good book cover design still has the power to get our creative juices flowing. This latest collaboration between the incomparable Jessica Hische and Penguin art director Paul Buckley is called Drop Caps, a series of classic novels boasting the gorgeously illustrated first letter of the author’s surname on the front. It takes something pretty special to stop the It’s Nice That studio in its tracks, but there were audible gasps when these arrived this week. Many believe that print’s salvation may lie in playing up to its inherent collectibility – if many are right then this series should be very successful.

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    If you don’t know what Haw-Lin is then go home later, make a hot chocolate, turn the lights off, go to their website, lean back and scccrrroooolllllll. Haw-Lin is a meticulously curated selection of some of the finest images in the world, ever. Largely based around pop culture, vintage babes and Michael Jordan, the website also offers images as doorways to some of the best art, design and sartorial picks the web has to offer.

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    A wooden bike, you say? Surely not? Yes sir/madam, it’s true – Strasbourg-based BSG, founded by design studio Boltz & Saos, have created a beautifully designed new model called WOOD.b, made from a strangely harmonious combination of beech plywood and high-quality steel. The careful balance between the two materials allows for complete customisation of the design, and the universality of the Columbus parts means it can be repaired or serviced at any European bike shop with no trouble at all. Quite simply, this is great design at its most versatile.

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    So London has welcomed at last a bit of belated summer sunshine today and what better way to celebrate than with this beach-tastic animation from Joseph Mann? Sandy is a stop-frame piece which took eight months to create – “a lot of sand and hours of moulding anatomically correct private parts to create the film and its handmade set, complete with a bubble wrap sea and miniature rubber dinghy.”

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    Guys, I am going to level with you, I don’t really know what “architectural opera” means. If that means we’re through, then ok, let’s go our separate ways (don’t, I need this). What I can tell you is that it fuses “architecture, music and performance,” so “the stage becomes the lead actor.” I know this because Ada, a London-based architecture practice, educational and events project recently worked with composer Adam Doen to stage Europa for the Bloomsbury Fete and that’s how they described it. The pictures look amazing; colourful and playful but clearly carefully-thought-out to help bring the performance to life. A romp through their previous work suggests Ada are well worth keeping an eye on too.

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    Master of illusion Leandro Erlich first graced It’s Nice That last year with his Parisian façade and now he’s back for more fun – with a project just round the corner in east London!

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    Why Not Associates is one of London’s foremost graphic design studios whose brilliance across branding, print, motion and environmental design has been proved time and time again. Celebrating a quarter of a century since its foundation, a show at the ggg gallery in Tokyo brings together their greatest hits, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the studio’s many successes, in particular those which push the possibilities of typography in innovative and exciting ways.

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    Co-founder and photo editor of French erotic journal L’imparfaite, Arnaud Lajeunie is a pretty talented image-maker in his own right. Unsurprisingly he’s a dab hand when it comes to capturing nudes, shooting his close friends just as much as professional models, all of them without their clothes. But he’s also got an eye for landscapes, transforming non-descript coastal regions into scenes of strange chromatic occurrences, conjuring rivers of liquid colour and flames licking across the surface of choppy seas. Thanks to VLF for the heads up!

  40. List-3

    Royal College of Art student Maiko Takeda is a breath of fresh air in the world of millinery. Her architectural headpieces resemble porcupine quills, ostrich feathers and tiny iridescent fish scales, all artfully woven together with logic and geometry in mind. Their likeness to elements of the natural world are apt, too, as the pieces react strongly to the light, wind and colours of the environment they are worn in.